20 September 2017

Anyone Need A C5 Corvette Frame

Click me!

He's only asking $2,500, the catch is you have to find your own transportation.  USPS is all out of this size of flat-rate box and are VERY reluctant to re-stock.

Don't forget to tell him that Angus sent you!


  1. It is a little steep. I can get a decent, drivable C5 for only around 4x that. And it would take a lot more than $7500 to make that drivable.

    And I could get a drivable C4 for about what he is asking...

    1. This is a clean title frame, ideal for fixing your bent C5 or making one of several kit cars that start with a C5 frame.

      This is not a "let's build a C5 from scratch" item.

      But, do announce that you're not part of the target market, it's so very helpful.

  2. What's the final tally on the other bits and pieces?


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