30 September 2017

Average Update

Talked with FuzzyGeff about the probabilities.

5.25 is the answer.


Because even rounded 1d times 1.5 is...

1 becomes 1.
2 becomes 3.
3 becomes 4.
4 becomes 6.
5 becomes 7.
6 becomes 9.

That gives an average roll of 5.

5.25 rounded is also 5.

Loss Leader

Dear Brownell's and Midway USA,

I ordered the little plug screws for the Marlin 30AS from Amazon instead of you.


Free shipping.

Why is that such an inducement when your cheap shipping is $4?

Two reasons.

First, the free shipping gets here before the $10 shipping from you guys.

Second, I sell enough shit on ebay and Gunbroker to know that $10 USPS Priority mail shipping is $3.15.  Cheaper than shipping it through the tortuous route of UPS picking it up and delivering it to USPS Orlando for the final leg of delivery.

Third, you have corporate accounts with UPS, FedEx and USPS, so you shipping should be cheaper than what I can pull not more expensive.

Three day shipping for free, or ten day shipping for $4?

Oh, and since the parts were the same price...

I've complained about this before, but paid you.  This time I didn't, are you listening now?

29 September 2017


The average roll of an honest six-sided die is 3.5.

You may notice that you cannot roll a 3.5 on a six-sided die.

GURPS rules that it rounds down to 3.

The average of two six-sided dice is 7, which is not rounded at all.


If I have 3.5 points of penetrative damage that's modified by the pi+ modifier of 1.5 that gives 5.25; but the rounded result of 3 gives 4.5.

These would be further rounded to 5 and 4 respectively.

When I express the average damage, should I use the raw numbers until I get to the end (where it's 5.25) or use the rounded number per die (where it's 4.5)?

It seems like it's more accurate to not drop the fractions until the last calculation is done, but I don't like doing probabilities enough to calculate it.

Why Marlin

When you start talking .30-30 lever guns, before you run into rarities, you have to decide between the Winchester 94 and the Marlin 336.

With over 7.5 million made over 118 years of production, the '94 isn't hard to find.

With over 3.5 million made over 69 years of production, the 336 is hardly rare.  Plus it's based on the model 36 made from 1936 to 1948 which is, in turn, based on the Model 1893 with over a million made from 1893 to 1935.

If you can't find a Marlin .30-30 you're not looking very hard.

Both guns come in enough variations that even a Luger collector would be sated.

But why pick the Marlin over the Winchester?  Especially since the Winchester is touched by the hand of Browning?

The '94 is better looking and lighter.

For me, the Marlin simply fits better and the action feels smoother.

I don't think one is stronger than the other, they both use a rising block to lock the rear of the bolt.

While it's easier to put a scope on top of the Marlin, it's not a feature I wanted in a lever gun.  In fact I'm shopping for a Lyman or Redfield peep for my 30AS.

The Marlin is definitely cheaper!

Both guns are still being made and both have reputations that the newer guns are not as good as the older guns.

Winchester is Pre-64 > Post-64 > USRAC > FN > Miroku.

Marlin is No-Safety > Safety > Remlin

This is yet another gun thing that comes down to personal preference and there's no objective right answer.


Gun things seem to come in spurts.

At one time I had zero AR's.  Now I have one for every High-Holy-Day.

Same goes for Mosins.

Now it's lever guns.

At least .30-30 is a common enough round.  Not like .300 Savage.

I have noticed, since I started hanging with Willard, that there's been more .300 Savage out there on the shelves even if it is a $2+ round.

I've noticed this sort of thing before.

My theory is the grand kids are starting to inherit guns and wanting ammo for them.  I don't think it takes a huge change in demand to cause the ammo makers to run a batch a bit longer.

28 September 2017

Wait It Gets Worse

.300 Savage is so much more effective than .30-30 you need to line up three animals!

Is .50 BMG labeled "Elephant, Cape Buffalo, and Light Armored Vehicle"?

Secondary Weapons

This is a FuzzyGeff tale.

He marches to the beat of a different drummer sometimes.  That makes him notice some things the rest of us miss.

I'd made a post-apocalypse WW2 campaign.

Geff's character was the radio guy or other such non-infantry specialty.

So he selected an M1 Carbine for his weapon.

Everyone knew that he should have taken the M3 Greasegun...

Well, let's look at the stats!

It gets bigger if you click it.  Shots for the Thompson should be 30(3).
The first thing we notice is the damage.

4d+1 pi is 5-25 basic damage, doing the same to the body.  15 average.

2d+1 pi+ is 3-13 basic damage, doing 4-19 to the body.  12 average.

Next we notice the ranges.  .30 Carbine does more damage, and goes more than twice as far before hitting the 1/2D penalty.

And then there's weight.  The Carbine is lighter, and it's ammo is lighter, even considering it takes two 15-round magazines to make up for a single SMG mag.

Finally there's the ST requirement...

FuzzyGeff was able to get a more effective, lighter, gun with a lower ST by going with the Carbine than if he'd selected either US SMG.  He sacrificed ammunition capacity and rate of fire, but that rarely gave much advantage in-game to be honest.


Out of a 20" barrel, .30-30 does 5d+1 pi with ball ammunition.

6-31 basic damage with an average hit of 18.

This is the exact same damage that 7.62x39mm does.

