06 December 2022

The Difference

I remember getting fed up with a friend, Anglave, over his amazing ability to know nothing about a topic we were discussing, yet have all of the standard talking points at his fingertips.

Seeing how all I had was my own lying eyes against the power of Google and the mass media, I could never prove to his satisfaction that Google and the mass media were lying.

Now we have Elon Musk poking around under the hood of Twitter and we're finding that, yes, the places that I found to be biased and telling lies were biased and telling lies.

Well, Anglave, care to apologize?

Get ahead of the revelations that might be coming?

Like The Tea Party wasn't racist?

Like Global Warming Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Climate Change being a gigantic scam?

Like how the press buried dozens of stories about Obama and his terrorist buddy and racist friends?

Come, man up, admit you were misled and drove your friend away.


  1. Sadly, for liberals the belief that everything is tinfoil hat conspiracy theories except their "trusted sources" is just taken as faith, and even when those sources are caught red handed lying, they usually just double down, put their fingers in their ears and say "Nahnanana".

    And a lot is projection -- the thing they are most guilty of is what they want to believe that the other side is.

  2. you can show a libtard all the proof and truth in the world and they will look at you and call you names before they ever admit they were lied to by their talking heads...it's the way they are wired...all of them ain't right in the head...panzer guy...

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