21 May 2022

Oldest Gun


My oldest gun is a Harrington and Richardson Automatic Top-Break 2nd Model 1st Variation. (top)

In the obsolete .32 H&R.

.32 H&R is very similar to .32 S&W Long dimensionally, and I've fired S&W Long from it without getting hurt.

Near as I've been able to determine it was made in 1891 and really shouldn't be firing smokeless rounds anyways.

This was the gun that Grampa kept in the tool-box at the gas station.

Because it was Grampa's, I cherish it beyond it's sale value.

My oldest firearm (bottom), because the H&R is pre-1898, is the gun Grampa kept under the counter of the gas station; it a Iver Johnson Safety Hammer Automatic 3rd Model in .32 S&W from 1911.  It's probably safe for smokeless rounds.

It carries the same sentimental value as the H&R.

Payback Time Bitches

The Lovely Harvey has the annual deductible paid.  She's $250 from paying the 10% of the first $5,000 90/10 deal.

That means we're $250 from the health insurance paying for everything and us paying $20 per visit copays until the end of the year.  Much like insurance was before Romneycare 2.*Obama* kicked in.

That gigantic deductible is why she didn't seek a lot of care.

Well, now that we're forced to pay it, it's paid and we're going to peg the meter getting her cared for.

Armed Forces Day

Today is the day you celebrate those still in uniform.

Not veterans.

Not the fallen.

For every branch; Army, Navy (including their Marine contingent), Air Force (grudgingly), Space Force (feels weird don't it), Coast Guard, Lighthouse Service (really, look it up), and Coastal Artillery.

20 May 2022

The Camera Gods Laugh

We're getting some rain, finally, here!

While the clouds were rolling in, they were doing some interesting stuff, so I thought I'd take some pictures.

While getting the camera out, they stopped doing interesting stuff.  They were being really dynamic!

We're under the approach for St Pete/Clearwater International, so hearing a plane is nothing unusual, but I always look anyways.  Aside: As dynamic as the clouds were being, that had to have been an unpleasant approach today.

An Allegient Airbus is just at the bottom of the cloud deck and I could see them only intermittenly... AND I HAVE MY CAMERA OUT!!!

Line up the shot, focus, "PLEASE REPLACE BATTERY".


Because of that I missed a picture of the wake the plane made in the clouds.

19 May 2022

Whether The Space Force

When I exited the Army, I was no longer in the military.

The Air Force exited the Army...  So...

But now The Space Force has exited the Air Force!

Have they become military by wit of double negative?

I am so confused.

How Did This Happen

There was once a time when I didn't own anything made by Smith and Wesson.

Now there's five guns which can be called M&P.

Where did it all go wrong?

And this isn't even the extent of it!  This is about all that my workbench will hold for picture taking.

I used to be the "Colt Guy" or the "Glock Guy"... now look at me!

That's An Odd Feeling

As of this year, there are people who can legally drink in the US who were NOT born last century.


The normally reliable pawn shop that I have my internet gun purchases delivered to has decided that they need $35 plus tax to do a transfer instead of the $20 it's been for years.

A nearby pawn shop has changed from $25 plus tax for up to ten to $25 plus tax for EACH.

All that said, it's still cheaper to order from Bud's and pay the fee than to buy from most of the places that carry new guns.


PS: With 1972 being the cut-off date for C&R, I've been noticing that my wants don't need a third party all that much.  My wants don't miraculously create the money to buy them, but if it did... they would be delivered straight to my house.

18 May 2022


Got the compact M&P 9 and the P220 cleaned after their outing to the range.

While not strictly necessary, I am sure, with modern, noncorrosive, ammo I feel better when I can clean my guns after a range trip.

The compact M&P needs a holster.

Because The Beast offers a lot more room in the waist area, IWB carry is possible again where it wasn't in The Precious (RIP).

Midway claims to be having a clearance sale on a couple of designs that I've used with other guns... until you get them in the cart; then they revert to full retail price.  The clearance price is what enticed me to buy, not the make and model!

I'll keep searching.

I've been fond of the Galco Summer Comfort model with several other guns, and will likely end up with another for the 9C.  Or the Don Hume equivalent.

Because It's New

Breitbart has a headline saying that America is more interested in the Johnny Depp defamation trial than in the topic of Abortion.

Probably because we haven't been talking about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard for decades and being assaulted non-stop by their most strident and tiresome supporters the entire time.

Does this mean the topic of abortion is without merit?


It means that people are sick of hearing about it and welcome the change of topic.

Honestly, we know what any given outlet is going to say about abortion and we know if we agree or not already, so there's really no need to bother watching or reading about it at those outlets.

It would take an extraordinary argument to change anyone's mind about this too.

I'm not saying the argument doesn't exist, I'm just saying that nobody's made it yet.  You can tell because there's still a debate.

Spaceship Design

I always drew up deckplans and external profiles of the ships I designed in Traveller.

Ships that would never touch atmosphere got fins.

When asked why I replied that they looked cool.

This often got responses along the lines of, "nobody would really do that."

Sir, I have been to far too many car shows and seen the automotive equivalent of fins on a spaceship to ever think that nobody would ever do that.

17 May 2022

That WHO Treaty

While it's dangerous that Brandon is going to sign a treaty that hands our healthcare over to the China dominated World Health Organization; I seriously doubt there's 2/3 of the senate who will sign off on the ratification.

People are already pissed about healthcare in this country.

I don't think a lot of senators are willing to fan that flame.

Range Time

OK, I'm rusty and need to get out more.

First up!

The M&P 9 M2.0 Compact fired 50 rounds and now considered reliable for all time!

50 rounds of this:

I've never bought or shot any Syntech ammo before.

I guess it shoots OK.  Not my normal fodder.

This is just my second trip to the range since my accident and the first with my new glasses.  I'm shooting low and left and I don't know why.

The hammer assembly replacement and new stocks on the P220 worked out well.

Bottom left is a mag dump!  If nine rounds can be considered a proper mag dump.

Still low and left, but the group gets tighter as I go.  Several groups, and the last round, started double action.

The P220 sure is earning that Rcl -3 stat, but I'm doing OK with it.

.45 sure is big after loading up 9mm too.

That Word You Keep Using...

Democrats keep saying that "democracy" is at risk when X happens.

Normally when a majority of people demand and get their way.

You know, when democracy happens to them.

Considering that the US was supposed to be a Constitutional Republic using democratic means to operate; but specifically rejected actual democracy during its creation...

Democracy IS the risk, not the risk of losing it.

I've been fond of saying, "words mean something," but I fear the truth is, "words meant something."

There Is No Worse Feeling

Nothing sucks quite so much as watching a loved one be in pain and being unable to do anything to make it better.

Harvey spoke to the ortho doc about her shoulder today.

The options are:

1. Physical therapy and see what we get for lost motion and strength.

2. Plates and screws.  Because she smokes, bone necropathy is a thing?

3. Complete replacement of the joint.

For both surgeries, her diabetes comes into play and she has to get her A1C down to an amazingly low level.

This got her to burst into tears because after the insurance pays, the meds that actually work to keep her glucose levels in check comes to $700 a month.

Metformin, which is essentially free, doesn't do a good job with her blood sugar.

We're super pissed that the attending at the emergency room didn't do more than an x-ray and send her home with a sling.  We're convinced that had they done a CT scan that night they'd have done surgery immediately and emergency surgery doesn't demand a low A1C.  Emergency surgery is also covered by our insurance better. 

To say that she is bummed out is a gargantuan understatement.

Can I borrow someone's "make it all better" magic wand?

16 May 2022


Playing with the new compact and doing some dry fire and I notice that something feels a bit familiar.

Then it hit me, the grip length!

That's near as never mind identical to the old Browning Hi-Power!

The grip is much narrower, though.

It's a good grip length, I think.

I Totally Could


Now that I've slogged through a few, skimmed a few and read what others have said about many...

I am now convinced that I can write a manifesto.

I'm good at spelling things wrong, messing up punctuation, going off on tangents and being generally incoherent and unreadable.

Hell, you're reading this and have probably noticed.

Since I'm fun to laugh at, you keep coming back.