.30-30 gets a bit more 1/2D with 700 vs 500; and a bit less Max with 3,000 vs 3,100.

Not too different.

Like with .270, .30-30 is kind of rare in FMJ.  Conversely, 7.62x39mm is far more common in jacketed ball.

So .30-30 is far more likely to have 5d+1(0.5) pi+ for damage.

That leaves the basic damage alone, but gives unarmored things (like deer) DR 1.

So we get 5-30 penetrating and 7-45 points of damage (26 damage on average).

Your typical Whitetail has 10 HP.  26 is enough to get a death roll.

Against the vitals, the 5-30 penetration becomes 15-90 with an average of 52 damage.  Roll well and you're into auto-death.

.30-30 has killed a lot of hoof-rats so the stats appear to pass the reality-check.

Out of 26" barrels .30-30 gets 6d pi.  Longer barrels do better with ranges of 900/3,700.

6d(0.5) pi+ gives 6-36 basic damage, 5-35 penetration and 7-52 (average 30) damage.

Arguably until the introduction of .308 Winchester in 1952, .300 Savage was in the running for popularity with the American hunter.

It's loaded just a little hotter than .30-30 and doesn't have to take tube magazines into account for bullet shape.

6d+2 pi for ball with 850/4,100 for range.  It fills the gap between .30-06 and .30-30 well.

6d+2 pi gives 8-38 basic damage with an average of 23.

Again, soft and hollow-points are the norm, so 6d+2(0.5) pi+ for 7-37 penetrating for 10-55 damage with an average of 33.  Yup, that will snuff a hoof-rat.  The average body hit even gets two death rolls!

Honestly, I don't know if the deer can tell the difference.

Dove And Quail All Over Again

OK.  Do I wait for the deer to get in front of the bear, or the bear to get in front of the deer?

I'm also having trouble finding out when the season is.

There's deer season.  November 4, 2017 through January 21, 2018.

There's no black bear season this year.

Is it OK to just shoot a deer?

I don't want to have a bad round break my gun and have the Winchester rep say, "since you were just shooting deer and not deer and black bear we cannot be held liable for your misuse of the ammunition."

And how about paper?  Is a drawing of a deer and a bear enough?

27 September 2017

Hugh Hefner Dead


I figured he was going to outlive me.

Brace Yourself Comrade

2LT Spenser Rapone, I have seen first hand what happens when a platoon decides they're not working for their butter-bar any more.

It will manifest in ways you cannot control, will reflect poorly on your and your career, and be nothing you can pin on your men.

You will have to craft your orders as if you were trying to get an untainted wish from a monkey's paw.

The turkey will still be a little dry.

This, of course, assumes that you're not hit with conduct unbecoming.  I'm sure they covered that at West Point.

Guess whom else isn't going to be much help to you.  Your fellow members of the ring knocking long gray line.  I think it's going to be near discommendation.

I think you're probably going to make 1LT, but I really doubt you're going to make Captain.

That should please you, since your life is pre-ruined already by capitalism.

The person or persons that I really want to see revealed are the poor judges of character who sponsored you to attend The USMA.

Loss Of Enjoyment

We've often noticed the "first time shooter grin".

Shooting is FUN!

I'm starting to notice its opposite.

"Shooting is serious grim".

The grim seems to take hold somewhere between the first and third "spent the whole weekend at a shooting school".

If they're still having fun, they've totally lost the ability to express their enjoyment.

It doesn't seem to matter what the classes focus on.  Once they've spent more than a certain number of hours on learning it, their sense of humor about it seems to evaporate.

I think it's because they've managed to turn a recreation activity into work.  Work is the polar opposite of fun.

It's not just shooting where this happens.  I've seen it with gaming.  I've seen it with hot-rodding.

I've always asked, "if you're not getting paid for doing this, why do you persist at something which is so very clearly making you miserable?"

Everything about their supposed recreational activity is a monotonous slog.  Never a happy moment.

"So and so didn't log on for the raid and..."

"The same guy wins the trophy at the car show every week..."

"We start at noon, if you're not here by..."

"I've got to hit the range and shoot 100 rounds..."

For Gods' sake, remember to have fun!

I'm reminded of...



I'm wondering if I just missed where President Trump said Americans should be happy.

Judging from how some people are acting, and how they seem to deliberately do the opposite of what Donald just hints at, you'd think he had.

They're a miserable lot, no doubt about it.

Alt History

I've been poking at an alternate history of an alternate history off and on for a while.

What happens to Rhodesia in Steve Jackson's GURPS setting of Technomancer?

To do an alternate history justice, you've got to learn the actual history.

I've gotten a tenuous grasp of the what happened, even if I don't have everything in its correct order yet.

I've just dipped my toes into who made it happen.  There's several opposed groups with the same goals who share an incredible number of people.  To say there's personalities involved is putting it mildly.

I think I'm getting close to putting the two timelines next to each other and seeing where a good departure point should be.

Settled Science

Before there was Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Climate Change, before there was Global Warming, before there was the Man-Made Ice Age...

There was "The Rain Follows the Plow."

With such a long string of successes at predicting climatic behavior, it makes you wonder if they understand anything at all...

I think it's really a case of they have yet to discover the things they don't know yet.

If you don't know what you don't know, you really cannot progress.

.30 'Merica!

