31 January 2016

Test To Destruction

Can an AR15Mold resin lower receiver survive being run over by a 1991 Mazda B2200 at 30 mph?


Facebook Makes Me Stupid

So we'll nuke that shit.

Blogger probably makes me stupid too.


As a matter of fact, it even SAYS "Ignorant and Stupid" over there to the my right / your left!

We Must Oppose Bubba!

Not encourage Bubba!

Why?  What Erin did to her Mosin was interesting!

Because I am sick of seeing Bubba rape kiv/27's.  I am sick of seeing Remington and NEW receivers drilled and tapped.  I am sick of seeing US marked M1915 stocks shortened and cut for Timney triggers.

I am sick of Bubba buying a Mosin from someone who doesn't know what they have and "it's just a Mosin".

Erin's is a bog standard Izhevsk 91/30 (high wall round).  The most common maker in the most common pattern.  We're not mad at Erin.

But did she know she was modifying the most common form of Mosin-Nagant when she started?

Most of time Bubba don't know enough to even check.

Willard bought a nice Long Branch No4 Mk1* yesterday and near it on the rack was something that used to be a No4...  Not any more!

Bubba, again.

It's especially galling that in addition to being a design that doesn't lend itself to sporterizing, Enfields are in a caliber that's not particularly common here in the US.

Krags gave Bubba the idea that you could get a cheap sporting rifle from a really cheap surplus rifle.

Mausers gave Bubba the impression that milsurp was a natural route to a good sporting rifle.  A Mauser is a great place to start, really.  In a lot of ways, Remingtons and Winchesters are Mausers.  But the sporter conversion of a milsurp Mauser was a special case.  They're just about the only old mil gun made in the 20th century that readily lends itself to being so converted and having half a chance of being as good as a new-made gun.

But the days of it being cheaper to convert an old Mauser than buy a new-made gun are LONG gone.

The modifications advocated by War Gun Mods, when added up ($678 including the original gun), are more expensive than one of Savage's package deals (Model 10/110 XP Trophy hunter with accutrigger in .308; $620).  Spending the money in small chunks over a longer period of time is a false economy even if it added up to a rifle as good as the Savage... but in the end you spend more and have less.

Far too often, Bubba makes changes he can't reverse.  Regret comes 20 years later when the supply of old guns dries up and the crufflers start fighting over what's left.  The Mosin that's $240 on Gunbroker now was $150 last year.  It was $70 five years before that.

Already modded guns are listed on Gunbroker for less than $500, and there's no bidders.  In Econ 101, we call that a market indicator.

30 January 2016

What Willard Did Today

It's a Husqvarna m/07 rebarrelled from the rare-as-hens-teeth 9mm Browning Long to the far more available .380 ACP (as many were).

If Fabrique National made it, it would be called a Browning model 1903.  Not to be confused with a Colt model 1903... Either Colt 1903 hammer or hammerless.  But it does look a lot like the Pocket Hammerless.

Although this is a Colt 1908...

Very similar in many respects.

It has a barrel bushing like the 1st model Colt pocket hammerless.  There are two slide stops.  One is actuated by an empty magazine, the other by the safety.  The safety actuated one puts the slide in the take-down position so you can rotate the barrel for field stripping.

We go shooting Monday... range report to follow.


To visit the Holocaust Museum in St Petersburg, FL you must disarm and pass through a metal detector.

To visit a museum dedicated to remembering an atrocity that was enabled by the disarmament of its victims, you have to likewise be disarmed.

If you wrote that as fiction nobody would buy it.

Safety Gun

Even with a mismatched pair of mold halves and a former broken off inside the bolt-catch detent pocket...

You can mock up what it will become someday.

In this state with no trigger or safety...

The magazine well is correctly formed USGI magazines are drop free.

The action cycles correctly and dry feeds ammo.

Some lessons learned.

You cannot use a rifle stock on this lower.  They've extended the receiver extension boss to the rear about 3/16" to make it stronger, and that keeps a rifle extension from threading in far enough to capture the buffer retainer.

Don't try to pull the bolt-catch detent pocket former out with pliers directly.  Clear the hole and use the pliers on a paper-clip like the instructional video showed you.

The take-down pins are TIGHT, remember to bring tools to where you're taking it apart.

We played with making different colors.  We can make a reasonable match for the purple stock and have a good recipe for Zombie Green.

This lower will be destroyed.  They accidentally sent Marv a pre-production mold half and that made a step in the trigger guard.

There is also a learning process in getting the thing out of the mold, Marv broke part of the trigger guard prying on it and broke off the aforementioned former.

AR15Mold is stand up about this though!  Because of the mismatched halves, they are shipping him a new mold set and enough resin for five more pours, in addition to the ten he'd ordered originally.

29 January 2016


One of the things I tear myself up over with my lack of friends is...

Stopping being friends when the friendship has turned unhealthy.

I can do it.  It sucks, it makes me reluctant to attempt to make new friends.

You'd think that once I'd ripped off the band-aid there'd be a feeling of relief... right?

Well... Once I stop initiating contact with a lot of these former friends, contact ceases.  They never even try to get hold of me once I stop getting hold of them.

That's as painful as the realization that the friendship was toxic for some reason.

Not that I wanted to be friends anymore, but they didn't even try to keep me around.

It makes you evaluate yourself rather lowly it does.

Thag Smert!

I FINALLY found the magic combination to get my Win7 Laptop to see and exchange files with my OSX 10.6.8 Desktop.  AND! How to get my OSX 10.6.8 Desktop to see and exchange files with my Win7 Laptop.

It's fiddly BS.

Before all I could reliably do was have the laptop see the desktop, but this created all kinds of ownership issues with files that I moved from the laptop.

Also this evening The Lovely Harvey upgraded her Mid2007 MacBook Pro from 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) to 10.11.3 (El Capitan).

I might follow her soon, but I have to be able to justify losing a program or two that I don't want to lose, or buying them again.

Hard To Top

As campy as the two films are...

The Three Musketeers and The Four Musketeers are still well worth your time.

If for no other reason Christopher Lee as Rochefort and Oliver Reed as Athos.

He's two lines at the end of The Four Musketeers that he sells:

"Make one move to save her, D'Artagnan and we will cross swords; and this time, I swear I will kill you."


"No, for the Comte de la Fère it is too little; for Athos, too much."

Actually, I think I prefer the second film over the first.

28 January 2016

Hot Rod Power Tour 2016

"How much?" I innocently asked when the pre-registration email arrived...

For multi-day it's $105.70.  That's the long-hauler pass too.

To find that price you have to complete the entire registration form, including CELL phone number, birthdate, license plates, and insurance information.

 I'm not a long-hauler this year.  The nearly $900 in hotel rooms is the main reason.

I might go from Gonzales, LA to Austin, TX because I can crash on a couch in Austin!

Awwwww Darnit

Vz58 mud test did not go the way I'd hoped.

I suspect that we're not going to see many designs survive this method of testing.

Anti Competitive

Insurance, by its very nature, breeds an anti-competitive environment.

The "customer" pays a flat rate and the insurance pays the claims.  Because the "customer" doesn't see a price change if the claim is small or large, they don't seek the best price from the vendors.

I noticed it years ago for cars.

I wanted some rust repaired.

In the first place it took a long time to find a shop that would do rust repair at all.  When I asked why, I was told there was no money in it.  Accident repairs, however, were profitable.


Because insurance pays for accidents, not the owner of the car.

You'd think that an insurance company wouldn't pay more than a car owner to fix a dent, but most people don't have accidents.  But nearly everyone pays an insurance premium.

