07 December 2022

This Could Be Your Problem

I wrote on this nine years ago.

I suspect that many people don't care for the M16A2 grip because they've never actually gotten one.

On the left is an "A2" from CMMG.  On the right is one from Colt.

I don't like the 80% sized grips either.

Happily, Brownell's carries the Colt and the Damage Ind. grips are the Colt size.

Cavalry Mfg is the smaller size if I recall correctly and I only tolerate it on Linda for the color.


  1. Apparently I am far less picky about grips than a lot of people. But I've been accused of having "meat hooks" for hands, so maybe that is part of it.

  2. my Colt le6920 came with a Magpul grip...panzer guy


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