L -> R

.30-40 "Krag"; 1892.
.30-30 Winchester Center Fire; 1895.
.30-06 "Springfield"; 1906.
.300 Savage; 1920.
7.62x51mm NATO ".308 Winchester"; 1954 and 1952 respectively.

26 September 2017


It's not a 336AS, she's a 30AS.  Near as I can tell, identical to a 336, but sold at particular vendors.

25 September 2017

Similar But Not Identical

Went on ebay to get a normal 3-position safety for Trudy.

I found someone with a "Winchester Model 54 Safety Switch".

Can you see my mistake?

Yeah, that's a Springfield M1903 bolt sleeve and safety, not a Winchester.

They're so very close... because they've a common parentage, Mauser.  Close but no cigar.

So the seller gets a neutral feedback for not knowing what he had, and I get to try reselling it on Gunbroker.

Take A Knee

I don't think I am alone in this opinion.

What I want from my entertainment, is to be entertained by it.

I don't want to be lectured. I don't want to be made to feel guilty about actions and events that weren't of my making and I had no say in.

If my entertainment fails to entertain, then it's not entertainment and I will find something else.

Wanna know something, entertainers, you need my participation far more than I need yours.

Hollywood stops making movies tomorrow? Who starves?
The NFL refuses to play? So what?

The consumers stop buying movie tickets, renting Netflicks, buying iTunes, blu-ray or DVD? Now who starves?

Sports fans stop buying tickets, souvenirs and memorabilia? How long can the average player keep up their lifestyle without the fans paying for it?

Maybe I'll take a knee and find out.

Anxious For No Good Reason

I hate waiting.

More so, I hate waiting on Government.

It gives me entirely too much time to consider the worst case scenarios.

The worst case scenario for my Conditional Non-Approval is to have to shell out for a lawyer and force them to admit that, not only, was I never convicted of anything but that the charges stemming from the arrest were dropped.

I'm pissed off about this, and getting angrier by the moment, because this sort of thing should be handled automatically.

I'm gathering that what I am going through is situation normal.

An arrest on a disqualifying charge means no approval for at least your next 4473, perhaps more.

Isn't it amazing that they have a system which will automatically have arrests, charges and restraining orders instantly available to disqualify someone, but five months later can't tell the charges stemming from the arrest have been dropped?

I'm definitely of the "justice delayed is justice denied" mindset and the three business, near six calendar day wait is an injustice.

The Death Of Stalin

This looks delightful.

Altitude Sickness

I did not pass out at the top of the stairs because I am out of shape.

I am simple too well adapted to sea-level to stand such altitudes.

23 September 2017

Twenty Years

Twenty years ago, today, me and my carpet bag arrived in New Port Richey.

I called my friends from a gas station pay phone on the corner of US 19 and FL 54 to come guide me to their house from there.

Those friends are gone, having moved back to Iowa and deciding that my talking about them here truthfully made them look bad, never wish to speak to me again.

The gas station is also long gone.  There's a Wawa there now, but for many years there was nothing at that corner.

Even though I once thought of myself as an Iowan, it's clear that I haven't even lived most of my life there.

Even though I was born in Iowa, my first 11 years were in Illinois.  Then 4 years in Iowa, then 2 in Minnesota, then 2 in Iowa then 3 in The Army then 8 in Iowa.

11 years in Illinois.
2 years in Minnesota.
3 years all over the world.
12 years in Iowa, total.
20 years in Florida.

I'm a Floridian now.  Perhaps never a proper cracker, but a Floridian.

Merit Aperture

The aperture I got with my parts-sight is a Merit #4SS Hunting Disc.

Still far more than I paid for the pile of parts.

Edit, everyone is out of stock, no-backorder.  I found a business information page that says they've got approximately one employee...  I thinks they just went out of business.  Darn it.

22 September 2017

Can't Boycott That You Do Not Patronize

It is with deep regret that I cannot boycott the NFL.

You simply cannot be said to be boycotting something you never purchased.

If Our Guns Were REALLY A Problem You'd Know It

It would be unmistakable.

It could not be denied by even the most ardent 2nd Amendment supporter.

Read up and follow the links.

If the whole of America was actually anti-law enforcement, the cops could be wiped out in days, if not hours.

The Army in a few months of steady erosion to get around the heavy weapons, air support and drone surveillance.

But, threeper rhetoric aside, Americans are a peaceful lot.

A bellicose people doesn't sit on a stockpile of weapons like this, get all wound up and angry at the government and then go out and VOTE.

We give the world Trump, not Dachau.

I'm pretty sure that the anti-gunners are projecting onto us, what they'd do if THEY had all those guns, and they'd give us Dachau.  Not that they want to GO to a Dachau, that does scare them.

21 September 2017

Same Yet Different

Ten years separate them.  The top 99EG was made in 1941, the bottom in 1951.

The older gun has a bronze magazine follower, the newer; steel.


The 54 vs 70.

On top a scoped 1948 made Winchester Model 70 in .30-06.  Irons have been deleted.
Below, a peep-sighted 1931 made Winchester Model 54 in .30-06.

They are more alike than different.

The glaring differences are the trigger, safety and the magazine floor plate.  More subtly the later gun, being intended for those new-fangled scopes from day one, has not provision for clips.

The bolts are also quite similar.