For example, I've been paying $300 a month (give or take) to insure my cars for the past 16 years.  That's $57,600.  I've made exactly three claims, against my insurance, in those 16 years.  Two windshields and one Harvey at fault collision.  They've paid out a mere $11,300 over those 16 years on me.  If I'd had the money in my pocket instead of paying insurance, I'd have $46,300 left over.

Even more fun is my coverage actually gets smaller every year because they devalue the price of the cars every year.  Isn't it interesting that it's $125 a month to put full coverage insurance on a Corvette when it's worth $57,000 and also $125 a month to insure it when it's worth $24,000?

So I am out $46,300 that I will never see again, unless I make a claim.

So when the chance to make a claim, say to fix a dent, I'm on that like a rat on a Cheeto.  And I don't actively pursue situations where my car is more likely to be damaged chasing that claim.  I've seen some who do (out of both malice and carelessness).

This creates a situation where the customer will authorize anything from a shop to fix their car, and no incentive at all for the shop to keep prices low.

Now, replace cars with health...

Y +30

Hard to process that it's been 30 years since Challenger.

I was in the Ames High cafeteria breakfast line buying a cherry turn-over when they made the announcement.

My first thought was to make a bad joke.

27 January 2016


I think we're going to cheat and go with M style baffles instead of the more ornate punched kind.

Human Engineering Labs had access to more tooling than I do and was making several hundred units.

I'm making one and an M baffle is much easier to make on a lathe.

The 2.9530" is how much length it adds overall to an M16A1.  The rear of it basically butts against the front sight base with the 4.6860" area overlapping the barrel.

¿Los molinos de viento?

¡No, no quiero hablar de molinos de viento más!

HELish Update

Got my "welcome to the system" email from BATFE for my eFiled Form 1.

I am now on another "list"!

26 January 2016


I read this, and I wonder if this is why I cannot speak to several former, and younger, friends.

They were raised not knowing the transition from one form to the other.  The latter stage is all they've known and don't believe that it was ever any different.

Depending on how it's counted, I am either a late Boomer or an early X'er.

Because of the proximity to ISU, I can't help but think several of them are early Millenials rather than late X'er just because of how ahead of the trend the Iowa schools were.

Go Fish

Abe Vigoda finally died.

For reals this time!

Going At It

Mark La Rue and Bill Geissele are going at it in a friendly way over on Arfcom over triggers.

Of course this means the fans have to weigh in.

My favorite "why Geissele is better" has to be the guy who asked, "What is the NSN for the Larue auto trigger group that drops into an M-4?  Geissele's is 1005-01-618-8104."

My reply there:

An NSN is not a surefire means of determining if something is of good quality or not.

Every piece of crap I was ever issued had an NSN.

Every excellent piece of gear I was ever issued had an NSN.

Lots of useful stuff I used I bought off the shelf and it was better than issue. Chose between Charmin and 8540-00-530-3770.

It just means that it's in the NATO Stock Number system.

If it denoted quality then 5120-01-518-6126 would be the best shovel ever made. But it's not.

Now we're debating how a $350 full-auto trigger pack is superior to a $199 semi-auto one because the Geissele one has been tested by Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane.  Apples are round, oranges are round: same thing, let's make a pie!

This is the exact same argument as "is Milspec, is better".  Milspec isn't better, Milspec is defined!

A good example might be chrome lining a barrel.  It's Milspec.  Most of the time, though, chrome lining hurts accuracy; is it still better than bare steel (which has a superseded Milspec)?  It's specified for its durability, not to enhance accuracy though.  Nitrided barrels appear to have both the accuracy of steel and durability of chrome lining, are they inferior or superior to bare steel or chrome lining?

Is it the properties of the part that makes it superior or the assignment of an NSN or Milspec?

25 January 2016


NASA is one of the most optimistic organizations I've ever seen.

They've plans and contingencies for all manner of disasters.

None of them very likely.

The most likely failure modes are pretty darn total in destruction.

It's interesting that science fiction authors had been saying for years that space has two modes.  You're OK and you're dead.

Amended after Apollo 13 to be, you've either got lots of time to figure it out and fix it, or you don't get hardly any warning before you're killed.

Future Alternate History

I remember when Twilight 2000 was a plausible future and 15 years away.

I remember when Car Wars was a less plausible future and 30 years away.

Both are alternate histories now.


Even Traveller, which you'd think being nearly 5,000 years in the future and therefore safe, is in danger of becoming an odd alternate history.  We don't, yet, have the "major powers" of France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, The UK and The US clamoring to empower the UN to assume a real role as binding world government.

If there's a Treaty of New York in 2024, though, start looking for Vilani around Barnard's Star.

Small Fucking World

Over on Facebook I mentioned a petty gaming revenge on two of the dominating players in a particular world.  Edit to add: The revenge was in game only, we were all good enough friends outside of play that we didn't go after each other in real life.

I have not been keeping up to date as I moved on with my life.

Mike Stumbo apparently died in a car accident all the way back in 2004.

His son made the news last year though, Iowans Arrested for Threatening Pokemon World Championships

Opinion story here.

Last I saw of James was when he was like 7 or 8 when he was running around the ISU Memorial Union with his brother while mommy and daddy ignored them to play in Standing Bear's world.

Strange to see a name you recognize in such a story when you're a law abiding type.

24 January 2016

I Love America

Looking up prices for the venerable .45 Colt.

They make self-defense ammo in .45 Colt!

Because your Peacemaker is a viable carry gun, even today, I guess.

Another Problem

I know I am supposed to condemn Andie MacDowell for daring to complain about being downgraded from 1st Class to Coach...

But I cannot.

She paid for a 1st Class seat and that's the seat American Airlines should have seated her in, or offered a huge refund.

It's Econ 101, if you sell something you have to deliver what was sold.  You owe at least what was agreed at a minimum.

Considering that I've witnessed  125% capacity for the aircraft standing in the terminal with tickets in hand... someone obviously isn't hold up their end of the agreement.

It's an example of what's wrong with businesses at many levels.

Airlines should be dirt simple in concept.

Assign planes to a route.  Schedule their departures.  Sell tickets.  Fly the plane.


If the plane has 100 seats, you can sell 100 tickets.

If you only sell two tickets for that flight, you fly anyway with 98 empty seats.

Can't afford that?  Cancel the route, not the flight.  But you honor the tickets sold.

How we ended up where we are is when 100 tickets are sold, but only 90 people show up at the gate.  The airline realized they could sell those 10 seats to people who wanted to take the flight and didn't already have a ticket.  I don't have a problem with this.

The problem is they got greedy and started doing calculations that predicted the number of people who wouldn't show for flights and then routinely overbooking the flight(s).  This works until your model meets reality and everyone who bought a ticket shows up.  Now what?

With 125 ticket holders and 100 seats...

Rather than have a contingency airplane available, they simply rewrote the contracts to read they weren't actually obligated to take you anywhere and were transporting your paying ass out of the kindness of their hearts, aren'tyouluckyweare?

So they can sell you something they're under no obligation to deliver to you and since you signed the contract you can't even do much more than sullenly complain about it on Twitter.

Is it any wonder that airlines are in cyclical bankruptcy?

Higher Power

Did you know that you can get a 15 round magazine for a Browning Hi-Power?

It doesn't even stick out farther than the more normal 13 rounder.

Made by the same people who make the magazines that come with current production HP's no less.

Clicky Me

23 January 2016

Kiss Of Death

The Des Moines Register endorses Marco Rubio?

Time to primary my junior Senator and be rid of him once and for all.

His position on the illegal alien amnesty was bad enough.

