08 December 2022

They Know What Evil Is

I think it's interesting that Hollywood portrays things in movies as evil, but stands behind politicians who want to do those things in real life.

It's like they know what evil is, they just don't understand it.

The show that made me realize this was Star Wars: The Bad Batch when everyone's freedom of movement is curtailed by the necessity of having a "chain-code" or universal ID (which apparently includes DNA stuff).

No ID, no travel and that code has been shown to be detectable at considerable distances.

Conversely, they know what good is, and don't understand it when they show the hero toting a gun around which you or I would not readily be able to obtain because of the administrative burdens, let alone the price tag.

Not to mention how often they depict the hero stealing that gun from a government armory, underscoring that the good guy can't get a gun needed to take down bad-guys otherwise.

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