You can swap the bolt assemblies between them.  The difference in the shroud and triggers means that they don't actually work though.  If you swap the shrouds, though, the bolts do interchange!  However, nothing is holding the model 70 bolt inside the gun because it lacks that large sloped groove in the bottom.  We're not doing a firing test.

Is That What I Think It Is

That sure looks like a charger guide on the receiver bridge.

It is!  It is a charger guide!

And it works too!

Now I'm sitting here wondering why this designed from scratch as a sporting rifle accepts clips.

Or should I say, military ammunition feed devices?

McThag's Legal Drama Day 204

Tried to buy a gun from an FFL today.

Steal of a deal on a Marlin 336AS.

Did my 4473, sent in my information to FDLE for approval and got a "conditional non-approval" response.

My arrest is the gift that keeps on giving!

Somewhere there's a file that hasn't been updated to indicate that the charges were dropped.

The good news is that unless they can come up with a hard reason for non-approval, I am OK to get the gun after three full business days have elapsed.

Because the charges were dropped, I was never asked to surrender my CCW, surrender my C&R FFL or any of my guns... this is just an irritating delay.

Also good news is the FDLE usually takes the opportunity to update their records to indicate my exoneration so this won't happen next time.

Fortuitous Lesson

The Lyman #48WJS sight I bought to get an elevation pointer went for very cheap.

Last night, I noticed why.

Here's the sight I bought, minus the pointer and aperture I've already salvaged.

Here's an intact sight.

Notice how the range scale sticks out below the bottom of mine and is flush with the bottom on the intact sight?  A previous owner must have cut the base down so they wouldn't have to relieve their stock.  Bubba strikes again!

Range Scale

According to this pdf the range scale is in minutes of angle.

What's interesting is the sight can only go to 92 moa despite being graduated out to 150.

That's 1,550 yards with Federal Fusion® 150gr soft-point.

I'd never used the moa portion of a ballistics table before.

The rear sights on the barrel correspond to 0 and 14 moa.  Giving 100 yards and 580ish yards with the Fusion® ammo.

It was truly a different time where only someone who'd do some prep work would seek out a complicated sight like this.

20 September 2017

Fixed Sight

To get parts for old Lyman sights you leave voicemails at places, and never hear back.


Be patient and low-ball bid on ebay, losing auction after auction, for a complete sight with the parts you want still on it.

Update:  I discovered that this sight is a Lyman #48W.  Distinct from the #48WH and #48WJS.  Someone should do the research and write a book on these old sights.  Prolly sell at least five copies!

I now have a range pointer.

I also now have an aperture.  I was happy using the aperture hole as something of a ghost-ring, so this aperture is something of a bonus bit.

Check this out!

Twist the outer ring and...

There's an itty bitty iris in there!  Old school!

You Are Absolutely Not Having This Much Fun

Anyone Need A C5 Corvette Frame

Click me!

He's only asking $2,500, the catch is you have to find your own transportation.  USPS is all out of this size of flat-rate box and are VERY reluctant to re-stock.

Don't forget to tell him that Angus sent you!

19 September 2017

It's The A-Poxy-Clips

Record breaking hurricanes.

Devastating earthquakes.

We get a rain of frogs and I'm letting them Jews go, I tell ya!

By Thee By

Avast, t'day be talk like a pirate day.

Lay in a mug of grog 'n clear the scuppers.

Is That Vein In Your Forehead Supposed To Pulse Like That?

Cough cough cough years ago I processed out of the Army at Ft Dix.

My last interaction with an NCO concerned the state of the barracks I'd slept in the night before, which were a shambles I had not actually contributed to.

He ordered everyone off the bus to clean said barracks before we'd be allowed to leave. The driver warned that the next, and last bus, was in six hours.

I remained in my seat.

The NCO came back to scream at me to get off the FUCKING bus.

I stared blankly for a moment and asked, "That's not how you were taught to address a civilian, is it?"

"What?!?!" he smartly replied.

"I mean," I said, "we can have a talk with your commanding officer about how you're harassing civilians if you really want, but I'd just assume drop it and continue my bus trip."

He screamed at me some more, issuing dire threats about refusing to obey and order and insubordination that had no bearing on me as a civilian, but would have been serious stuff just an hour before my orders were finalized...

The driver ended the debate by putting the bus into gear. Mr NCO took the hint and got off the bus without me.

Of note was his not calling for, or getting help from anyone else still in uniform.  When the MP can hear the screaming and doesn't do more than grin a bit, you know you're not going to have to give up your seat on the bus and clean someone else's mess.

18 September 2017

Required By Law

You can't, by law, run your house on your own solar panels in Florida.

Room And/Or House Clearing

There's two schools of thought that have been used successfully in more than one war and found to be effective in keeping your troops safe.

First, lob in fragmentation grenades until you're out of bad-guys.  Don't forget to give the first couple a three count without the spoon so they can't throw it back.

Second, apply fire until there's an empty lot.

Do you think a training school would shit if I pulled out a hand-grenade, let the spoon fly and started my three-count?  Or lit the pilot on a flamethrower?

Prolly lose my deposit.

Dissonance Again

Have you noticed that there's people who advocate carrying a back-up gun EDC who're also dismissing the wisdom of having back-up iron sights on a scoped AR?