I think what I really lack is the deep seated hatred of a particular group of people (real OR imaginary) to focus my poorly edited diatribe elegantly argued manifesto on.

Oh well.

Just going to have to keep blogging without a core mission statement.

More 9 v 45

Marv and my liking of the balance of the M&P 45C led us to consider the M&P 9 compact.

That led me to keep an eye out for deals.

ARFcom mentioned such a deal the other day and we pounced!

Bud's Gun Shop has the M&P 9 M2.0 Compact marked down a LOT.  $150 off on the model with the safety and more than $200 for the one without a manual safety.

It's just a bit smaller than the 45C in every dimension, most prominently in length.

 It's not going to be replacing the Shield Plus in my pocket though:

The bonus to holdout offsets the extra five rounds under most conditions.

The magazine is a shorter version of the old M&P 9 with two fewer rounds.

That means that the 17-rounders will work in the compact, they just stick out a bit:

If that bothers you, S&W included some spacer sleeves to fill the gap.

Looking a little Glock 45 here, huh?

I know you were worried, so I checked:  Yes, the M&P 9 M2.0 Compact has a place to hook a lanyard!

It tips the scales at 2 lb. dead even loaded with 8.9 oz. per loaded magazine (2/0.6 in GURPS terms).

Next stop, The Range!

Going Lunar

 Had a lunar eclipse last night (still happening at the time of posting).

15 May 2022


The preceding post is about what might happen, not me masturbating in wait of the day when I can go "weapons free" on the local hoodlums.

It would be much better if we made the small course corrections in law enforcement that are presently needed.

What needs to be done to make those corrections is to defang the "everything is -ism" industry.  ("Everything is -ism" is sung to the tune of "Everything is Awesome"  by the way.)

I have a dream, as it were.

Criminals need to be punished without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

Even if that means a particular race goes to jail more often.  Perhaps especially if...

Something that would help a ton would be eliminating all of the Karen laws.

Yes, people are going to destroy their lives without those laws, but who are we to stop them with the power of The State?  I don't think The State is empowered to save you from yourself, only to keep you from hurting others.

If it does no material or physical harm it shouldn't be illegal.  You might convince a civil court and jury to award damages, but there shouldn't be arrests and jail time.

The main problem with Karen laws is they're very nearly unenforceable.  The corrosive effect on society and law enforcement has been visible in my lifetime.

We can take steps to fix it before vigilance and small enclaves become the norm.

Before vendetta is the rule.

But that would mean removing favored treatment of some small groups in favor of society as a whole.

Actually implementing equality under the law instead of just mouthing it while tipping the scales.

Being Civilized

I keep thinking about what happens when the cops are truly gone and won't be coming back.

Something that I keep considering is how our legal system goes so very light on first offenders.

The punishments aren't deterrents to potential criminals and a record is a rite of passage for some.

This assumes that the police can even be bothered to come for relatively minor crimes.

However, the law abiding citizen is deterred by the threat of punishment for resuming the police role presently delegated to the cops.

But what if the cops aren't there and aren't coming back?

Suddenly there's no light punishments for first offenders.

The home owner doesn't call the cops who will not arrive before the thief can leave with what they've stolen from the home owner's car.  The home owner shoots the thief.

Home owners don't make suspicious persons calls, they just kill those who don't belong in their neighborhood.

They band together and get to know each other better for mutual benefit.

Civilization returns on a micro level.  The neighborhood might even pay a few neighbors to do the "shoot the suspicious" job.

That's how vigilance societies progress into being police, by the way.

What's most fascinating about this is the people who are going to need the cops the most once civilization crumbles past a certain point are the ones driving the elimination or hobbling of them the hardest.

The rest of us are only using them because we'd certainly be punished for resuming our rightful police power from a state which has abdicated it.

14 May 2022

Ebay Was Down?

For a couple of hours there was no Ebay tonight.


I wonder what happened.

13 May 2022

In Point Of Fact Their Lives Don't Appear To Matter At All

I was reading this article and came across this quote:

On an average year, 18 unarmed black people and 26 unarmed white people are shot by police. By contrast, roughly 10,000 black people are murdered annually by criminals in their own neighborhoods.

We're having riots over the police shooting 18 people but not a peep over the 10,000 others murdered? 

18 people who always seem to have lengthy criminal records themselves.

If you don't care about the 10k murder victims, then you don't really believe that black lives matter.

I have ideas about how to fix it, but my ideas will get shot down by both sides of the aisle.

Waves At All The Racists

Judging from the passion, a goodly number of you aren't introspective enough to see that you are, in fact, racists.

I've got an old, print, ©1957 dictionary; let's see what it says:

Assumption of inherent racial superiority or the purity and superiority of certain races, and consequent discrimination against other races; also any doctrine or program of racial domination and discrimination based on such an assumption.

Also, less specifically, race hatred and discrimination.

So, yes, white separatists are racists.  I'd been thinking of them more as racist adjacent, but you had to go and make me look it up.  Congratulations.

That means your hero Randy Weaver was a racist as well.

A common, everyday bigot.

Being a bigot did not earn him what happened to him.

But he's not a hero.  He did little to be admired.

He's an example.  A canary in the cage that our government was getting a bit too damn bold.

Ruby Ridge and Branch Davidians have something in common: Government going after the freaks that polite society tends to avoid.  The assumption being that it not make the news in Peoria, or if it does people will shrug and say, "that's what happens when you're freaks!"

That it woke people up to the dangers of what our Federal law-enforcement had become says more about the rest of us than the mores of the victims.

We said, "even bigots and freaks deserve due process!"

We weren't saying... well I wasn't saying, "I support this bigotry!"  It would appear that lots of you readers were.

You should go read something else.  I think Stormfront still has a web page.

Randy Weaver

I'm not going to mourn him too hard.

The man was too close to a racist to admire much even if I had a lot of sympathy for him and antipathy for his foes.

But I am still waiting on MY check from the FBI, because they didn't do anything to me either.

He got a big check for them not doing anything to him after all.  They said so, more than once.

Perhaps Green?

SoftwareJanitor has a go/nogo list of things that decide if a car will be his.

Among the items is "If it's green, it's not mine."

For years we've tried to find a car worth owning the broke all the rules.

There aren't any so far.

But it's got me thinking about painting The Beast in 1971 Chevelle "Lime Green" which is a green paint with large gold metal-flake in it.

Pictures don't do it justice.

Marv has tried to photoshop it and it's not coming out.

But the above effort reminded me there was a Camaro color that I'd dubbed, "Shocking Lizard Underbelly Green".  Chevy insists that it's called Synergy Green.

I'm kinda into it.

12 May 2022

All I Know Is This

The M&P 9 M2.0 Compact has a 3.6" barrel and 2d+2 pi starts at 3.6".

With 15+1 shots it definitely slings more hate downrange than the 45C.

The 45C averages 80 or 100 points of damage per magazine with hollow-points.

The 9 Compact averages 180 per magazine.

More beans is better!

Even better, the 9mm appears to be lighter than using the 10-rounders.

I'm a fan of .45 ACP, but the math keeps getting in the way.

11 May 2022

Say Again Now

I'm interested in T2K era Polish small arms.

My P.64 and Kbk.88 are prime examples.

 I've had, and let slip through my fingers, a Polish Mosin M44.

I'm always half looking for a decent clone of a Polish AKM, Tokarev and...

P.83 "Wanad".

When I first started this Polish thing, P.83 were running about $220.

Then they were about $450.

Now they are about a grand.

$1,000 for a simple blow-back 9x18 pistol.

Even the older P.64 has gone from $200 to almost $500!

I am not accustomed to this at all.  The P.64 is even C&R eligible.

Looks Like A Win

SAF posts the text of the decision of a 3-judge panel in the 9th Circuit for Jones v Bonta.

I have not finished reading it yet but it appears that outright bans need to pass strict scrutiny.

They said that training requirements for 18-20 year olds only have to pass intermediate scrutiny, which confuses me.  What other right requires training?

Smarter people with more time are going to post about it on their blogs as well.

I expect the status quo to remain while it's appealed and joins a long line of rulings awaiting an en banc hearing in the 9th.