His abdicating his position to run for president was extremely aggravating, and I feel that alone deserves a primary challenge.

The Coon River Cage-Liner endorsement?  Confirmation that he's not even a RINO, but a real live Democrat.


One gun I deeply regret selling was a DWM Brazilian Model 1908 Mauser.

THIS DWM Brazilian Model 1908 Mauser.

I've been regretting selling it almost literally since the money hit my palm.  I was so excited to find it on Gunbroker!

I traded horses, I called in favors, I made deals.  I scrounged up the funds to bid the starting bid of $600.  And not one penny more.

The winning bid was $605 and made in the last five minutes.

I am taking this as a sign that I've loved it, let it go and it's not coming back; so it was not meant to be.

To the winning bidder, treat her right and don't ever sell her.  You will regret it.  (PS, I'm the one who buggered the screw on the front of the magazine well.  Sorry.)

On the plus side I'm not out anything and all of my trades, favors and deals were contingent on winning the auction. 


That New England Westinghouse M-1917 Mosin that was for sale last May?

Sold for the full asking price.  $1,899.

Proof that you never know where prices are going to end up, because this was prolly a "hey do you want this gun?" free from someone who worked at the Florida Capital Building way back when they found several crates in a basement closet.

I Wish I Was A Sackett

Cost a Gremlin, but got the girl.

Maybe I Overestimated

Iowa has a pistol purchase permit requirement to buy a handgun.

My father-in-law decided he wanted a revolver and four days later he had one legally.

He doesn't internet.

But it took him a whole day to find out where to apply for his permit, go there, and get it.

Then once the built in delay expired, he got his gun.

I've another acquaintance who can't seem to figure out how to get this permit to save his life despite being computer literate and possessing all the digital assistance you can think of.

There's three uncharitable possibilities.

One, he's a fucking liar about wanting a handgun and has been leading me on about obtaining one.

Two, he's fucking stupid and cannot comprehend "look up the sheriff's office's address.  Go there."

Three, he's fucking lazy and it's just too damn far to drive DRIVE the half hour total to get there.

I'm betting it's actually a combination of one and two.

I'm just cheesed at being asked to help him with the process and wasting time on it.

22 January 2016

Conspiracy Theory

What if the reason that Mrs Clinton put all that classified stuff on her unsecure server was to allow it to be read by certain parties as yet unnamed?

And what if the true reason the investigation has not yet let to an arrest is these unnamed parties are so entwined with both American political parties that they can essentially demand that the investigation not lead to an arrest that would surely reveal them.

How many entities could this be?

Oh Wait, You're Serious


Let me laugh harder then!

OK, let's say that Angela decides that these are her best constituents and passes Der Prohibitionen.

Germans without beer?

Let's just say that the American response to prohibition was haphazard and whimsical compared to what the German response could be once it really sinks in that there will be no more beer.

It's tasteless and callous "joke" from back in the late '80's when I was stationed in Germany:

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen einem Türken und einem Juden?

Die Juden haben es hinter ihnen.

Think hard on that.  Germans were willing to tell that joke to Americans when there was only a little disruption from the Turkish population taking up jobs.

I've often said that Western Civ operates under punctuated equilibrium.  It sits and does nothing and tolerates the intolerable far longer than any other Civilization would.  When it stops tolerating it, and reacts; it also pushes much further past the balance point before it stops.

It's also a Civilization where once it decides that it's an existential struggle to embrace solutions that assure there's no need to ever struggle with the opposing civilization again.

The "leaders" and governments of Western Civilization are losing the consent of the governed as they continually ignore their native cultures in favor of offensive and invasive immigrants.

This is how you get jackboots.  This is how you get concentration camps.

This is how you get people to be proud of getting both.

"You're goddamned right we committed genocide, and I hope they rot in Hell!" might just be shouted at anyone who dares judge the response who was too young to have lived it.  But rest assured that there won't be any Moslems to complain once it's done.

Why?  Because rule one in book one in the book of civilizational conflict is, "Don't fuck with Western Civ, it will eat you."

Do You Want Quotas Because This Is How We Get Quotas

It's interesting to watch the Dancing Monkeys eat each other over the lack of racial diversity in the Academy Awards.

I don't know if Spike Lee and the Smiths realize what they are saying.

They are saying that regardless of the quality of the performance, there'd better be a black person nominated.

To be fair, that means that 13.2% of nominations have to be black people.  Once that goalpost is met, soon 13.2% of winners will have to be black.

Bet me.

Then we're going to have to have 17.1% be some kind of Latino.

Then Asians.

Then Native Americans.

Then... who?

Well, let's talk about how sexist The Oscars are!

Best Actor?  Best Actress?

Haven't we been hammering how women can do anything a man can do?

Why no special awards for homosexuals?

Why no Best Gentile Actor?

Why no Best Fat, Bald, Gun-Owning, Stay-At-Home-Dad, Blogger From Florida?

I mean if we're going to be FAIR, don't _I_ deserve an Oscar?

What did I appear in?

What, you didn't see it?

Silly Little Game

Because of a tendency to make ourselves as characters, I also tend to generate GURPS stats of every gun I own.

And every gun my friends own.

I've also a list of guns I used to own.

I just noticed that there's a lot of .45 ACP 1911's and Glock 17's.

I presently own a .45 ACP 1911 and a Glock 17.

I would have saved a lot of money just keeping the first one of each!

21 January 2016

Because I Don't Get Out Much

I just found out that Samco Global filed for bankruptcy and is out of business.

That feels so strange.

Haven't they been selling surplus firearms since Leonidas was a sprout?


Hey look, they got caught cooking the books again.

When you catch people committing the same fraud to advance the same agenda over and over, and you keep believing them.

There's a term for what you are.

A fucking moron.

Wait Whut?!?

No, really, WHAT?!?

I'd heard it rumored, but never knew if it was real or not.

Barrel Length

I just made a lot of work for myself I didn't need to do.

The only canon and unmodified gun in GURPS 4e in 7x57mm Mauser is the Mondragón M-1908.

6d+2 pi with 900/3,600.  Out of a 22.7" barrel.

The more common South American and Spanish Mausers have much longer barrels.  29.14" for the Brazilian M-1908 for example.

That bumps up the damage and range to 6d+3 pi (or 7d-1 pi if you prefer) and 1,100/4,600.

What got me wondering is the historical observation that the Boer outranged the Brits.  Given stats for the Lee-Metford being 5d+2 pi, 800/3,300 and the SMLE being 6d+2 pi, 800/3,300; it seemed that GURPS disagreed with the outranging.

Noticing the barrel length discrepancy let me fix this.

But it also means going back through my consolidated list document and changing the range and damage on every gun with a longer barrel...  Darn it.

A Grand?

CMP's starting price on the M1911A1's is going to be $1,000?

That's the bottom end guns.  The beaters.

For now, that $1,000 can buy a pretty nice surplus M1911A1 so I don't know what they're thinking.

I'm pretty sure that they're going to sell out quick at that price anyway, and it's going to jack up the price of every surplus M1911A1, because if a CMP beater is worth a grand, then their really nice one must be worth at least double that.

Really odd that increasing the supply will increase the price...

You Know You're A Plane Geek When

...you watch a whole series of videos showing flap extension and retraction sequencing.  Almost as much fun as watching landing gear tests!

20 January 2016

Fingers Crossed

I dare not name my hope lest it not happen.

Please wish me luck!

Make Up Your Minds Economists

Either high energy prices are bad, therefore low energy prices are good.


Low energy prices are bad, therefore high energy prices are good.

Pick one, stick with it.

But if the price of energy is an indicator of something else, talk about the something else and use energy prices as your proof of it.