This is, of course, after selecting a pistol for their primary EDC that can fire for thousands of rounds without being cleaned.

Either the probability of a failure is low, and I don't need to back things up.


Despite the probability of failure being low, it's prudent to have a fall-back position.

Um... pick?

Never mind we've got people packing so much stuff EDC "just in case" that Batman is standing there saying, "Aren't you going overboard on the utility belt thing?"

Then again, this planet IS perilously close to an asteroid belt.

Feel The Hate

Bear in mind, that it's not Trump they hate, but you.

Did you ever hear them say anything bad about Donald before he was nominated?

Irma Recovery

The local Sheriff is posting pics of the clean-up on their Facebook feed.

I recognize one place.

It looked like that BEFORE the hurricane.

Dear Breastfeeding Mother

If you don't want me looking at your breast, don't whip the thing out where I can see it.

If you want the kind of privacy that being in private affords... well short of being in private you're not going to get that.  You're in public.  With a bare breast.

I would like to point out that I don't demand you breastfeed in private.  I think you've every right to go about topless, baby or not.

I just want you to understand that a bare boob is going to get some attention when it's out in public.

The American prude has made certain that nobody sees one unless under fairly unusual circumstances, so people with an interest in breasts are going to be looking at them while they're visible.

17 September 2017

Science Fiction Fan Rant

The national obsession with playing with balls got in the way of watching a science fiction show again.

I don't care how you waste your time, but don't expect me to enjoy the same things you do.

Television scheduling is something we have to share.

The game wasn't going into overtime. Yet, somehow, AGAIN, it ran into the next show for almost an hour.

You'd think that after decades of television and football that someone at a network could figure out that football games take three hours for an hour of game time to pass; not two.

Once they admit that, then they could schedule the TV I would like to watch and have no interference with the Sportsball.

Wanna bet that the teams would drag their feet less if they knew that at 8pm EDT the television coverage ends regardless of is play is done.

Never mind that you can find near 100 channels dedicated to your particular flavor of Sportsball that run 24/7.

If you speak Spanish, and have the right international channels, there is (or was) a freaking Jai-Lai channel!

I am also offended that I have to subsidize these channels with my subscription to Dish. I really cannot pick another carrier to escape it.

I'm numb to the bullshit that I have to know about "the game" last night and be able to quote stats on command or be ostracized from normal society.

I want to see their faces if we pre-empted the precious football game for live coverage of Jerry Pournelle's funeral. Or live coverage of a Money Magic the Gathering tournament.

I'd love to have someone not be able to participate in office discussions because they can't tell the difference between a Cleric and a Druid or explain why flight with the "much touch surface" limitation is superior to clinging.

As far as I am concerned being proud of being a football fan is as close a declaration that you're a fucking moron as I can come up with. I've been observing you from the outside for a long while.

It does occur that a main reason I stopped watching TV was the constant interruption from things I had no interest in.

I don't want to watch "the game" so I don't tune it in. But time and again, when I tried to find what I was wanting to watch, there's "the game" still running.

TV needs me a lot more than I need it. If sportsball were sufficient to keep the lights on, there wouldn't be other programming at all. But they keep forgetting that non-sports fans have so many other options than their channel now.

Gone are the days when it was ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and maybe two or three UHF channels.

Gone too are bars where you can be free of the game as the sportsbar paradigm took over. If "the game" is on, there's fans cheering "the team" on. Making it impossible to have a conversation. Gods forbid if the people you're with get more interested in "the game" than talking. Might as well just go home and talk to myself than socialize with someone who's nearly at church so rapturous is their attention to the TV above the bar.

I'd really feel more left out, if I was at all interested in the subject and was being excluded. I'd be welcomed as a fellow fan, if I could find the interest to watch the game and talk about it with them.

I'm an outsider because watching sports is repetitive to me. It's not entertaining or engaging for me.

I'm equally sad that my interests in non-sports things don't spark any interest at all in most of my friends. Too many people ridicule these interests, and assign value below that of watching a millionaire play with an inflated bladder.

16 September 2017

Willard Inquires

Whose head are you going to be shooting at out there at 600 yards?

Because in a military situation, wearing the wrong clothes is enough justification.  You're not a soldier.

Whose house are you planning on dynamically entering?

If it's not your house, isn't that breaking and entering with intent to kill?

If it is your house, how did you come to be locked out by the bad guys and are now on your own to get back in?

I think some of this gun training stuff has advanced to "airsoft with real guns".  Sure, it's fun, but...

15 September 2017

It Feels Good To SHARE

I wrote my filthy congresscritters;

Dear valueless parasite dangling from the bloodied teat of the taxpayer; 
It's come time for the Republican party to put up, or shut up about being pro-gun and pro-second amendment.
HR 3668 or the Sportsmen's Heritage And Recreational Enhancement Act (SHARE Act) is out there to be passed into law.
What you need to do is vote FOR it.
No excuses.  None will be accepted.  Especially about it being in a committee.  There are many procedures, which I am certain you are aware of, that bypass those committees and bring it to the floor for a direct vote.  Do that.  Failing that, be at the committee meetings and scream to them that your constituents are demanding, not requesting, the passage of this bill.
Pursuant to its passage, we're also boning up on the primary procedures wherever we live.  We've no more use for someone who cannot get this bill voted on and passed.
Thank you to both yourself and your staff's time. 
Casa de McThag


The SHARE act flat deletes 922(r).