I wonder how this will play out here in the 11th circuit and Florida's ban on 18-20 year olds buying guns.

10 May 2022

No Anal Probe For Me

About three years ago, my colonoscopy found some polyps they burned off.

That changed the colonoscopy schedule from a five to a three year interval.

No biggie.


The VA requires that I have a negative Wu Ping Cough test not more than three days before the procedure now.

They only do four such tests a day at my nearby clinic, by appointment only.

Because you need a negative test for ANY procedure, those appointments are booked for the foreseeable future.

My other options are to drive the fifty miles to the main hospital for the test or to come in two hours early on the day of the procedure.

That fifty mile drive is a two hour drive, by the way.

I'm not allowed to drive myself on the day of, so I've got to find a friend who is willing to sit an extra two hours in the holding area reserved for drivers of patients.

And with all the other "show up early" requirements, puts us getting the test at 0630 for an 1130 procedure.

I just can't.

I don't have a four hour block of time to drive down there for the nose swab, let alone want to expend the fuel and wear and tear on my car.

I don't want to ask a friend to pick me up at 0430 to get me down there and then be stick at Bay Pines until 1500 and get home at 1700.  It's too much to ask.

I am fed up with the VA not giving a crap, and not just not caring but making a profession of not giving a shit and hiding behind "there'snoreasonit'sjustourpolicy".

So I am going to have untreated colon cancer and die, thanks to the VA's inability to schedule realistically.

09 May 2022

Rubber Floor For The Win

You don't appreciate the spartan nature of a former cop car until the entire carrier of sodas slides off the center console and onto the floor.

Carpet cleaner?

A towel and wet rag is all I needed.

Same Photographer H&K Used?


The NRA is giving away a pistol and 1,000 rounds of ammunition!

The Springfield Professional Light Rail is a 9mm gun and they don't say anywhere that you're getting 1,000 rounds FOR the gun you're winning...

They just say that each of the 12 guns they're giving away comes with 1,000 rounds of ammo.  Maybe even ammo you can use!

And being a typical NRA fundraiser, you can't enter online unless you make a contribution.

I am not giving Wayne any tonsorial assistance now that I've paid for his tailor.

That's Interesting

All of the shitbag racists who want to share their thoughts have their profiles locked out.

Interesting they're ashamed enough to conceal whom they are, but not enough to just be silent.

Moderated For A Reason

A couple of comments about Mr Porretto falling for an old racist con-man can be summed up as:

"That wasn't racism because [racist explanation]."  If you're going to try to convince me you're not racist about this you're going to have to have a better argument than "they're [race] and there's nothing we can do."

All of the racist explanations for the situation fail to account for how the situation didn't exist until created by white people in government.

Specifically racist Democrats and perverse economic incentives to exit American Culture.

But let's just assume that Mr Johnson, and followers, are correct and there's nothing that can be done about black people because they're genetically incapable of being part of our culture.

What now?

Concentration camps and ovens?

Walling them up in their ghettos?

Forced sterilizations? 

Be precise in your answer about what is to be done.

I am NOT advocating we continue as we have been.  Something needs to change with regards to the black "community" and their over representation in criminal activity and general refusal to participate under the rules of Western Civ.

Unlike Mr Johnson and his followers, I think that they're more than capable of learning the rules and following them.  We haven't been enforcing the rules, and I think it's because it builds the racist resentment exhibited in the, deleted, comments.

I'd like to think that my readers are better than falling for the ploy the Liberals are playing fomenting a race war.

Can you prove me right?

08 May 2022

You Got Sucked In

Francis W Porretto over at Liberty's Torch got sucked in by a genuine racist.

Like the best racists, the author that Mr Porretto links to sounds oh so reasonable.

What he says sure makes sense.

He doesn't use CENSORED at all to describe black people.

But read it carefully.

But I've heard of Mr Johnson before.  He's a racist and an anti-semite.

We're better off not quoting him.

Especially since he's very close to the truth, it feels like he's got it correctly figured out.  But he's wrong.

It's not genetics.  It's not skin color.

It's culture and a refusal to make several notable subcultures conform to American culture.

It's something that wasn't a problem until The Great Society™ got going in earnest. 

Force that conformity, or they don't get to leave their little enclaves.

And I know it works.  Chinese, Irish and Italian immigrants did it.  Blacks were well on their way to having done it when LBJ and racist Democrats systematically gutted black family structure which leads us to the situation described in the milk shake thesis.

The situation is not because they are black.  It's because they were singled out to become second class citizens that society expected less of because the racists just knew that blacks couldn't be more than like children.  And with those expectations enshrined in welfare and redline districting...  They adhered to it.  Responded rationally to the feedback they were given.

The solution is not to be more racist.

It will be applying the norms of Western Civ upon everyone the same way, even if they are black rather than not because they are.

What Do They Mean?

"The firearm that was on the bed and ultimately used by Sabrina was registered to Mark."

-- Andrew H Warren's Office of the State Attorney 13th Judical Circuit of Florida.

This is from this article at Bearing Arms about the charges against Sabrina Hendley being dropped. 

It was my understanding that Florida doesn't have such registration and keeping such records was a violation of state law.

Yet I keep seeing the police, county and state officials saying a particular weapon was or was not registered to an individual.

It's starting to piss me off. 

If they mean they traced the gun and he was the last purchaser in the chain via his 4473, then I think we need to start screaming louder about that 4473 being a de facto registration scheme.

According to Fla. Stat. § 790.335(2), "PROHIBITIONS.No state governmental agency or local government, special district, or other political subdivision or official, agent, or employee of such state or other governmental entity or any other person, public or private, shall knowingly and willfully keep or cause to be kept any list, record, or registry of privately owned firearms or any list, record, or registry of the owners of those firearms."

Not Quite Universal

Unlike so many other full sized service pistols... The P220 does not fit in the nigh universal M7/M9 tanker holster.

It almost fits.  The trigger guard bottoms out before you can get the strap snapped.

Getting it to fit would be a simple job with a knife, but I'm not cutting my holster just for this.

07 May 2022

Cement Shoes

 When the 80-1 long shot wins the Kentucky Derby, you know some loan sharks are gong to be sleeping with the fishes tonight.


"Ostende nobis ubera tua!" is the unofficial motto of just about every combat arms regiment ever fielded.

Take note.

Sure sounds more elegant than in English.

Or German... "Zeig uns deine Brüste!" isn't elegant at all.


I continually marvel that liberal justices can be reliably predicted in how they will rule and "conservative" justices cannot.

The marvel fades when I see how each side selects judges.

We select them based on their knowledge of the Constitution and law.

The left selects them based on partisan position and adherence to the current narrative.

Thus it's no shock when the liberals adhere to the party line and conservatives rule based on the apparent merit of the case.

We're not selecting for political purity, but the time may yet come.

Something Important

Did you know it was uncommon for a jury to convict under the pre-Roe abortion bans?

That says a lot about how most people felt.


The more I observe the phenomenon, the more convinced I am that the current potential Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization isn't really the Pro-Life position winning but the Pro-Choice side overreaching until the average person notices what's going on and deciding to get involved.

The phenomenon is a refusal to accept victory and go home.

It's distinct from a win in an incremental strategy were a positive ruling is one step towards a larger, stated, goal.

The pro-gun movement is doing such an incremental approach in getting laws struck and legislation passed.  The goal is unfettered 2nd Amendment rights and until we get there it's just wins, not victory.  Someday, though, we're going to have to address that that average person doesn't want machine guns to be easily and widely available.

But abortion and gay rights goals were stated and achieved... then they presented new goals and began advancing on those causes.

As the goals get further out of synch with everyday Americans, the less support they have as they accumulate more political power until...

Punctuated equilibrium from the electorate slams them in the face.

The first time I noticed this was with MAAD.  They were going to get real punishments for drinking and driving, did studies, pressed the flesh and made real changes.

One important change was getting "you're too drunk to drive" defined at 0.10% blood alcohol content.  This definition was arrived at through extensive studies of when the average person becomes impaired.  I was a rational standard to adopt.

And it was.

