28 September 2017

Secondary Weapons

This is a FuzzyGeff tale.

He marches to the beat of a different drummer sometimes.  That makes him notice some things the rest of us miss.

I'd made a post-apocalypse WW2 campaign.

Geff's character was the radio guy or other such non-infantry specialty.

So he selected an M1 Carbine for his weapon.

Everyone knew that he should have taken the M3 Greasegun...

Well, let's look at the stats!

It gets bigger if you click it.  Shots for the Thompson should be 30(3).
The first thing we notice is the damage.

4d+1 pi is 5-25 basic damage, doing the same to the body.  15 average.

2d+1 pi+ is 3-13 basic damage, doing 4-19 to the body.  12 average.

Next we notice the ranges.  .30 Carbine does more damage, and goes more than twice as far before hitting the 1/2D penalty.

And then there's weight.  The Carbine is lighter, and it's ammo is lighter, even considering it takes two 15-round magazines to make up for a single SMG mag.

Finally there's the ST requirement...

FuzzyGeff was able to get a more effective, lighter, gun with a lower ST by going with the Carbine than if he'd selected either US SMG.  He sacrificed ammunition capacity and rate of fire, but that rarely gave much advantage in-game to be honest.


  1. The M1 Carbine is actually kinda an underrated little rifle.

    1. The more I research the M1 Carbine the more convinced I am that the round is underrated, but the gun itself is more fondly remembered than it should be.

      InRange and Forgotten Weapons have shown several of its shortcomings in their vids.


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