"Henceforth the boar shall not have tits!"  Down on Page 33, blue is delete.  Yellow is add.

Fuck you George.

McThag's Vette Kustom

I have a new holster!

The pistol fits like it was made for it.

My phone in its holster prints more.

Be sure to inundate The Displaced Louisiana Guy with orders!

Update: It sits right where it's supposed to inside The Precious too!

A Proud Sad Day

Cassini is scheduled to die today.

She's the first launch I ever saw naked eye.

Lack Of Iron

Ian and Karl at InRange TV have been doing an experiment with "What Would Stoner Do" AR's.

One of the interesting decisions was to skip iron sights altogether.

We really are getting to the point where it's easy to find a scope that's durable enough that anything that damages the scope would also damage iron sights.  Especially if those irons are plastic.

We're just about to the point where the budget and mid-range stuff from Made in China by American owned companies passes the durability mark.

In fact, it's getting hard to find affordable back-up iron sights that are even remotely robust.

I've noticed that every AR that I've mounted a scope on, that's what I'm using for shooting and the fold-down rear sight stays folded down.  This has proven true of my AK as well!

All of my ARs (and the AK) still HAVE irons though.

I like redundant back-ups.  If one really stretches you can justify it by saying that a hit that damages the optic is likely not going to also hit where it will damage the irons, so you will still have them.  That's backing into justifying them though.

There's an aesthetic component too.  An AR without a front sight just looks odd.

In fact there's a plethora of articles justifying all manner of decisions about stuff on an AR that really boils down to the owner thinking it looks cool; but you'd never get them to admit it.

There's also a fashion industry that goes with these things.  AK and AR.

I've watched people toss MOE handguards to put on Keymod to toss them and get M-LOK... because repeatability!  For a flashlight or sling mount.  Yes, that ± 0.5 MOA shift really affected your sling with that outdated Keymod.  The sloppy holes in an MOE handguard had a huge effect on where your flashlight was pointed.

Speaking of flashlights... when is it bright enough and when is it too bright?  The reason I ask is some incredibly dim lights can be used to see quite well once your eyes have adjusted to the dark.  I've also noticed that with no artificial lights at all there's enough light to do most things.

If you go from well lit room to a dark room, you're going to need a brighter light than if you had just spent hours in the dark and now need an aiming light.  If that light is too bright, now you're aiming through tears from your dazzled eyes.

Are you a home defender or a door-kicker?

Speaking of fashion:  Are there any two things on an AR more subject to the whims of fashion than the pistol grip and the flash-hider?

Little Touches

When you play with elegant rifles from a more civilized age you see things that just aren't done any more.

Like knurling on the sides of a flip-leaf rear sight:

It doesn't need to be knurled.  The natural way to flip these leaves is to hook under them, not grab the sides.

A modern version would skip this little flourish.


I know what I want to say.

I can't figure out how to say it.

I do know that what triggered the response.

I notice that I cannot simply not read his bullshit, because others I do read quote him too often.

To the point that I am coming to believe that their views are suspect as well.

The core of what I want to say is, "you're making fools of yourselves being experts in things you've never done."

Howard Cosell sure knew a lot about boxing.  No doubt about it.  But we don't respect him for being a boxer, do we?  Nor did he ever put on that mantle.

14 September 2017


Thirteen years without an AWB.

Somehow, despite this, nearly all of us are still here to talk about it.

Almost as if they were lying about how dangerous the things are.

I don't even own the two "assault weapons" I owned when the ban fell anymore.

Nor the featureless rifle I bought during the ban.

The ban has caused be to seek the features quite often, just in case it causes physical discomfort to the gun banners.

Interestingly, the only AR I own that has all of the banned features is a registered short-barreled rifle.  Harvey too.

My AKM is a full feature gun.

As I've grown up I find that I just don't care for the AR slider stocks most of the time.  There's exceptions, but for the most part I don't like them.

I've never, not even once, stabbed anything other than a cardboard box with a mounted bayonet.  But thanks to the AWB, if I can get the lug it will be there.


Yesterday I saw a VH-3D with two UH-60M flying south over my house.

Considering that President Trump is scheduled to visit today... They must have decided to bring his bird down the old fashioned way and flew it in.

13 September 2017

A Sudden Thought

I just realized that the former friend who accused me of being a racist because I was a Tea Party supporter has no black friends.

I can't think of a single friend of his who's a minority, actually.

I am now thinking that, perhaps, his accusation might be projection.

12 September 2017


I am sick of hearing that "you can always replace your stuff".

But that's not true.

What if your present financial health is much worse now than it was when you made the acquisition?

Like you had a job with a lot of disposable income that you no longer have?

There's lots of things that you can own that last years if not decades.

What if you can't afford to replace them, or the timeline for replacement is so long it might as well be never?

What then?

THAT, you pithy bargain basement philosopher, is why people put themselves in danger to defend what's theirs rather than abandon it to chance.

This is especially true if insurance for much of your property is an extravagant luxury compared to just having a roof over your head.

Here's a philosophy for you.  It's mine and if you want it, you're going to be in mortal danger to get it.

If we dropped this swishy "it's just property" attitude and gave out civic awards for killing thieves dead right there, there'd be a lot fewer thieves and recidivism would be dramatically reduced.