After a round of very public enforcement, the average, rational, person looked at the new severe punishments for drinking too much and driving home then made a rational decision to not drink so much before heading home.

Thus, substantially fewer drunk drivers and this was reflected in a dramatic drop in the police catching and prosecuting them.

Victory, right?

MAAD realized they were now irrelevant.

So a new campaign to move the standard down to 0.08% BAC.  A level that wasn't shown to be associated with impairment for most people.  But it got arrests up again, got their name in the public's mind again and (most importantly) got the donations flowing to the organization again!

Which brings me back to abortion.

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization and the leak has put the debate back into people's living rooms and many people are discovering that there's a much larger overlap in the Venn diagram between Pro-Life and Pro-Choice once they are allowed to talk to each other and explain what they mean.

People are discovering that their position was based on the fringe of the other side and not the everyday person.

The everyday pro-life person didn't really want a full ban, but was hearing the advocates of partial or full birth abortions and saying they would not support that.  The national pro-life organizations are captured by religious organizations who DO support full bans, and are thusly the voice of the pro-life side.

The everyday pro-choice person didn't really want second or third trimester abortions, let alone partial birth and outright opposes full birth.  But the national organizations and national voice does.

Most people, after comparing notes, are realizing that they're OK with abortion being legal with a cut-off date.  There's debate about when that point should be, but it rarely extends past the first trimester.

Both sides appear to be shocked to learn that such a cut-off is in Roe v. Wade!

[D]uring the first trimester, governments could not prohibit abortions at all; during the second trimester, governments could require reasonable health regulations; during the third trimester, abortions could be prohibited entirely so long as the laws contained exceptions for cases when they were necessary to save the life or health of the mother.

- Wikipedia article on Roe v. Wade.

 Most people are content with this.

But the pro-choice fringe wouldn't leave it alone.  Now the fringe from the pro-life side might be getting a big win and taking the momentum to a place that most people don't want.

This whipsaw oscillation between two tyrannies of the minority pisses people off.

LGBT people just wanted to be people, like everyone else.  To not be second class citizens by law because churches had gotten regulatory capture of marriage so long ago it preceded the term.

But their national orgs couldn't let that victory sit.  And they took it all the way to where the religious fundamentalist bigots said the average queer wanted: Pederasty.

The average bent person didn't want that!

And after looking at the utter lack of compassion I've seen from members of a religion founded on the idea of forgiveness towards trans-genders, I totally understand the motive to stick a knife in the eye of a Christian fundamentalist and give it a good twist.  Even if that twist is pederasty.

Again we're trying to make the fringes happy and pissing off the middle.

You think they're on your side because they're not noticing you and thus not opposing you.  But wait.  You will overstep.  Again.

Note: Comments on this post will be moderated much more strictly than normal.

A Near Thing

I have learned an important lesson about bidding on Gunbroker.

Don't do everything but confirm the bid when the cats are in a full-on scamper.

One of them will run across the mouse just as you notice that the suspiciously cheap Garand was built on a CAI reciever and hit the button.

Don't open the bid window unless you are SURE you wanna bid!

Thankfully, someone else wanted it more than Bear, because Bear did not have the $805 bucks I'd entered.

I don't really have it either.  Which is why I was dithering about bidding, stupid as it was to even think about.

06 May 2022

A Bit More Detail

The RR door latch which failed to latch...



Complicated guts:

I cannot recreate the failure on the bench.  I also cannot disassemble it further without breaking things to see where the failure must be occurring.

A Day Late

Slightly less famous Jedi, Obi-Juan Kenobi.

An Earful

With the apparent loss of another ship in the Black Sea to an opponent that doesn't even have a navy...

One wonders if a Russian admiral isn't getting earful of 9x18mm today.

05 May 2022

It's That Time Of Year


Flapping In The Wind

Just before I bought The Beast, the previous owner had to replace the LR door latch.

He cautioned that they were getting hard to find, so when the RR failed to latch once after picking up The Boy I ordered the part to replace it.

Since then, it's been behaving.

Until today when I was 3 hours from the part and the tools dropping of Harvey's aunt at the airport in Sanford!

Darn it!

Luckily, I was able to get it to latch once last time and got home without it hanging open on I-4.

Replaced it as soon as I got home and the old one is CRUSTY inside.

I wonder if I can get it apart and see why it failed intermittently.

Plus, while I was in there, I took the opportunity to connect the inside door handle and lock.

04 May 2022

Gallons To The Moon!

Engineering Mode on The Beast give the fuel remaining in liters.

With a full tank it shows 68.5l.

Googling liters to gallons gives imperial gallons as the default...

15.06789 imperial gallons.

The capacity of the tank is supposed to be 19 US Gallons.

But I had not noticed the default choice wasn't US Gallons, so I worried my gas-gauge was reading low.

68.5l is 18.09854 US gallons.  Much closer to the stated fuel capacity in the owner's manual and an exact match for what everyone else says the tank holds.

I feel much better.


I've said before that if the events on January 6th were a real armed insurrection from my side of the aisle, President Trump would have been sworn in for a second term and there wouldn't be hardly a congress critter present who could still talk after becoming a street lamp decoration.

My side of the aisle isn't the type that initiates violence, so Jan-6 wasn't an insurrection at all.

It wasn't even a riot.

But I'm watching riots from the other side of aisle.

I'm watching these riots succeeding at getting what they're after.

I'm noticing that we don't dare say boo about Islam after some Islamic terrorists went off and murdered a bunch of people.

So I have a question for the left side of the aisle:

Do you think we won't eventually figure out that violence is all you understand and all that works to get our way?

Because you don't want us to draw the conclusion that violence is our only recourse to affect political change.


Because if we get to that point it will be The Great Reset and the French terrors will be a pale shadow and the world will speak of the horrors in hushed tones for generations about it.

Things have progressed to a point where a reckoning is due and you shouldn't discredit our civility in trying to use civilized means to achieve our goals.  Because we have a clear understanding of how society and civilization should work based on examples that DO work, we're far less afraid of tearing it all down and rebuilding... on a foundation of bone with blood for mortar.

Because Western Civilization has this sort of punctuated equilibrium in its DNA.

Western Civ also has a compassionate streak and shame baked into its DNA.  Its dangerous, literally, to push its members to the point where they lose compassion and no longer care what outsiders think of them.

We'd much rather talk.

Can we talk?

Or would you prefer to take rioting to its logical conclusion?

03 May 2022

Enough Foreplay

Look you woke fucks:

If you're going to keep saying you're going to start Civil War 2.0 and/or Revolution II every time you babies don't get your way...

Just get on with it so we can shoot twice and go home and never hear about you again because you're dead.

Otherwise shut your pie holes and vote.

But you're not going to start a revolution because you fucking know there's a dozen old men for each of you who's fed up with dealing with their heart meds and the side effects who are more than willing to shoot back once you start.

That's old men with nothing to live for and no worries about prison but still have the morals enough to not start it.

Good Thing We Consulted With An Expert

The Lovely Harvey went to the orthopedic doc today.

Took an X-Ray

Yup, it's broke.

They want to see a CT scan before they decide if she needs surgery.  It's borderline about if she will or not.

To everyone who voted for Obama:  Die.  Die in a fire.  Die in a fire, screaming.

Before Obamacare, we would not be worried in the slightest about the costs because Harvey has a good job and insurance.

Now...  The deductibles eats you alive.

About That Leak

The leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion on repealing Roe v Wade is an attempt to influence the court by some staffer with access to such drafts.

This person needs to be identified and prosecuted.

For the court to do its job it need to be left alone to do it without undue influence from the shrieking mobs.

Let The Liberal Heads Explode

A not very reliable news source has leaked that The US Supreme Court has the votes to repeal Roe v Wade.

The leak consists of an opinion authored by Justice Alito.

Good! I says.

Roe v Wade is bad law.

It is emanations and penumbras and not a solid case.

It's making shit up, whole cloth, that isn't actually in the Constitution and getting the result desired.

Allowing abortions because a right to privacy?  I'm not finding it in the 4th Amendment.

A better case would have been under 9th or 10th Amendment grounds... mostly 9th after the 14th.

