30 September 2017

Loss Leader

Dear Brownell's and Midway USA,

I ordered the little plug screws for the Marlin 30AS from Amazon instead of you.


Free shipping.

Why is that such an inducement when your cheap shipping is $4?

Two reasons.

First, the free shipping gets here before the $10 shipping from you guys.

Second, I sell enough shit on ebay and Gunbroker to know that $10 USPS Priority mail shipping is $3.15.  Cheaper than shipping it through the tortuous route of UPS picking it up and delivering it to USPS Orlando for the final leg of delivery.

Third, you have corporate accounts with UPS, FedEx and USPS, so you shipping should be cheaper than what I can pull not more expensive.

Three day shipping for free, or ten day shipping for $4?

Oh, and since the parts were the same price...

I've complained about this before, but paid you.  This time I didn't, are you listening now?

1 comment:

  1. No, probably not. People have been complaining about their shipping costs for a long time and they've only gone up in price.


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