Yes, that includes shooting them in the back when they retreat.  I'm OK with the idea that once someone crosses the moral Rubicon and it's OK to shoot them for what they've done, you can shoot them any time thereafter.  ANY TIME.  Even a year later when you see them at a gas station.

Fuck 'em.

It is, at present, illegal; and I'm as law abiding as anyone can be.  But I think that it shouldn't be illegal to kill off scumbags who prey on those who've earned what they have.

Retro Happy

Brownell's is slowly but surely making it possible to make any version of the old M16 from new parts.

Linky: http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/stock-parts/furniture-sets/ar-15-retro-furniture-sets-prod109340.aspx

Of note is the brown and green versions!

11 September 2017

Most Retarded Green Thing

OK, you decide you wanna buy solar panels to generate some electricity.


When the local electricity making utility goes tits up, how do you want your spiffy solar panels to behave?

Do you want them to power what they can while the mains are out?

Or do you want them to become decorative shingles?

Turns out, if you go with nearly every solar power installation in Florida, you're buying a power generation system that is offline when the mains are down.


Turns out their real purpose is to feed the mains grid, not to power your house.  This does reduce the amount of power you have to purchase from the mains, but you're making payments on the installation that nearly equals the savings.

But, at least at the end of the payments you're now saving money from what you're selling back to the mains; right?

The term of the loan is identical to the expected lifespan of the panels.

Net savings: zero.

This makes buying a set of panels with this paradigm pointless.

Good news, though, you can have an electrician come out and install an automatic switch that will allow the panels to run your house while the mains are down.  I suspect there's warranty language that forbids it though.

One wonders why this simple and cheap switching system isn't part of the install.

Florida National Guard On The Job

The local guard unit has mobilized to help with recovery efforts.

The HMMWV are for the beaches.  The 5-tons are for further inland.

You can tell from the camouflage!

I'm posting this against the certainty that someone will use a similar picture to claim that FEMA Deathcamps are being constructed.

Thanks guys!

Index Red

Marvyn indicates that The Villages, where he took shelter, have been rendered uninhabitable by Hurricane Irma.

There are no open Waffle Houses.

Pit Bull Attack

Went out this morning and discovered a scared pitbull wandering my front yard.

It wasn't being threatening, just being scared so we gave it a wide berth and hoped it would find its humans.

A bit later I decided to return the next door neighbor's mail box that Irma had redistributed to my yard last night.  The dog followed me up to their house and I got penned in between their porch gate and their car.

When I tried to ease past the dog, it got all threatening and when I was trying to decide what to do, bit me!

A nip, really.  The dog was lost and frightened.

Well, now, feelings are hurt and the cops are involved.

The next door neighbors knew whose dog it was and the deputies got him to come retrieve the thing from where it was hiding under a car.

Now they're explaining responsibilities to him while he's trying to pin ownership of the dog on his girlfriend.

Everything should come out OK.

Update:  The owner came by and apologized profusely.  He seems a nice enough guy who genuinely feels bad his dog got out and bit someone.  I'm not really hurt, so I can forgive.

I Survived Irma

And nobody has even printed t-shirts yet.

There's wind damage in the neighborhood and none of it is ours.

We still have power (knock on wood).

We still have water.

All the shingles are still on the roof; so the couple in the yard are someone else's.

Cautiously optimistic.

Nearly There

Thank goodness it went to the East of me.

Still some rain and wind in the mail, but as Irma weakens, so do the winds surrounding her.  At the time of this post she's just barely clinging to hurricane status, so that means that any distance from the center are at lower than hurricane speeds.

It's Slacking Off Out There

We're still here!

It's still quite windy and we'll have to wait for the light of day to assess the damage, but there's no water pouring through holes in the roof; so there's that!

Reports From Outside My Immediate AO

Weer'd reports that Irma has created "cool and sunny" conditions in and around him in Massachusetts.

We will keep him in our prayers.

FuzzyGeff indicated that conditions in Iowa are deteriorating so badly that he is, "pulling the covers over his head and seeing what still remains tomorrow."

We will keep him in our prayers.

10 September 2017

In The Doghouse

The Lovely Harvey wanted Willard to bring her donuts.

He has ignored her demands.

Perilous choice.

Off Track

Well east of where they think it should be.


Just A Liiiiiiiitle Short

Notice the 40 mph wind prediction for right now?

We've got 20 mph.

The models are just a little unable to make predictions.

Prognosis Bad

John McCain will continue to be a senator for the foreseeable future.

The one time cancer doesn't kill someone.

You had one job cancer.  One job.

Of course, if it was you or me, we'd be dead because we don't have access to the diamond encrusted platinum health care our supposed servants use.

Looking More Favorable

We Were Not Friends

Back when Valkyrie came out, Jerry Pournelle said something that indicated that he was completely ignorant about German handguns.

I emailed him with a correction.

He graciously thanked me for the information and promised he'd never make the same error again.

He did not.

He even revised his commentary about the film based on what I'd said to him (although I am sure I am not the only one to tell him that WW2 German handguns were not limited to the P.08).

It was neat to see one of the giants of science fiction saying to me, a wee little gun "expert", that I was right and he was wrong and he'd correct that mistake in the future.