But since all three branches have been actively eroding the 9th and 10th amendments for more than a century, nobody wants to even try to make a landmark case from there.

They should.

The text of The Constitution was supposed to be plain-text.  It does what it says, it says what it does.

The list of things that the Federal government is allowed to do is plainly stated and not very long.  This short list is further restricted by The Bill of Rights.  The 9th and 10th Amendments were supposed to be the most brutally restricting amendments to Federal power.  They're literally, "unless we said you could, you can't," clauses.

The individual state constitutions are supposed to be similarly written and operated.

There's a whole lot of how things are done every day in America that should not be.

That we've been doing it this way for a long time makes me think, "justice delayed is justice denied," rather than saying that "well we've done it so long it will be hard to change..."

So it will be difficult!  Let's get to work!

PS - Pro-Life People: Please be to showing me where the text says Government was empowered to make any laws concerning abortion.  Bearing in mind that you, too, cannot use emanations and penumbras to make your case either.  Especially sticky for you is that 1st Amendment "freedom of religion" thing and Christianity having a religious position on the topic.  As soon as God enters the frame, Government is forbidden to act on it.  You have to sell your position from a secular direction without evoking God or quoting The Bible.  And some of y'all just can't do it.

PPS - That The Court is even, allegedly, talking about it is probably another example of liberals not taking the win and shutting up.  Roe legalized abortions before a certain point in the pregnancy but allowed restrictions later in the term because as the fetus gets further along it gets more baby-like and thus more recognizably human.  The liberals didn't accept the win for where nearly all abortions occur and are now in danger of losing the "right" altogether.  Again.

PPPS - Even with a full ban on abortion, Liberals, you still get a choice.  You can CHOOSE to use an aspirin for birth control and suddenly you're not getting pregnant and thus not needing the procedure.

02 May 2022

Harvey Update

Got her in to the primary today.

E-room had put her sling on completely wrong.  Much less painful for her assembled correctly!

Primary issued some painkillers and ordered a consult with an orthopedic doc.

The same one Marv went to!

We go tomorrow and hope to hear that she won't need surgery.

I have to give kudos for The Boy for keeping it together during all of this.

He blames himself for going home and going to bed.  He thinks he could have prevented the fall had he been there.

He did the same thing when his grandma fell back in 2019.

We're having conversations about causality and coincidence now.

01 May 2022

Harvey In The Hospital Now With Update

She tripped over a loose rock in the in-laws yard and landed on her right shoulder.

She couldn't move the arm, it's at least dislocated.

Ambulance took her away just a bit ago.

I'm on Boy duty, she has a close friend with her.

Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: She has fractured her right humerus head at the shoulder.  Sent home in a sling, no extra drugs, instructions to call her primary for a follow-up.

The friend who went with her to the hospital says she saw a crack in the x-ray but everything was still attached to each other.

6-10 weeks of slinging it... and she's right handed.  There will be new cuss words.

A Plague Of Tree Frogs

We've had our first real rain of the spring and the tree frogs are, to put it mildly, randy.

Being randy makes them brave and they don't want to travel around obstacles to get to their one true love.

So they find all the little gaps in the screens on the porch and discover that frog-legs are on the kitty menu.

Thankfully we haven't had any poisonous frogs get in to be killed by a cat.

I don't THINK any of the cats has actually managed to do more than kill one.

Most often they don't even manage a kill, but do a catch and release game in the house.

I wish I'd gotten vid of one escaping from Bear to land square on Dingus' head.

Professional bull riders got nothin' on that tree frog while Dingus was bucking to be rid of it!

Does He Have A Form 4 For That?

Drunk driver arrested, apparently live hand grenade found in car.

Please don't be Florida.  Please don't be Florida.  Please don't be Florida.  Please don't be Florida.


OK, please don't be local.  Please don't be local.  Please don't be local.  Please don't be local.


You know, if people are getting pineapple grenades, how do we keep justifying the massive infringement of our rights known as The National Firearms Act again?

It doesn't keep people from getting grenades.

It barely slows down getting auto-sears from China for Glocks.

It certainly doesn't keep anyone from getting a short barreled rifle or shotgun.

What purpose does it serve?

Hell, it doesn't even generate enough revenue to be self sustaining for the licensing that it does do.

Doesn't stop the criminals and is a tax sink.

Eliminate it and put the savings to work mollifying the people who're upset their taxes are being wasted on something that pisses them off.

Never Mind

I've just realized that I will not convince anyone they might be mistaken because this is an emotional conclusion for them and not a rational one.

That they've retroactively applied a rationale to their emotional conclusion is irrelevant; emotion cannot be overcome with logic.

C'est la vie.

Well Worth It

Cerakote makes a headlight restoration kit.

I'd bought it and not gotten motivated to use it until I was having trouble seeing this evening in The Beast.

HOLY SHIT!  I can now see in the dark! 

Definitely work the money and about half an hour of labor.

It's a simple three (really 5) step process.

First you wash the lenses with your preferred soap.

Second you use four pads each lens soaked in a chemical which strips the surface oxidation from the plastic.

Third you wet sand each lens for 3 minutes each of two different grits (12 minutes total).

Fourth you rinse and thoroughly dry the lens.

Fifth you apply the ceramic coating then wait an hour before getting them wet or hot.


Instead of being diffused by the pocked and milky lens, the light just goes out the front!

I am very pleased and am going to do this for Harvey's Nox and Moxie.

I forgot to take a before pic.

30 April 2022


You are already paying for student loan forgiveness and you don't even know it.

Did you know that if you make your payments for 10 years, regardless of the remaining principle, your loan gets discharged?

Forgiven, in other words.

Did you make ten years of payments?

Was the balance zero?

Did you even check?

Did you even notice that your mortgage sized student loan was getting paid back in 1/3 the time with 1/4 the payment?  That didn't seem odd to you?

But people who got fucked by the government are stealing from YOU and YOUR taxes?  YOU'RE paying for something you didn't receive?

You're ignorant of how things have been for a long time and lashing out at the wrong people.

But thanks for the anon comment that got deleted for being a dick about your reply anyways.

Baby Step

DeSantis promises constitutional carry before he leaves office.

That's encouraging.

29 April 2022

Mei Mei Demoted

The licensed Disney character from Build-A-Bear has been demoted and replaced with a Tentacle Kitty.

 Appropriately beastly for a car nicknamed "The Beast"!

Some Call It Fraud

I am dead sick of the over generalization that anyone who has defaulted on their student loans is just refusing to pay for them or got a degree that would never lead to a job with an income sufficient to repay them.

Especially from people who borrowed before the massive increase in Federally guaranteed money that caused tuition prices to explode.

Case in point.  My dad got an engineering degree from Iowa State University without taking out loans and the equivalent to a minimum wage job doing dishes and odd jobs at a restaurant was enough for rent, food, entertainment, books and tuition.  In just four years.

Go on, try that today.

First thing you need to acknowledge is wages are stagnant and education is getting more expensive.  It literally costs more for everything that it did back when and by the time you've paid for a roof over your head and food in your belly... there might not be enough for the minimum loan payment with your entry level salary.

A salary that the self-righteous lecturers found sufficient 30 years ago to make loan payments, and live well.

20 years ago and live OK.

10 year ago and live at all.

And this assumes that your degree is worth something.

But what if your degree would be worth something if the people who owned the school had not been convicted of fraud and predatory lending practices?

People who didn't run the place or control daily operations, the school was literally the same as it was for decades when it built a strong reputation for graduating students who knew how to do what was expected right out of their gowns?

The fraudsters bought that good school with government approval, because you cannot make such a purchase without the Department of Education's sign-off.

DoE allowed the sale in spite of an ongoing investigation into their loan practices at other schools.

But it's the student's fault that nobody calls back with that school on their degree?

Never mind that there's no place that an employer can call to confirm they were ever a student let alone a graduate?

A degree that cannot be used to get into a different school to further their education and perhaps earn a way to service that loan.

And it's not underwater basket weaving.

Business Administration and Accounting degrees from this school going back decades became valueless overnight when the government concluded its case and closed the schools.

