25 September 2017

Anxious For No Good Reason

I hate waiting.

More so, I hate waiting on Government.

It gives me entirely too much time to consider the worst case scenarios.

The worst case scenario for my Conditional Non-Approval is to have to shell out for a lawyer and force them to admit that, not only, was I never convicted of anything but that the charges stemming from the arrest were dropped.

I'm pissed off about this, and getting angrier by the moment, because this sort of thing should be handled automatically.

I'm gathering that what I am going through is situation normal.

An arrest on a disqualifying charge means no approval for at least your next 4473, perhaps more.

Isn't it amazing that they have a system which will automatically have arrests, charges and restraining orders instantly available to disqualify someone, but five months later can't tell the charges stemming from the arrest have been dropped?

I'm definitely of the "justice delayed is justice denied" mindset and the three business, near six calendar day wait is an injustice.

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  1. Hi Angus!!,
    Funny thing you should mention that!! "B-O" (Before obama) I "Never" had a problem buying a firearm!! "A-O" (After obama) it has been hit and miss!! I'd buy a couple and no problem.. the next one got "Glitched" no problem with the next two ...yada, yada!! Thing is Traffic tickets (like 40 in a 35 zone) don't count and last one of those I got was in 2005?? "Go figure??????" "SO??" they say your name or SSN may "Resemble" someone on their watch list so you get tagged?? "Cute Comment??" No Pal, the reason why you got glitched is not because of your dropped charges, no, "They do that BECAUSE THEY CAN!!!"
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat!!!,


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