11 September 2017

Pit Bull Attack

Went out this morning and discovered a scared pitbull wandering my front yard.

It wasn't being threatening, just being scared so we gave it a wide berth and hoped it would find its humans.

A bit later I decided to return the next door neighbor's mail box that Irma had redistributed to my yard last night.  The dog followed me up to their house and I got penned in between their porch gate and their car.

When I tried to ease past the dog, it got all threatening and when I was trying to decide what to do, bit me!

A nip, really.  The dog was lost and frightened.

Well, now, feelings are hurt and the cops are involved.

The next door neighbors knew whose dog it was and the deputies got him to come retrieve the thing from where it was hiding under a car.

Now they're explaining responsibilities to him while he's trying to pin ownership of the dog on his girlfriend.

Everything should come out OK.

Update:  The owner came by and apologized profusely.  He seems a nice enough guy who genuinely feels bad his dog got out and bit someone.  I'm not really hurt, so I can forgive.

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