Leaving borrowers with a pile of debt and no realistic way of ever paying it back.

A lot of borrowers.

I hope that Brandon forgives the billions and billions of student loan debt.

The government has been handing out money to every worthless piece of shit in the world; why not people with college educations who could actually be worth something once freed of a problem that government caused in the first fucking place. 

By the way, oh high and mighty arbiters of whom is of value and whom is worthless, you'd better be able to show that you've been actually lobbying your congress creatures to eliminate DoE, Federal student loans and welfare recipients getting free college.  Because if not, you're part of the people what let this happen and are angry that you are now caught up in the avalanche now that the pebbles no longer get a vote?

How about you take a nice big sip of go fuck yourself.

Hello Old Friend

 While digging through my books looking for stuff to donate to Willard so he has something to read while he's rebuilding leg muscles...

I relocated this:

I've owned this book since 3rd grade.

I originally read it because it has a triceratops in it and I was all about dinosaurs at that age.  This might be the first science fiction book I ever owned.

Dad's Mom had me reading well above my age early, but those were "The Classics™" and I read them because I wanted her to be happy.  (It backfired because I assumed that she'd read them too and she was unprepared to discuss them.)

I think I will re-read it and bask in the nostalgia.  It's well below my reading level now, but...  Comfort book.

Well Poop

New Jovian Thunderbolt will not be updating his blog any more.

Cancer got between him and the keyboard.


28 April 2022

Sure I Saved Money By Spending Time

Bill Brandt shares a tale of woe and German engineering.

I started out wrenching to save money.

That led to hot-rodding, which does not save money.

Something I am grateful for my dad teaching me wrenching is when I need something done that you cannot hire out for any amount.

It gets pretty common in hot-rodding and upgrading cars.

Shops refuse to touch things like bolting 6-piston Brembo calipers from a Camaro onto a Caprice.  Literally bolt-on.  Liability... blah blah blah.

Actually, that's not quite true.  There's two kinds of shops that will do it.

The kind where you know more than they do and they won't do a good job.

The kind that knows at least as much as you and specializes in upgrades and come with the commensurately large bills.

Which leaves me doing it myself because I want the job done correctly and I can't afford the pro.

Russia's Vietnam

I was reading that Russia has racked up 15,000 KIA so far.

Two months.

By comparison the US took ten years to get to about four times that in actual 'Nam.

Our worst year was '68 and that was almost 17k.  A year to lose almost as many troops as Russia has in two months.

Losing those near 60k troops upended American politics for decades.

Losing troops at six times the rate of our worst year can't have a positive effect on Russia.

27 April 2022

OK I'm Calmer Now

Touched base with the Caprice PPV community on Facebook about getting access to the underside of the roof and...

The shark-fin XM antenna I've selected to plug one roof hole will likely not do anything when plugged into the radio because it's expecting something from a black-box that's supposed to reside between the antenna and the radio and connected to the car's CAN bus.

While it's possible that this box's functionality is built into the radio, it's improbable because the source of the radio is an Australian car.  They don't have XM.

If it works it's because the radio interprets the XM signal as a digital radio input.

As I say, unlikely without a converter box in between.

The GPS antenna, though, is more likely to work as advertised.  Even if it doesn't, the antenna they included with the radio will.

All of this angst got me wondering...

Do I need XM?

New radio gets the AM/FM that I've been listening to for a while.

The CD player will play a CD burned with hours of songs.

There is a hard drive in there that will store up to 15 CD-A formatted discs.

There is a USB port that I can plug a memory stick into and play mp3 and wma music from.

I can also use the USB port for an iPod.  I have a lot of music on my ancient 80gb iPod.

There is a 3.5mm auxiliary input port that lets me play music from anything with a headphone jack.  Including that iPod or my phone.

There's Bluetooth connectivity that lets me play music from my phone's internal storage or streamed from the internet... including XM if I upgrade my phone to one of the unlimited plans.

So... do I need Sirius/XM in The Beast?

Probably not worth the trouble.

Finished Before I Began

I haven't even turned one wrench and I am done with this shit.

To install the GPS and XM antennas I need to drop the headliner.

To do that I have to get the trim off the A, B and C pillars.

To get the C pillar trim off I need to take off the rear side moulding.

To get the rear side moulding off I need to remove the rear seat.

To get at the radio I need to remove ten things to expose it.

Essentially, it's remove the whole fucking interior of the car to get at the fucking radio and run the wires for the antennas.

So much for starting with a simple project.

Oh and since there's airbags everywhere in this fucking thing, disarm and disconnect at every turn.

Probed From Both Ends

The VA has a policy of making sure you don't have Wu Ping Cough three days before they do anything surgical.

So before they will shove a camera up my ass, they have to shove swabs up my nose.


At least the cleansing process is fun!

26 April 2022


 Found this vid:

I've got the engineering mode, but not the night mode.

Nice to be able to check the transmission temps.

Pfennig Check

In the First Infantry Division (Forward) we didn't have challenge coins.

I didn't even hear of challenge coins until years after leaving the service.

People keep telling me they're old as dirt, but you couldn't tell from late 1980's Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

What we had was the ein Pfennigstück.

You yelled, "Pfennig check!" and everyone produced their lowest denomination German coin.

If you had no change, you're buying!

One Pfennig pieces were rare on the ground in Stuttgart, so having an ein Pfennigstück meant you were immune to the Pfennig check.

Unless everyone had one.

Then it was the OLDEST coin that won.

I had a 1950 ein Pfennigstück, so I never had to buy.

I went looking for that coin the other day and it's long gone.

To ebay!

Where I discover that there were 1948 and 1949 Pfennig!

Of note, the earlier two coins don't say Bundesrepublik Deutschland.  I don't think the whole East/West Germany thing had solidified yet.

Functional M3 Carbine!

Very cool!

Going Zen


24 April 2022

Stuff You Forget To Check

Having had XM in the car for so long, I'd forgotten about CD players...

The player in The Beast works with both conventional audio CDs and MP3 disks.

8-hour playlist burned and in the slot!

The new radio, which I hope to install on Tuesday, supposedly has on-board storage for CD's, but I have no idea if that's just CD-A format or if it allows MP3 files. 

New radio will also have USB, Bluetooth and 3.5mm aux. input, making the CD and onboard storage somewhat irrelevant.

Though I did frequently play the MP3 discs I'd loaded into the changer on The Precious...  And I used the 3.5mm input to use my phone and iPod too.

Not as often as I'd just used XM, but...

New Contender

Still trying to decide on rims.

These are considerably cheaper than the Enkei's we were looking at before.

29 lb. each, which is heavier than the Enkei, but still lighter than the steelies.

Too Computerized

Had a glitch with The Beast when I did a good deed and donated some old clothes to Goodwill.

Started the car and no radio.

Had the friendly Chevy logo start screen and the HVAC was working correctly, but no music.

Cycling the radio power got me to a blank screen for the radio with all other functions working correctly.

While at Wendy's with Marv I looked up what the problem might be.

Turns out that it's running a variation of Windows 98!

If the voltage is a little wonky it gets stuck in a loop and one or more radio/hvac functions will stop working.

Several people suggested checking the fuse and seeing how crusty it was.

Mine was very crusty.  Removing and reinserting it a few times cleaned up the blades and the radio came back to life.


I hope that actually fixed the issue...

23 April 2022

6.8x51mm GURPS

According to the Douglas Cole equations...

13" barrel XM5:

135gr 6.8 bullet at 2,850 does 7d pi.  Vehicles says that's 500/3,200 for range.

16" barrel XM250:

135gr 6.8 bullet at 3,000 does 7d+2 pi, same 500/3,200 for range.

3e Vehicles is known to have faulty range numbers...  Edit: Mr Cole himself says 700/5,000.

The M250 is the winning part of this tender.

12 lb. for the bare gun plus the optic and suppressor is 15.4 lb.  Add a 100 round belt for 5.3 lb. and you have a very manageable 20.7 lb. package.  26 lb. with 200 rounds.  This is an actual improvement for the grunt having to lug an M249 or M240B!