Same thing goes for inflation.  You've been saying that inflation, deflation and stagnation are all equally bad indicators for such a long time I've moved those terms meaning into "noise economists make to sound like they know something when they don't have a clue."

The value of my dollar changing being good or bad is situational.  I like inflation when I consider money I owe.  Every time the dollar inflates, what I owe on my mortgage and student loans gets smaller.  I dislike inflation when it comes time to buy essentials with no elasticity in demand, then I have to spend more money to get the same thing.  I'd be thrilled if the value of my dollar stayed put, because then I could be confident of making long term strategies.

Once Again

If you make seeking treatment for a psychological problem a disqualification for buying or owning a gun; people who own guns are going to avoid seeking treatment.

Which is worse?  Someone who is perfectly safe while being treated or someone who isn't safe without treatment?

Many psych problems are transient and most are manageable.  Few are actually dangerous.

This is why the cut off was supposed to be court ordered, which is what adjudicated means; a formal judgment.  Due process.

Remember due process?  There's a document that mentions that...  The Bill of something something...

Quote Of The Day

"Yeah, I know, but this time is different.  This time I care if the relationship is going to work out or not!"

The Bat on her current relationship forgetting that I'm one of her ex's...

We can laugh about it now.

18 January 2016

Ghost Gun

The signal cannot even be distorted, let alone stopped!

Check this out!

You don't even need electricity to make your lower.

Thank God For The War On Guns

I'd observed, long ago, as my childhood as a liberal began to mature into an adult as a conservative that one of the absolute best ways to get more of something was for the US Government to declare a "war on" it.

War on Poverty.  Fifty plus years.  Still have poverty.  Record numbers of people living on welfare.

War on Drugs.  Forty plus years.  Drugs are still easy to get and Prohibition 2.0 has spawned a form of violent criminal that would make Al Capone blanch.

War on Guns.  A mere twentyish years, but look at how well we've done because of it!  When I started on guns, you were odd if you wanted an AR rather than a bolt gun.  Conceal carry was something for the politically connected or for people who lived in another state for many of us.

All we need now is a genuine and earnest war on the middle class actively trying to eliminate it via legislation to usher in a new age of unparalleled prosperity!

Happy Doctor Reverend Martin Luther King Boulevard Day

Also known as the first Monday of the year where there's no postal service.

I'd probably have more respect for this holiday if the ideals espoused by Dr King had not been so terribly subverted by his inner circle in the many years following his murder.

We now live in a nation where demanding that someone be judged by the content of their character rather than the color their skin is racism.

17 January 2016

Ain't That Odd

There is a documentary film crew in my house right now!

Ain't that a hoot?

They're doing something on special needs kids, and The Boy certainly is a special needs adult.

They're not sure if they're willing to risk their expensive and delicate equipment by interviewing me too.

We Don't Make Molecules

We make molecules bigger!

I keep meaning to talk He3 fusion with FuzzyGeff.

I keep forgetting when he's got me on the phone.

16 January 2016

Lost Process

I know what parkerizing is.

Ever wonder why there's no longbaughizing?

Something To Condsider

OK, Batman's flying thing didn't have an autopilot.

How good is the trim?

Is This A Trap

Part of doing research for making a suppressor is encountering the legal end.

BATFE has long ruled that any part for a suppressor is a suppressor entire.

When you see ads like this on Amazon...

You wonder if the ATF is the actual vendor.

On The Cheap

The materials for the HEL E4A clone are going to come in under $100.

I'm probably going to spend more on gas traveling to the machine tools than I am on the materials.

I've hammered out that the exterior parts will be 4130 chromoly steel because it can be parkerized like the historical can was.  It's also easy to work with.

The baffles are going to be 17-4 stainless steel, because... lots of people say to use it.

A down side to this project is, with it mounted to the M16A1 clone, it's not going to fit in my M12 rack.  Looks like it will be getting a lot of mounting and dismounting.

The Die Is Cast Over The Rubicon

I submitted my eFile Form 1 to ATF to make the retro-suppressor while I can still do so without getting three sets of fingerprints, photos, letting the sheriff know and writing an essay about what I did over Christmas break.

I admit I have been dragging my feet on this because it's a very ambitious DIY project.

Fingers crossed, let the waiting begin!


Found this pic on arfcom.

Because it's arfcom, I can't tell if they're serious or not.

A Reminder

Without prior notice and consent, this household is closed to visitors before 10am local time.

We will make exceptions for emergencies.  By emergency I mean something that requires a 911 call.

So someone had better be dead, dying, injured, in jail or combinations thereof.

I'm generally easy to get along with, but your time constraints aren't my time constraints.  A pressing deadline does not constitute an emergency.

These rules have been formulated because I have a non-24 sleep disorder and there needs to be a time where I can be assured of being let alone.

Harvey has this same constraint on her weekends and is perfectly willing to create death, dismemberment and injury to bring the interruption to her sleep up to emergency standards.


Way back in January last year I replaced the roll-pin that Israel used for the trigger pin with a real FN trigger pin.

And put it back in the safe and left it.

Today I remembered I owned it because Willard got his new one.

The trigger is much smoother on the milled pin instead of the roll-pin.

Just to stretch my legs a bit, I tried shooting at 20 yards instead of my more normal 7.

There was once a time when this 10 shot spread would have covered the entire target.  So I am happy I've improved.  But this left and low needs to get fixed and I need to group a bit tighter to be truly happy.  Well, I'm actually pretty happy anyways!

The FN has gone 50 rounds since the last time it was cleaned, and that's all it's going to get because I'm going to go clean it in a minute.  It's just too pretty to leave dirty even if there's no harm in it.

15 January 2016

Where Would He Be Without Me

What would Willard do without me?

He says swim in his huge pile of money like Scrooge McDuck.

Yesterday...  When we planned on just test firing the Helwan, we ended up also hitting one of the more remote gun shops.

Because that shop is also near a hole-in-the-wall pawn shop, he asks, "Should we hit it?"  "HIT IT!" I replied!

In the case is a fine specimen of a Colt Army Special in .38 Special.  Like 88% bluing with some holster wear on the end of the barrel.  Timing still nice and tight.  Marked $350.

Not a bad deal, we think.

Willard makes the offer for $350 (after confirming that this is THE bottom dollar) out the door if he pays cash.  The guy behind the counter heaves a deep sigh and agrees.

Willard goes out to hit the ATM while I hang in the shop and nose around the tools.

The people behind the counter start having a heated discussion...

Guy 1: "Three fifty?!"

Guy 2: "It's what was marked on the tag and he accepted the marked price."

Guy 1: "It's supposed to say $600!"

Guy 2: "Guy 3 must have written $350 on the tag."

Guy 1: "$350 is what we paid for it!"

Guy 2: "Too late to change it now."

It shoots!

Today, on an errand to get a piece of archery equipment for his granddaughter, I tagged along.

In the counter at the archery place was a minty fresh Browning Hi-Power.  1985 made parkerized, Pachmeyer grips with Morgan, Utah roll-mark.  I ask if that's what was making his whiskers twitch and Willard confirms.

We hint around about looking at it and the counter guy just gives us a blank smile.  Asking directly gets him to hand us the gun.  $495 on the tag.

$500, cash, out the door.

Of course, this is when FDLE decides to take a meal break or something so the call-in takes an hour!  On speaker is the recorded message telling the dealer to be patient and the instant check will be administered in the order received.  I think it's not FDLE's recording, but a sinister plot of the store owner to keep us in the shop browsing the wares until we buy something.

