27 September 2017

Alt History

I've been poking at an alternate history of an alternate history off and on for a while.

What happens to Rhodesia in Steve Jackson's GURPS setting of Technomancer?

To do an alternate history justice, you've got to learn the actual history.

I've gotten a tenuous grasp of the what happened, even if I don't have everything in its correct order yet.

I've just dipped my toes into who made it happen.  There's several opposed groups with the same goals who share an incredible number of people.  To say there's personalities involved is putting it mildly.

I think I'm getting close to putting the two timelines next to each other and seeing where a good departure point should be.


  1. You're wanting a timeline in which Rhodesia is still around?

    I'd say that after ZANU shot down the second airliner, Sir Alec Douglas Hume would have been much more agreeable to favorable Rhodesia terms.

    1. A timeline in GURPS: Technomancer where Rhodesia is still around...

      An alt of an alt since they don't mention it specifically in the sourcebook and it's pretty much stated that unless it's mentioned, then it happened there like it did here.

      Technomancer was originally known as Merlin from the GURPS: Time Travel Adventures book. The split happens when Oppenheimer says his "I am become death" line and that completes a necromantic spell causing the world to flood with mana.

      So I am literally making a situation that requires magic for it to be plausible.

      https://mcthag.blogspot.com/2014/12/merlin-4.html is the framework for what I'm up to.

    2. Magic would have been the only thing to save the country then when one man, one vote was extended to every adult.


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