The M249 is 22.6 for the gun, no optics and 7 lb. for 200 rounds of linked ammo.  29.6 lb.  Add

The M240B is 34.2 lb. for the gun and 6.6 lb. for 100 rounds totalling 40.8 lb.!  Add 2.8 lb. for the Trijicon optic.

I am wondering if the real goal of SIG is to get the 6.8x51mm in the supply chain then offer their MCX in 5.56 that the XM5 is a very close relative of when the back breaking nature of the M5 becomes apparent.

Better XM5 Carbine Numbers

Though the overall impression isn't a lot better.

XM5 Carbine = 8.4 lb.
SIG Suppressor = 1.19 lb.
XM157 Optic ~ 2.2 lb.

Total = 11.79 lb.

Cartridge weight is estimated at 22g (0.049 lb.).
Lanncer 20rd mag = 6.4 oz.

Loaded 20rd mag = 1.37 lb.

Loaded NGSW= 13.16 lb.

It makes one wonder what the basic load will be.

When we were toting M14's the basic load was one in the gun and four in the pouches for 100 rounds.  10.9 lb. gun with 1.6 lb. magazines for 17.3 lb. of gun and ammo.

The M16/M4 loadout is of similar bulk with one in the gun and six in the pouches for 210 rounds (196 if you load 28 per mag like grampa did.).  M4A1 is 10.14 lb. gun with 1.1 lb. magazines for 16.74 lb. of gun, optic, laser and ammo.

I remember them saying the new gun would still be using 210 rounds for the basic load back when the NGSW was the ICSR.

That didn't come out even with 20 round magazines back in 2017 so we're going to say it's 1 in the gun and 9 spare mags for 200.  25.5 lb.!  This is also about twice as bulky as the current loadout.

I think the most we're going to see carried is 6 spare mags for 140 rounds and a "mere" 21.4 lb.

"Just 5.5 lb. more than the soldier carries now!" sounds like a victory, but it's an epic defeat.  The amount that a grunt can lug around without dramatically increasing their chance of injury just walking around is finite.  What 5.5 lb. of gear are we leaving in the rear to accommodate the new wundergewher?



Just as the left cannot understand that free speech is literally letting anyone say anything they want...

They don't understand censorship.

Censorship is the government preventing an author from writing a book.

Censorship is the government forbidding the publishing of a book.

Censorship is the government banning the purchase of a book by anyone.

Censorship is the government ordering the destruction of all copies of a book everywhere.

Censorship is NOT the government refusing to purchase a book.

Censorship is NOT the government placing limits and restrictions on who may read a government owned copy of a book.

Censorship is NOT the government discarding the copies of a book they already own (even if they burn their copies). 

So, let's just check the math books in Florida for censorship.

The books have been written and published.  Florida is discarding the copies it presently owns and refusing to purchase more.  Florida is not even attempting to keep private citizens from buying their own copies to read.  Florida is not ordering private citizens to destroy their own copy.

Nope, not censorship.

This Is How Wars Start?

American Federation of Teachers chief Randi Weingarten, who claimed decisions like DeSantis' [signing the no grooming law] are "how wars start."

Ms Weingarten, how are you going to fight that war?

We have all the guns.

Y'all teachers might wanna consider shutting up and laying low for a few years because the voters started getting pissed at you over what they saw during the lockdowns and you've done nothing to mollify them since.  In fact you're fanning the flames here.

22 April 2022

Lemme 'Splain

Perhaps just sum up.

The race related education bill that just got signed in Tallahassee does NOT forbid the teaching of the ugly, racist parts of American history.

There's a difference between teaching that there was a time when racism against blacks was far more common in America and that bigotry and discrimination was wrong...

...and teaching that because those bigots were white that YOU as a white person are responsible for the acts of those bigots.  Bigotry that occurred before you were born, let alone anything you did.

Teaching that someone is responsible for something because of their race is racist.

Even if that someone is white.

We need to return to the idea that racism is racism regardless of whom is regurgitating it.

Even if the racist is black!

I Have No Idea

Someone said in a podcast I'm only half listening to about Netflix collapsing.

"The problem with television is there's too much of it."

That made me realize that I have absolutely no idea what's on TV any more.

I don't even really remember when I stopped watching.

I get my video entertainment from downloads YouTube and Prime mostly and not anything that's regularly scheduled where I can't pause or rewind.

There could be lots of content that I'd enjoy, I just don't go any place where I'd hear about it any more.

I noticed the same personal trend with science fiction.

After a bad run of books I'd paid for, but didn't enjoy, I started waiting on friend's recommendations... which were few and far between already.

Pretty soon I wasn't reading much.  Especially when I got a couple of authors writing in worlds I enjoyed but stopped telling the story of the characters and started experimenting in new ways to tell the story...

Steven Brust, I am looking at you!

I've got a couple of books that are unread, but purchased because I'm going to finish the series... someday.

And Brust comes up again here.  The clock is ticking, Steve, you going to live long enough to finish the story?  Especially since you've wasted several books on asides that don't advance the plot or complete the narrative.

Brust is doing better than G.R.R Martin here (thankfully I never started reading Game of Thrones) in that he's healthier, younger and does appear to still be writing.

.270 Winchester Kurz +P+

More numbers are starting to appear.

6.8x51mm / .277 Fury gets about the same muzzle velocity from a 16" barrel as .270 Winchester does from a 24" barrel with similar weight bullets.

I don't think that anyone has ever accused .270 Win as being anything but a traditional full-power cartridge.

I think it has a bit less kick than .30-06, but Marv thinks it's about the same.

Let's consider something:

Getting the same weight bullet to the same speed in 2/3 the distance is accelerating the bullet faster.

This is reflected in the 80k psi chamber pressure vs 65k in .270 WCF.

Agnes is 8.4 lb loaded with her scope.  Similar to the XM5 without ammo or optic.

The XM157 optic weighs... nobody fucking says!  Like it's a state secret.

They keep saying it's less than four different discrete units combined, but never actually say how much it weighs.

Less than those four things combined could still be a fair amount.

Let's start adding it up.

A 1-10 power Razor HD Gen III LPVO scope is 21.5 oz.

30mm q/d mount is 8.9 oz.

AN/PEQ-15 is 7.5 oz.

AN/PSQ-23 is 22.4 oz.

The barometer/aneometer can be as low as 5 oz. with batteries.

We have to come in lighter than 65.3 oz.  4.1 lb.

All they are saying is the XM157 is less than 4.1 lb.

It's dissembling.

Aside: It could be "less than" 5 lb. because Vortexx always shows that AN/PSQ-23 mounted on a bracket that mounts it to and above the scope and never just mounting it straight to the RAS like the AN/PEQ-5.

Anyone wanna bet that it's real close to 4 lb. and that's why they aren't saying it directly?  I will concede that getting all four items in one package will be handier and more likely to be used by the soldier.  If we can afford to issue enough of them.

Contract price per optic is around $10,500 including all the sundry extras, spares and support.  The LPVO it appears to be based on is $3,500 retail...  Plus plus plus...

The ammo is 20% lighter than a round of comparable power...  Is that 20% lighter than .270 Winchester or .270 WSM?  I did find that the gravel-belly Army requirements for the round were 6.8mm caliber and lighter than 7.62x51mm.

20% lighter than .270 Win is 0.0432 lb. per shot.  That's definitely lighter than 7.62 NATO, but still heavier than 5.56 NATO's 0.027 lb.

20 shots comes to 1.1 lb. in that PMAG looking magazine.  The exact same weight as 30 rounds of M855A1 in a PMAG...

S.L.A. Marshall is weeping.

Again, the fact that they aren't outright giving the numbers when the requirement is simply "lighter than M80 ball" means it's probably 0.055 lb. per round to M80's 0.056 lb.

So, at the end of the day, we're looking at the XM5, with XM157, loaded, being about 13 lb.  That assumes the 8.2 lb. for the rifle includes the pound of suppressor that's in every photo.

Here's what it will replace:

M4A1 (loaded with RAS) is 8.87 lb.

M68 CCO is 0.8 lb.

AN/PEQ-15 is 0.47 lb.

10.14 lb. but no laser range finder, weather station or suppressor.

