04 December 2022

Yes That's A Swastika


That's also a Hawker Hurricane sold to Finland by Great Britain while engaged in a war with National Socialist Germany.

Finland's roundel was a blue swastika in a white field since their first plane took to the skies.

In 1918.

At the end of WW2 they changed the roundel on the planes to concentric blue and white rings, but the Air Force badges and crests kept the swastika until very recently.

They almost literally said that they were sick of explaining that it predated the National Socialist Worker's Party of Germany and never had an association with Fascism in Finland.

It's an outstanding example of one side getting to define the meaning of a symbol without bothering to ask the user of that symbol what they mean by it.

The Confederate Battle Flag is such a symbol too.

We've made the decision that what matters is how something is taken rather than how it was meant.

That simply won't work for very long, because if you cannot mean what you say, you cannot say what you mean.

But that's the intent.

It's to have a means to punish the "wrong" people regardless of what they meant to do or say by applying meaning to what they say or do after the fact as if it was their intention from the beginning.

And that brings us to Ye and his current ban on Twitter.

Is combining the Star of David and a swastika an incite to violence?  Mr Musk appears to think so.

Is it just inflammatory speech?  I tend to think so.

I've found, in the long run, letting racists spew their idiocy wins more opposition to them than suppressing them.  They're idiots, so we've nothing to fear from their idiotic words.

I'd have let Ye keep digging his hole and self-marginalizing until he disappeared from public view forever.


  1. Yeah, the Nazis screwed everyone up over the whole symbol thingy. Few remember that the US Army's 45th Division's device used a yellow swastika on a red field. Until they changed to the yellow thunderbird on a red field.

  2. "10-4!!!!!" Ain't that da' Truth!!!" 'Ain't nothin' "NEW!!!".... somebody today "Borrowed" it from "Yesterday!!!!" skybill

  3. I'd be ignoring Ye as well right now, except for one thing. "They" froze his bank accounts for going off script.

    That used to be reserved for people funneling money to terrorists. Ye has a legit reason to be paranoid.

  4. In one of the out-takes from Monty Python's Life of Brian, the leader of the Judaean Suicide Squad, Otto, wears a Star of David with things sticking out of it like a swastika, and looks very like Hitler. I've got the huge paper back book here with a very good picture of him and his emblem.


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