He was the very definition of a gentleman, the world is lessened by his leaving it.

I mourn his departure into the void.

09 September 2017

A Little Earlier According To The Forcast

The winds are a bit higher than before, but happen about three hours sooner.

The wind directions seem to indicate that the eye will pass right over us.

Going to be an intense four hours, to be honest.

Right Next To The Entrance

That's ReLoad in Tarpon Springs today, doing an impression of a ghost town.

Hey, I Asked This Question Once

Remember my post earlier?

Weer'd had even commented with this vid, and I didn't notice until today!

Mannish Boy

Thirty Years Ago...

I arrived at Fort Knox, Kentucky and entered the warm embrace of TRADOC.

5th platoon, C-1-81 Armor to learn the wily ways of the 19K10 (also known as Tanker, Computerized, Dumbass Type: 1 each).

Holy snot, I was young back then.

McThag Out Thinking The Meteorologists

That big blob over Oklahoma I mentioned?

There are now zero steering winds that push Irma back at Florida.  I hope the trend continues!

At 0300 11SEP17 I Am Fucked

That four hour section from 0100 to 0500...

I think I am boned.  Hard.  Well, maybe not too hard, that's CAT 2 weather.

Here's for Marv...

08 September 2017

Gods Fucking Dammit

Rest in Peace Dr Pournelle.

Bye Tampa

They keep shifting the turn to the west.

Present models show the eye-wall just east of my house, but thankfully with just tropical storm force winds here.

But if it keeps tracking west, that could put the center through my house, or much worse, the storm passing offshore to the west.

Fingers Crossed

That blob over Oklahoma...

If it shifts east fast enough that COULD squirt Irma into the Gulf.  Eyes crossed!

Roads Considered But Not Taken

In 1993 when I really started getting interested in guns with gusto; if you had asked me what bolt action FUDD rifle I'd have bought:

I would have said a Browning A-Bolt in .308.

I've never even bid on one.

I waffled between a Remington 700, Ruger 77 and Winchester 70 for a long time.

I would have oscillated between .30-06 or .308 if you'd forced me to pick one of the three.

The FUDD gun I bought new was a Savage 110XP Trophy Hunter package gun, in .270.

You may ask yourself, "How did I get here?"


The post-64 Winchester has a lot of contemptuous ink spilled about it, and the post-post-64 Classic line wasn't received much better.  Not that I've ever talked to anyone who owned one who disliked it, they had a defensive tone from so many years of abuse.

The Remington has an excellent reputation, but when I started talking to owners it appeared that they needed a lot of modding.  These people, of course, were the kind of people who were delighted they had to tinker to get the gun to where they wanted it.  To me, it meant a lot of money to spend on an already spendy item.

Ruger stopped making the 77 before two things happened.  First I had to forgive the company for the trespasses of its, now dead, founder.  Second, they stopped making the darn things and I couldn't keep track of what gun in their line up was the one I wanted.  So I gave up trying to sort them out.

Budget guns, like the Remington 770 and Savage Axis felt wrong.

Skeezer The Software Janitor really liked his Savage 110 package gun and I tended to agree even if I LOATHED the synthetic stock it came with.  Happily, Savage changed some things around and came out with a (cheap) wood stocked version with an Accutrigger®.  That suited me to the bones.

The Godless .270 choice falls out of choosing the third of three calibers that my uncles would fight about being best.  Bob said .30-06, Robert said .280 Remington and .270 was beyond the pale.  It amuses me to pick the caliber they both thought sucked.  Never mind that the deer can't tell.

As far as an OLD Winchester goes... I've been curious about the Win 54 since I started reading about .270.  I'd have bought one in .270 too, but Willard insists that if I am going to call myself an American; I need to own a .30-06.  This insistence is why Marv bought the $100 Mauser and gave me the money to remain a .30-06 while becoming a pre-pre-64 Winchester bolt gun owner.

Very Pre-64 Winchester

I present Trudy.

She's so pre-64 they weren't even making Model 70's yet!

Trudy is a Winchester Model 54 Standard Grade chambered in .30-06 and made in 1931.

The bore is bright and shiny and appears to have a lot of life left in it.

I don't know what grade she was, I am not a Winchester expert, but I've been told the checkering is a clue:

Can you help me with the grade from that?  UPDATE: I had a book with the answer in it.  It's a Standard Grade, Super Grade got a black tip and cap.

As befits her age, she's not wearing any glass.  Instead she's got this nifty Lyman peep sight.

I sold Blanche, the $100 sporter Mauser to Marv for the selling price of Trudy.  A mere $325 shipped right to my C&R door.  I didn't rip off Marv, A Golden State Mauser is actually worth $350.

Model 54's in .30-06 typically run $400 plus, so I kind of got a deal too.

The reason she was so cheap is likely because of this hole in the top of the stock:

The seller didn't know what this was an attempt to do either.  He suggested, "for a compass maybe?"

Replacement stocks are either really expensive or DIY affairs.  I am going to get the tools to turn a DIY 96% inletted unfinished stock into a fully inletted, checkered and finished stock and Trudy will be my project gun!

I fully intend to make a business of checkering and finishing stocks, and if that is lucrative enough, getting the FFL to inlet stocks for the customer.  This is a pre-IPO investment opportunity!

High risk!  Low gain!  Get in on the sub-basement floor!