11.14 lb. with a suppressor.

Where it starts to hurt is when we start lugging around ammo.

3 magazines (90 rounds) of 5.56 is 3.3 lb.  This is about the same volume as two magazines (40 rounds) of something 6.8x51mm even though those two magazines will be lighter at 2.2 lb.  Less than half the ammo in the same space for just 2/3 the weight!

This shit matters!

What's really aggravating about this entire exercise is that it's not the troops who're asking for a longer ranged, harder hitting rifle.

This is a top-down exercise from a retiring general.  If he shows up as an employee of SIG-Sauer in a few months, I think we know what happened here.

I'm starting to think that more cocaine moves through Germany than Columbia and it's all landing on hooker's asses and going up Pentagon noses.

Someone Is Doing Maths

When you know how much the bullet weighs and how fast it's going, then learn how heavy the rifle is: you can calculate how much recoil is generated!

The new XM5 kicks like a fucking mule.

Over two pounds more recoil force than a Garand.

6.8x51mm is nearly the same dimensions as .276 Pederson.

This is not an intermediate round, it's a full-power (plus!) cartridge.

It's not an assault rifle or carbine; it's a full power battle rifle.

I'm not sure of the wisdom here.

There's reasons that intermediate rounds took the world by storm and battle rifles were largely relegated to the back burner.  Literal reams of studies have been published about the advantages of weapons using such ammo.

I know there's a contingent that doesn't like the conclusions from all those studies, but they've never managed to overcome the plain arguments.

It keeps boiling down to a few points that make intermediate rounds the winner.

More shots for the same weight is better than fewer.

Terminal performance isn't really all that different.

Lighter recoil makes it easier to train the troops. 

Less material is used to make the rounds, making them cheaper, making it more likely that you'll train the troops.

The extended range of the heavier round is largely theoretical.

Lighter ammunition is easier on the logistics train.

21 April 2022

Sport Mode

Tomorrow is Earth Day.

I will celebrate in the traditional way of my people.

Turn on all the lights, crank the AC to full cold with the doors open.

Drive the large V8 in sport mode and low range changing it from a fuel sipping displacement on demand 6-speed to a all-eight-all-the-time 3-speed!

Have a nice big steak cooked on the grill.

Right In Der Fuhrer's Face

Yesterday I failed to celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday.

I would apologize, but as long as the fucker ain't got no grave to violate; there can be no celebration.

I really had to piss too.


If the government mandates you perform a reasonable and rational action in response to an event with the threat of criminal charges if you don't...

It makes me doubt that action is reasonable and rational.

The gun grabbers commonly add a requirement to report lost or stolen firearms to the the police to their anti-gun shit with criminal penalties ranging from fines to jail-time for failing to do so.

The one firearm we've had stolen got reported moments after we realized it was gone.  That seemed reasonable.  Rational.

What am I missing that they think that the government needs to threaten me with charges if I don't report I'd been robbed?


I was trying to be reasonable and rational again.

I think the real motive is to try and catch gun owners lying about where their gun is when a trace finds they were the last name on the document chain.  Especially in places with registration.

The part that really bothers me is they often give a timeframe that's measured from the time of theft and ignores the possibility that the owner could be unaware it was missing.

Case in point is Willard's 625 that's been here for a long time with neither of us realizing it.  He became aware that it had not come home from our range trip when I discovered it in my garage.  It'd obviously gotten set down in a shuffle from the car to the house and I'd probably said I wanted to take a picture or something.  And we'd both forgotten it was there.

Does that make it lost, stolen or missing?

It can't be too lost or missing now.  We know where it is.

Stolen?  When I told him I'd found it, he said to add it to the got-to-get-to-the-damn-range-45-comparo-pile.  That sounds more like loaned.

Nobody here is a felon so, at worst, this is an accidental transfer.  Nothing illegal about that because we're all squeaky clean and law abiding.

But under these laws Willard would have been liable for that revolver ending up at a crime scene for failing to report it was missing, even though he was unaware it'd wandered off.

A Midwestern Thing

I ended up on YouTube clicking whatever seemed interesting and got to a series of words you're probably saying wrong in English.


I admit I've been saying it wrong my entire life.

It's supposed to be pronounced just like it's spelled.

Sure Bet.

I'm part of a plurality that adds a second 'r' to get Sure Burt.

I think this is a midwestern dialect thing because we often add an 'r' to wash; making it "warsh" or "worsh".

Holster Pics

Here's the .44 model 1851 and the holster in question:

The flap has two holes in it because it was made for both the 7" barreled Colt model of 1873 and S&W Schofield model of 1875.

A model of 1851 and 1860 will both fit fine where the "cavalry" model P does.

This is the same model of holster I cut up here and made a new flap for here, and here.

20 April 2022


SIG appears to have won the contract to replace the M4 carbine and M249 SAW.

The XM5 and XM250 are chambered in 6.8x51mm aka .277 Fury.

135gr at 3,000 fps means we've abandoned intermediate power cartridges and returned to full power rounds.

The 80k psi chamber pressure is like +P+ stuff!  To the point that it requires unconventional case construction.

It's going to have a lower muzzle velocity from the 13" M5's barrel.  Edit: 2,850 fps.

Without optics, with an empty 20-round mag... 8.4 lb.  That might be with the suppressor attached... details are scanty.

The XM250 is a lot lighter than the M249.

I expect 6.8x51mm is a lot heavier than 5.56x45mm NATO, but nobody seems to be publishing the exact weight per cartridge; they're just saying it's "20% lighter than a round of equivalent power."

I'm thinking that it's about the same weight as a 7.62x51mm NATO round when they toss in all the caveats they are about the mass.

Sounds Of Silence

This is a nice summation of how frequency deafness behaves.

I have other fun things going on with my hearing.  Tinnitus and misophonia make it extra fun.

"It's quiet.  Too quiet." is something that I encounter.

Often times the goal is to hit that "noise soup" point so the discrete sounds that are triggering the misophonia are lost in the cacophony.

It's why I can often handle eating in a restaurant with friends and being utterly unable to stand the experience of their mastication at home.  It's especially bad when I'm not eating at the same time.

I've tried to explain it, over and over, but nobody seems to listen.

That leads me to think that they're doing it on purpose, just to torment me.

Or they just don't care.

Even more fun is realizing that it can make me hard to be around because the people who are making an effort to not set off the problem have to MAKE that extra effort with me and nobody else they know.

I tend to withdraw.

Somewhere along the line, some connection in my little pea-brain got fried and I started getting anxiety attacks.  It took forever to identify them.

I already trended down the introvert spectrum before I caught aversion to settings where I would be subject to eating noises and now I also get anxiety when I anticipate facing those noises in settings where I know there will be no covering white or pink noise.

If you really want to see me freak out: Remove my ability to escape by controlling the transportation THEN ignore my desperate pleas to leave.  Triple word score if you order lunch and eat it in front of me while I'm in the "must remove myself" panic attack.

Oh Yeah

Why do I have a replica Colt 1851 in .44 here?

Because Willard wondered if the holster we'd originally ordered for the Colt New Service would work with it.

It did.

I'm still confused as to why the gun came here instead of the holster going there.

I appreciate the chance to play with it, though.

Marv disagrees, but I prefer the looks of the later 1860 and its blended barrel to the slab sided 1851.

And looking is pretty much all I'd ever do.  Black powder's popularity and accessibility appears to have waned dramatically compared to even just a few years ago.

Finished Refinish

The Lovely Harvey has completed her refinishing project of her dresser!  Her very first furniture refinishing project.  It was definitely a learn as you go kind of deal for her and she made mistakes that taught her what not to do next time.

How it started:

 After stripping:

After sanding:

The veneer is genuine wood veneer too.

All done!  Stained with "gunstock" by Winwax and given a good soak of linseed oil.

The dresser left Basset painted white as a "French Provincial" style.  We found several flaws in the wood that we think explain why it's got a wood veneer and was then painted.

Our theory goes that they made them to be stained or just oiled, but if the wood's appearance had flaws or if there was some sort of damage incurred during production, they filled and painted over the wood.

My dresser is likely the next victim for refinishing.