27 September 2017

Brace Yourself Comrade

2LT Spenser Rapone, I have seen first hand what happens when a platoon decides they're not working for their butter-bar any more.

It will manifest in ways you cannot control, will reflect poorly on your and your career, and be nothing you can pin on your men.

You will have to craft your orders as if you were trying to get an untainted wish from a monkey's paw.

The turkey will still be a little dry.

This, of course, assumes that you're not hit with conduct unbecoming.  I'm sure they covered that at West Point.

Guess whom else isn't going to be much help to you.  Your fellow members of the ring knocking long gray line.  I think it's going to be near discommendation.

I think you're probably going to make 1LT, but I really doubt you're going to make Captain.

That should please you, since your life is pre-ruined already by capitalism.

The person or persons that I really want to see revealed are the poor judges of character who sponsored you to attend The USMA.


  1. Are those stories about officers being taken out by their own men just an urban legend?

    Just sayin'...

    1. I would doubt he'd get fragged, but you need the people under you to do what you mean, rather than what you say.

    2. He wouldn't get fragged. But his platoon would suck so bad that his OERs could be substituted for fall out shelters being so low.

  2. Just send him overseas. If shit happens, it happens.

  3. Apparently unable to get an appointment directly out of high school, he did a stint as Army enlisted, earning the CIB and apparently was a good soldier. Applied again and was accepted. It's not clear if he was always Communist or if it's a recent change. His father has disavowed his actions while professing to still love him.

  4. "The Democratic congressman who nominated 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone in his initial application to West Point has disavowed the young officer he once believed had potential for greatness"



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