05 December 2022

Speaking Of Racism And Genocide

I'm a true believer that an armed society is a free society.

A place where an oppressor need worry about being killed for oppressing.

With that in mind I've taught lots of potential victims how to shoot and even given a few their first gun.

Black people.  Women people.  LGBTQ people.

Because the people part matters, not the preceding part that's simply a description of the person.

Because if Jim Crow had not systematically disarmed black people, there'd have been many fewer lynchings and fewer racist lynchers too.

Because if women were encouraged to own a gun and carry, there'd have been many fewer rapes.

Because armed fags don't get bashed!

Genocide has recently been added to the anti-gun repertoire.


The American-Indian, of course.

Completely wiped out, they was.

Wait a second...  Checks sources...  There are more Indians in America today than when the shooting finally stopped a hundred plus years ago.

Worst.  Genocide.  Evah.

What happened happened because a racist, militant, violent and expansive people got shoved up against... white people.

Did you know that the three worst "massacres" were caused by the hatred the Crow had for the Sioux and the deliberate misidentification of a peaceful Sioux leader as a hostile one?  I put massacres in quotes because the massacre barely qualifies as a decimation most of the time.

It seems to me that if you take 80% of the victims of an attack prisoner you've failed in your massacre.

And the numbers are small.  They make it seem like thousands were killed in the massacre when it was 10-20 killed in an encampment of 100-200.

It's nearly universally ignored that the noble savages were eagerly at war with each other and perfectly fine with wiping another tribe completely off the face of the earth.

What caused them to be subjugated was that they didn't understand what war meant to this new tribe to the East.

It never gets mentioned that the US spent the better part of a century trying to come to a lasting peace with the Indians.

Everything was tried, and failed until they went Curtis LeMay on them, "I'll tell you what war is about, you've got to kill people, and when you've killed enough they stop fighting."

The fact was the Indians didn't want peace.  They wanted more land.  They wanted the neighbors dead so they could take their land.  Well, maybe not all dead, they wanted slaves too.

Did we mention how sexist the American Indian was?  Chattel wife doesn't begin to cover it.

My how noble.  In a feudal way.


It needs be noted that most any Indian who gives up on the reservation, gets a job and acts like any other American is just a successful as the self-same any other American with the same skills and work ethic.  Some more than others, as with everyone.  But very few who've left the reservations are worse off than before.


It's often forgotten that just shy of half of the Indians in America didn't take the Dawes deal and decided to become normal Americans.  They live among you to this day (Hell, I married one!).


  1. To this day, the "Native Americans" have special priviliges, vis-a-vis Uncle Sam. I've said bitterly that if I had been a registered member of a tribe, any tribe, I wouldn't have spent so long under- or unemployed.

  2. first lesson of studying history: people have always been people. -JKing

  3. The liberals always want to gloss over the ugly truths of history in ways that they can bend things to fit their politics. One of the things that has to be remembered about Stalinistas. They can't raise everyone up, so they have to pull everyone down. That's how they can force equality of outcome because they can't make equality of opportunity work if everyone doesn't work it the same.

  4. I know a good number of left-leaning folks and it turns out a lot of them have guns, but they are very .. VERY quiet about it. They'll loudly call for assault weapons bans, but at home they have Glocks and AR rifles. Odd..-JKing


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