It worked!  Dammit.  I got some spare M&P backstraps.  Willard has some more .30-40, a Russian spam-can opener, some oil and he remembered the archery stuff too!

Oh, the Browning works fine too.

Double Stack 9mm

Discounting obscure stuff that's Forgotten Weapons...

The first double stack 9mm pistol was the FN Hi-Power.


S&W 59?

Did we really go from 1935 to 1971 without another commercially viable double stack 9?

Beretta's 92 series starts in '72.

Then Glock in '82.

P-series Ruger in '85.

Were wonder-nines really so thin on the ground for so long?

Rule Of Thumb

If I don't answer the phone the first time you call, a second or third call placed immediately starts pissing me off.


Leave a voice mail.


I will call back when I can.

Do not then call mutual friends and have them call me to tell me your message.

That finishes pissing me off.

14 January 2016


The Helwan shoots!  It is a pleasant shooting gun, no problems with function after 42 rounds.  Good for all time, no further testing required! ;)

It doesn't make a single ragged hole at  7 yards, but it's good enough for a badge-of-rank service pistol for certain.

The problem at hand isn't this pistol but Numrich having the genuine Berettas for sale for under $300.


The local range uses paper clips to hold the targets to the cardboard.

That makes us think that office supply companies like Staples are the ones who are really behind the increase in shootings popularity!

An Odd Moment

I was watching the movie Bottle Shock this morning and it struck me...

Everyone in this scene is dead.

Both Dennis Farina and Alan Rickman have shuffled off the mortal coil now.

I don't think either actor was properly appreciated while they were alive.  Neither was a "leading man" type, but both appeared in roles that made the film they appeared in, several times.

13 January 2016


Someday I want to pat a famous actor on the head after they've made some "brave" stand and inserted their political opinion on some topic and say, "Awwwww, that's so cute!  It thinks it's people!"

We've really done ourselves a disservice humanizing actors.

Principled Stand

I wish I could say I took a principled stand and didn't watch President Obama's state of the union speech because of it.

Honestly, I have not watched a president give one since I gained access to television with more than four channels.  Even then, I was likely to be reading instead of watching a politician droning on.

Political preemption of regularly scheduled programming hits the same aggravation button as sports preemption.  It's 99.99% guaranteed that I don't want to watch whatever the special programming is.

What I wanted to watch is the regularly scheduled program.

Even that is getting irritating.

The scheduling is getting rather irregular.  It takes 33 weeks to present 24 new episodes with several two-week gaps.

I think I can see the paradigm shifting to an on-demand model for even "broadcast" television.


I attempted to watch a video about what you should look for in an AR, and what to look out for.

He started out strong with an admonition that carbine stock castle nuts need to be staked.

Then the presenter chided manufacturers for not including back-up irons because that passes the expense on to the customer.

Then demanded that the carbine lock plate have a single-point adapter because the old sling mounts "are useless and obsolete."

Where I shut it off was the declaration that the forward assist, missing from his gun, was a feature paid for in blood by US soldiers and Marines.

The iron sights and slings are very influenced by preferences.  Including a means that's not to the liking of the customer just means they've got to spend money on what they prefer anyway, and will now have parts they don't want laying around.  What he's really saying is he wants the company to make an AR suited to HIS preferences, and I'll be he doesn't realize that's what he's saying.

The forward assist?  Paid for in blood?

Like Hell.

The original AR-15's R601 and R602 lacked the feature.  Neither was an issue firearm.

The M16 or R604 lacks it as well.  The USAF bought this version in quantity.  The Navy used some from the Air Force contract for its riverine forces in Vietnam.

The XM16E1 (R603) introduces the forward assist and it's on every AR the Army has ever bought.

The forward assist was added to the M16 series at the Army's insistence that there be a manual way to force the bolt closed.  Never mind that the recess in the side of the bolt carrier is supposed to do this already (hint use your thumb).
The Marines didn't want the feature, but were forced into buying the same gun as the Army.

When, pray tell, did either the Army or Marines pay for the lack of a forward assist in blood?  Literally every single AR they've issued to combat troops has had it.  XM16E1, M16A1, M16A2, M16A4, M4 and M4A1 all have forward assists.

  If anything the mode of failures during Vietnam points to the forward assist making things worse not alleviating anything.  Forcing a round into a too-tight, corroded and fouled chamber means you get one last shot, it doesn't restore the gun to service.  Now you've got a spent case stuck in the chamber and you'd better hope the charging handle has enough ass to get it unstuck.

The Beginning?

Is this the push back starting?

As Tam is won't to say, (paraphrased) Western civ has a zero to jackboot time shorter than any other society.

The Moslems savages refugees are fucking with the one member of western civilization that has a tested and measured zero to jackboot time.

This could fly off the rails... wait, that's not right.  If rails are involved, like last time; I doubt there will be scheduling delays, let alone derailments.

The National Socialist German Worker's Party holocaust stands out among genocides because it was one of the very few carried out where there wasn't an existential crisis for both sides, and the first by a member of western civ on people living within their own borders.

Looking back at the rivers of blood bled in history, genocide was the norm in warfare until quite recently.  The luckiest survived to become slaves of the victors and the very luckiest had descendants who were members of the conquering society.  But the defeated culture was eradicated and severely depopulated if any remained at all.

I think we're at an existential crossroads.  Three cultures stand opposed.  Islam, Western Civilization, and Liberal/Socialist Governments.  Only one is going to remain standing when the dust settles.

I'm actually betting on Western Civ.

12 January 2016

Better As Opposed To Best

"It is better to be judged by 12 than be carried by 6."

This is true.

Just as it's better to be kicked in the shin than kicked in the balls.  It's best to not be kicked at all!

The best self defense technique is one where you never have to draw, let alone shoot.

Avoiding the situation entirely is preferable to being dependent on lawyers, judge and jury for your freedom.  Especially, as witnessed by the Zimmerman case, even when you win, you can lose big.

Why Don't People Do Updates?

I read a facebook post where the guy is baffled that people don't do the updates to their computers and software.

It's kind of simple.

After the update, what works now that didn't before?

After the update, what doesn't work now that did before?

Which result is more common?

How many times of the latter result before you become risk averse and stop trusting the software vendor?

The same two questions are being asked by customers about the operating systems.

What does it do that it didn't before?

What does it no longer do that I want done?

To the point where they're staying put with what they have rather than upgrading.  Enough are staying put that efforts to force migration have begun through to update process.

For example, I am still running OSX 10.6.8 on my Mac Pro.  Why?  Because I don't want to sit all day downloading new versions of the programs I use everyday for the free ones and I don't want to have to buy new versions of the stuff that isn't; because they all still work!!!  Particularly important to me is Bootcamp and being able to run Win7 so that I can play Strike Fighters 2.

Upgrading to the latest OSX has broken Bootcamp for Win7 for many of my fellow players.

In the same light, the forced migration to Win10 has killed the game for most everyone.  The few who say the game still works have gone from having a high end machine to having a very low-end experience because the new OS doesn't like the ancient code.

I keep looking at this and wondering, who is asking for the changes?

I know I see lots and lots of complaints when the changes occur.

11 January 2016

Inching Forward

My buddy with Solidworks built up a model for me.

Pretty cool!

Says it should come to about 1.55 lb. when completed.

Irregular Contribution To Education

The special tax on people who cannot do math is $2.  I paid it twice.

$4 against over a billion annuity isn't a bad risk, actually.

The lump sum payout on the estimated $1,400,000,000 is $868,000,000.

That easily pegs the max tax rate, so your take-home is $564,200,000.

I think I can squeak by on that for a year or two.  It'd be rough.

Obviously, we're not quitting our day jobs until the number is drawn and we're simultaneously struck by lightning, and bit by a shark while being swept up in a sharkanado.

Plus I really want to win so I can claim I personally paid for almost four F-35s!

10 January 2016

Found This On Facebook

Don't Need

I do not need another AR.

I do not need another AR.

I do not need another AR.
I do not need another AR.

I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.I do not need another AR.

Especially not a GWACS Cav Mk.2 AR in zombie green.

The Shine Didn't Last Long

Despite its record box office...

I notice that Star Wars has kind of dropped off the radar of people that I expected to be chattering about the minutia until Easter.

The good news is they'll still bitch about Episode 1 if you give them even a hint.

The not talking about Ep7 means it was solidly good, but not really super great.

At this point we've become so Stockholm'd we're grateful for good.

PS: You'll note that Star Wars does not get a Science Fiction label.  I maintain to this day that neither Star Wars or Star Trek really meet the bar for Science Fiction.  Yes, I am a snob about it.

09 January 2016

What Goes WIth A Yugo SKS

A Yugo MG.42!

I'm just $6,945 short, so if you could hit that donate button like an appropriate metaphor...

It's for the kids!  We'll be getting that gun off the streets!

At Least MRAP's Are Cheap

€900,0000?  Each!

At least a surplus MRAP is a free acquisition plus maintenance.


As everyone knows, a loophole in a law is a way to do something that's otherwise banned by that law and still be legal about it.

The language of calling private sales at a gunshow a loophole is a clue to the thought process of the anti-gunners to be sure.

I am starting to suspect that NICS is back-door registration they way they keep insisting that all sales be subject to it.  At least they see it as a means to bar people from being sold guns on the basis of mental health with ever lowering levels of no-process in the sanity determination.

How do you close loopholes?

You pass another law that amends the previous one and eliminates the legal means to skirt the law intended to ban that activity.

You can also repeal the law entirely.

Why don't we press for that?  Ever.

We keep talking about how much we know about the Constitution and how little our opponents do.  The Feds should have no say over intrastate sales anyways, why don't we press for repeal on those grounds?  And press for a legislative solution because the Supreme Court blew it on interpreting the interstate commerce clause.

Why is this always "impossible"?  Why aren't we on the offensive?

Because milquetoast to lukewarm pro-gun is still a B+ rating.  If it was the C- or D it should be, maybe we'd get different candidates.  Rating them just on their gun stance and disregarding their length of tenure in office would downgrade a lot of them too, and prolly would have cashiered Harry Reid when he had two eyes.


Today was CCW class day at the local range.

Two hour wait for members, and we normally get to cut to the front of the line.

I've never seen the class day so well attended before.

More owners are better than fewer!  Just justifies more ranges locally!

About That Ranseur

For us ancient gamers, back when gamer meant pencils, a table, paper and dice, there was Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

We recall E Gary Gygax looked up every synonym of "polearm" and put them on the weapon table.  We even got pictures when Unearthed Arcana came out.

If you used the speed/range table, the differences in these weapons mattered.  Real debate about the relative merit between a glaive and glaive-guisarme happened with the same heat as 9mm vs .45.

Here's a series of youtube on the problem.  In particular...

It was actually something of a relief when we converted to GURPS with just a few polearms defined by effect rather than appearance (glaive, halberd, and poleaxe in 3e adding a naginata for 4e) and it boils down to what kind of thrusting damage you do when stabbing and if there's a hook on the side.  The GURPS names for these things is wrong for a lot of the weapons represented, and it's not until Low-Tech for 4e that we start adding in all the silly sub-variants we're familiar with from the old AD&D days, but it's still a pretty sparse list by comparison.  Bill (including dueling bill, forest bill and guisarme), Glaive (including dueling glaive, bardiche, fauchard, jedwart, jeddart stave, and lochaber axe), Halberd (including dueling halberd, ji and voulge), Horse-Cutter (including pudao and bisento), Monk's Spade, Naginata (including nagamaki, rhomphaia, and ngao), Poleaxe (ahistorical) and Polleaxe (including bec de corbin).  With sub-variations listed in the text description.

In GURPS, spears (including bolg, chaing, hasta, ngao, sibat and yari) and warhammers aren't polearms because they use different skills.

Our friend the ranseur is listed under partisan (Low Tech p. 60), and that's just a kind of spear using the spear skill.  In GURPS terms, a ranseur is the same as a boar spear, Bohemian ear-spoon, magari-yari, partisan, spetum, or spontoon.  An "unthrowable" spear with something to keep the impaled target from walking up the stave (rules for this are in the GURPS: Martial Arts I don't own).


Changed my header font because it wasn't displaying correctly with Firefox.

Pure vanity.


For all the talk...

It still all boils down to a willingness to kill the other motherfucker dead.

Lots and lots of people can't.  They just cannot.

Training can be used to overcome this, and it's not very difficult to get there.

But... did your training do that?

Did your training teach you to do it constructively?  Or did it teach you to do a mag dump reflexively from the draw then robotically pivot your head 90 right then 180 left then 180 right then 90 left back to center?

Did it teach you to move, or just stand there?

Did it teach you to get to cover if you can, or just stand there?

Was the round-count to get your skills up through repetition or was it a back-handed test of your gun's reliability to fire more ammo than you're ever going to carry all at once?

Did the school forbid you to clean your gun during down time and breaks on the grounds that your gun shouldn't need cleaned if it was any good?

For Gods' sake, ask around before paying someone to teach you something you'll have to unlearn later paying someone else to unteach you.  Be wary of the people dropping names and class titles without explaining what you're going to learn.  If they're acting like you should already know what the difference between basic and advanced carbine classes when they know you've never taken any classes, you might want to discount their recommendation.

Call the school/instructor!  Shockingly, they want you to learn and will be more than happy to explain what you're going to be doing and for how long.  If they're cagey or unwilling to explain, you don't have to spend your money there, do you?

There's a reason for the truism, "train as you fight," because you're going do what you learned when the stress starts.  Learn to do the right thing, preferably learning it right the first time.


I occasionally wonder why, since nearly all business in the US is small business... privately held small businesses...

Why then, does the stock market have much bearing at all on them?

I'm snipping at the edges.  The answers are not encouraging, nearly conspiracy theory stuff, about how the tendrils reach down from companies tied to those markets and in effect tying otherwise unencumbered businesses to their success or failure.

08 January 2016

Fearful And Optimistic

I am a'skeer'd of opening up a constitutional convention.  Who knows what will come out?

I am also desperate enough to give it a shot.

h/t Ace.

Another Thought

Again, probably not original...

I've long liked the idea of jury nullification.

I'd always thought that I'd vote innocent on someone who was guilty of breaking the law, where I thought that the law was unjust or unconstitutional.

I've come into another reason to nullify.

For when the law is just and constitutional, but the mandatory sentence is unjust and excessive.

We've really got to get mens rea restored to our legal system to get it to more resemble a justice system.

Happy Birthday

Roy Batty!

May you have a long and happy existence!

07 January 2016


If we're going to downgrade the Medal of Honor by over-issuing them...

I want to submit both my Army Service Ribbon and Overseas Service Ribbon for upgrade to at least Bronze Stars with V device.


My gun IS more important than your child.

Simply because of the mine is more important to me than the yours with everything.

My child is also more important to me than your child too.

I don't know you, but I can see what kind of person you are by demanding I change something about my life to suit yours.  You're probably going to transfer those twisted values to your child, so of course I will value them as I value you.

Lower than something I like and enjoy having around.

Exploding Heads

But but but...  AK is moar lie able!

26USC § 5845 (k)

26 USC § 5845 (k) Dealer
The term “dealer” means any person, not a manufacturer or importer, engaged in the business of selling, renting, leasing, or loaning firearms and shall include pawnbrokers who accept firearms as collateral for loans.
What I have not been able to find is the definition of "in the business of".

I know what I'd consider being "in the business of."

Doing something for money regularly and depending on that money as part of my livelihood.

Selling a car wouldn't make me a car dealer.

Selling a car every month to pay the mortgage would.

It's a matter of scale.

Why matters.

Motive matters.

Selling a pile of guns to be rid of them, isn't engaging in business.

Selling a gun, for a profit, to pay a sudden and unexpected expense, isn't engaging in business.

Selling a gun a month while refining a collection isn't engaging in business.

Selling a pile of guns because my interests changed isn't engaging in business.

The number of guns bought and sold doesn't really matter.  The why they are bought and sold does.

Proving motive for a sale is much more difficult than proving that a sale occurred, guess what they want to measure.

The ironic thing, to me, is how the FFL rolls were purged during the Clinton administration because there were too many dealers.  Now we've too few?

I see what they're trying to do here.

They're not going to make it easier to get an 01FFL.  The Clinton era standards will still stand.  What they're going to do is try and make ever smaller numbers of transfers require an FFL.

This is why we need Congress to take lawmaking away from the executive branch.  We need candidates whom are actually pro-gun for both executive and legislative branches.  We need the people we elect to start appointing judicial candidates who understand separation of powers.

And by pro-gun I mean people like us!  People who own and shoot guns.  Setting a bar that a "pro-gun" candidate must own at least as many guns as I do and of a similar type.  Not just letting them get away with a photo-op in a birding setting.

We Need A New Word

For breaking a regulation but not the law.

06 January 2016


One machinist buddy thinks my suppressor clone should be between 16 and 20 hours to build.

That translates to $1,440 to $1,800 at his shop because $90 an hour for prototyping.

The good news is that with an approved stamp in hand I have no time limit to start work or even finish.  I could literally take decades to whittle it from a block of iron using a Q-tip and toothpaste.

Time to fill out my eforms and plunk down $200, I think.

The saddest thing about this project, really, is that it's not going to yield a very good suppressor by modern standards.  If it works as well as the real thing, it's only going to give a 26 dB reduction compared to 32-35 dB for a more modern design.

Because Orcs Aren't Green

Did some parts swapping because the physical description of Orcs in most GURPS materials say they're dark skinned, but no indication of being green.

Love those chompers!

Also, since it's hard to make a Lego cigar... I added some flame to his little stub to kind of make it more clear.

Jog My Elbow Will You

Fired up the CAD package and dimensioned the parts I need to make a reproduction of an HEL4A Blast Suppressor.

Figure with dimensioned drawings I can get some quotes on materials and machine time.

If the prices come back half reasonable, I'll fire off a Form 1 on Monday.

That'd be a no photograph, no finger prints, no telling the sheriff what I'm up to Form 1 on my Evil Loophole Trust.

05 January 2016

Hot Under The Collar

NFATCA seems to have gotten what THEY wanted and changed the CLEO sign off to a CLEO notification, like a C&R FFL.

It looks like trusts will have to submit fingerprints and photos of everyone mentioned in the trust, or just the trustees, or just someone who makes decisions...  Or, even the lawyers reading it aren't certain.

I am hot under the collar about this because the constant insinuation that the only reason a person would establish an NFA trust is to go out and break the law.

I did not.

One huge thing that creating a trust gave us, here at Casa McThag, was Harvey, being a trustee and grantor, could possess the NFA items as well.

We're both law abiding gun owners and carry permit holders.  I'm an 03FFL.  We're the polar opposite of forbidden person.

There's no real reason that Harvey can't have access to a short barrel rifle, except that if I forgot to lock the safe one day, while I go to the store and she stays home, the ATF regards that as a transfer.  Big trouble.

In a trust, we both own it, so it's not a transfer if I'm not here and she can get to it.

That's all it was.  And it was presented to us as the proper way of doing things to comply with the laws, rules and regulations.

We did it the way we did it to OBEY the law, not break it.

NFATCA managed to make my life harder while making their lives easier.  I will never be happy when someone does that to me.  Not even when I am assured that it's good for me.  I'll make my own determination of that, thankyouverymuch.

Who can own an NFA item, or not, is exactly the same as who can own a gun, or not.  NICS works for that without photographs and fingerprints.  Why do we need them for a short barrel?  I don't need photographs and fingerprints to pay income tax.  Why do I need them to pay the $200 tax on an NFA item?

That's the tack we should have taken with NFA items, not giving people who despise us a chance to make up more onerous burdens.

Now it's off to the worthless congress critters for relief.

My Representative doesn't submit bills and constantly tells me he can't do anything because he's not on the correct committee.

One Senator is anti-gun and isn't up for reelection until 2018; the other is running for President and isn't bothering to vote anymore.



Once upon a time, in the Bush and Clinton administrations, the plethora of "kitchen counter" FFLs was a scourge upon the earth that must be eliminated.

So rulemaking did occur to clearly define where an FFL could be located and these rules effectively made it impossible for most people to be an 01FFL.

Because an 01 has to be in the business of selling guns, a quick check of zoning often nuked prospective applicants.  Then those who passed that bar would get nailed for not doing enough business, because lots of hobbyists got an FFL just to avoid a trip to the gunshop and paying the transfer fee, anyone who didn't sell enough guns was deemed to be exploiting this loophole and their FFL revoked.

So we have many fewer FFL's now than we did back in Ye Ancient Days of Yore when Reagans and Tipo'neils walked the earth.

NOW the problem is there isn't enough Federal Firearms Licensees!

With the aforementioned restrictions on who can get the license, it's a catch 22 if they decide that any unlicensed sale is verboten.

We need to remind our congress critters that it is NOT illegal to sell a gun if you don't have a license and it is NOT illegal to buy a gun from someone without a license.  Remind them that the law does not define being in the business of buying and selling firearms.

Yet we can still go to jail for not breaking the law, because we're violating a regulation.

I'm writing some ineffective letters, you should too!

04 January 2016

Then Why Does It Take Six To Nine Months

Apparently, no background check at all is run when you send in a Form 4 using a trust or corporation.

I learned this from The President today.

I guess the examiners just do hookers and blow all day and issue stamps during rare moments of clarity.

I also learned that anyone who ever sells a gun is a filthy criminal unlicensed gun dealer.


The list of things that's already illegal that He wants to make illegaler is astounding.  They really don't know the actual state of the law.

It's past damn time we fomented for the LAW to say PRECISELY what is and is not legal.  These constant and unending deaths of a million cuts via fiat regulation and executive tantrum has gone on far too long.

To the National Rifle Association (of which I am member in good standing), shall we change the rating system?  You don't get an A+ unless you introduce pro-gun legislation, A's are for voting for such legislation and against anti-gun bills every time no matter what they're attached to, B's are for voting for such legislation and against anti-gun bills only when they are stand alone, C's and D's are for being passive and taking no active roll, with your general posture deciding if you get the higher grade and F for any vote for any anti-gun legislation regardless of what it's attached to.

Why get extreme like that?

Because way too many people only look at that NRA rating and then vote accordingly.  This is a way to throw our weight around and buck business as usual.

All of this bullshit spewed today is about the law saying that forbidden people can't own a gun.

But the Gods Be Damned lawmakers couldn't just fucking say that, they had to include the verbiage that allows unaccountable and unelected apparatchiks to make law and call it regulation.  Take that verbiage out.

And a triple FUCK YOU to the NFATCA for fucking with the status quo on NFA in the first place in the half-assed way they did.  You fucking morons don't even comprehend the damage you've done here.  YOU made this an issue.  FUCK YOU.  People who are forbidden to buy an NFA item used a trust to obtain one?  NAME ONE  just ONE and not just "I saw someone".  Name their name.  Link us to the arrest.  Link us to the news story.  You can't, can you?  Because it didn't actually fucking happen, you lying piece of shit.  You just decided that it might, maybe, someday and asked the ATF pretty please to do something about it.  Sadly I suspect the real motive was the groundswell of unwashed "common" folk breaking into their country club with their silencers and doing so with great ease, and without having the requisite huge social standing to be real people like a TRUE NFATCA member.

Cartridge ID

Marv has a short belt of 8mm Mauser ammo.

He's sure it came from a relative, probably his grandfather.

Head Stamp (starting at 12)  P181 - S* - 38 - 37.

I've managed to trace that down to...

Being made by Hugo Schneider AG - Brass case - Lot 38 - made in 1937.

The bullets strongly attract a magnet.

I think it's bog standard 7.9mm Patr. S.m.E. aka 7.9mm Patrone Spitzgeschoss mit Eisenkern aka 7.9mm cartridge pointy bullet with an iron core.

In other words, normal 7.92x57mm ball.


Further examination leads me to think that it's really 7.9mm Patr. S.m.K. aka 7.9mm Patrone Spitzgeschoss mit Kern aka 7.9mm cartridge pointy bullet with an armor piercing core.  I come to think this because of the red sealed primer.

Failure To Launch

Whenever you try to write something honest and it reads like you're a fucking lunatic...

You might just BE a fucking lunatic.

You, being ME...

I'm having a lot of trouble expressing my general dislike and distrust of cops in a form that sounds rational; making me wonder how rational my distrust and dislike is.

While I've definitely experienced some injustice from a couple of departments, I am starting to think that I'm like that guy who had a few bad experiences with a black people and immediately joined the Klan.

It'd prolly help me a lot if opinion on police was less polarized and tribal.  On one hand we have Black Lives Matter (where all cops are evil and cannot do anything right), and on the other we have The Thin Blue Line (where all cops are good and cannot do anything wrong).  With the sides so far apart, all I have to go on is my limited (and bad) personal experiences.

Underlined In Bold

The fracas in Oregon sure does underscore that if you don't own it, you can't control it.

And if you have to get permission to do it, it's not a right.

And never trust the government.

I may be late to the game, but I'm starting to see parallels with the environmentalists pushing the government to create all these refuges this fallow land and The Church swallowing up property all over Europe in the way-back days.

Property controlled by a small number of people with goals can differ significantly from the wants and needs of the people of the nation.

Why I'm Sticking With The Kool-Aid

...of M&P and not drinking the Flavor-Aid of Glock.

I shoot them both the same, so value neutral.  Though there's noticeable differences in how...  The Glock seems to want to pull left and the M&P often gives tiny twitch right I notice when I'm dry-firing but not at the range.

Same number of shots.

Same sights now too.

I've found that I really like having the thumb safety.  Preference thing.  A clinging vestige of carrying a 1911, I guess.

I really really really like that I don't have to pull the trigger in battery on the M&P to take it apart.  Starting the take-apart process with the slide locked to the rear is a valuable crutch for people like me.

Neither gun was made in America with Austria for Glock and Massachusetts SSR for the Smith.

The last reason to keep with the Smith is both Harvey and Marv shoot them too and have a much stronger preference than I do.

Lewis Gun 1916

Because Eric once asked, "how does the Lewis work?" and I couldn't explain.

03 January 2016

Off The Books

"Everyone should own a gun that nobody knows about."  K. Dutoit.

"Every gun owner prizes finding a gun that's off the books." P. Vail.

Mr Dutoit might have a point.  But his point fuels the liberal-moderate opinion of gun owners.

My selection process for guns has a lot more to do with the make, model and caliber than whether I need to go through an FFL or a background check and if there's a record of sale that the government can readily call up.

I've bought some of those guns in the parking lot of a gun show.

I've never bought a gun where the primary consideration was that it was off the books.

Because I'm blabby, I don't hide my purchases well either.  Nothing on the internet is a secret.  Gun registration by Flickr account!  Of course they're going to go nuts finding the guns on my photostream that were here just long enough to take pictures of, or have been traded for another gun.

Dingus Is Brony

Appropriate because his full name is Derpy Dingus McGee.

Shooting Magnified

I am digging my Primary Arms PAC5X.

Something I didn't realize until just the other day, what a magnified optic lets me do is to have both the aiming device and the target in focus together.

With iron sights, if I'm doing as recommended, the front sight is in focus, but the target and rear aren't.

The effect is also apparent with red-dots.  Focusing on the target still works.

I just know I noticed something that everyone else has known for years.  I don't care if I'm the last person to learn something; as long as I learn.

02 January 2016


It just occurred to me that I haven't seen Willard ALL YEAR.


Despite the efforts of Mark Herring to the contrary, I am legal to carry a concealed firearm in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

My Utah permit arrived today.

It carries the absolute worst photo of me every taken for identification purposes.

Moar Mud

Watching the mud tests that Ian and Karl are doing at InRange...

They got an AK to fail.  They've gotten an M1 Garand to fail.  Their first test was a MAS-49/59, M1A and AR-15.  They've even taken a Kel-Tec RDB to task (and it failed too).

The AR has done best of them all, followed by the MAS.

Almost like direct impingement is a reliability enhancer?

In the original test, there was open water, and I was trained to swish my rifle in the water should it get smashed into the mud; something they deliberately didn't do.  Their testing is deliberately making it worst case.

I'll bet a quick swish would have prevented the AK from failing, but the Garand and derivatives were stopped by stuff falling into the action from its mostly open design.

Now I want to see them do more, and they plan it.

In particular, I want them to do a stock M1A vs H&K vs FAL.

Declining Sales

There's a breastrant chain called Tilted Kilt.

There used to be two of them locally, now there's zero.  The next closest one in Fort Meyers just shut down.

They cite declining sales.

The food was actually pretty good at the local places, and a decent selection of beers.

But we hadn't darkened the Clearwater location's door in almost a year before they closed despite having the car-club meeting there on the "off" Wednesdays for most of a year.

Why did we quit going?

Ear bleedingly loud live music.

We checked both locations and they were the same.

Considering we wanted to socialize over dinner...

I'll bet we weren't alone.

With the ear splitting music, the place was just another bar.  That attracted the bar crowd, and that's not the same people as the dinner crowd.  One group buys food, the other doesn't.  You can tell by the names who's who.

Without food sales, they're not a profitable venture.

AK47: Mud Test

Hey, look, you can make a machine fail by covering it in mud.

Now I wanna see if any gun can survive their protocol.

01 January 2016

Time Delay

I've had pretty much all of Motörhead's catalog for years.

While I like it a lot, I never seemed to actually sit down and listen to it.

With Lemmy's death, I fired up iTunes and I've been binge listening.

Some songs seem derivative until you check the dates the albums come out and you realize that they were actually pioneering.

Their influence was widespread and deeply felt.

Yet, many people who love musicians heavily influenced by Motörhead have never heard of them.

Isn't that odd?

Happy New Year!

Had Marv up, drank beer, drank moonshine, grilled some hot dogs, set off some fireworks, smoked a cigar.

Good times!

2015 was the second biggest year for posts here since I started.

Still haven't broken 1,000 in a year.  I'm pretty blabby, I can get there!

My new year's resolution is 1920x1200.  Same as last year.