05 January 2016


Once upon a time, in the Bush and Clinton administrations, the plethora of "kitchen counter" FFLs was a scourge upon the earth that must be eliminated.

So rulemaking did occur to clearly define where an FFL could be located and these rules effectively made it impossible for most people to be an 01FFL.

Because an 01 has to be in the business of selling guns, a quick check of zoning often nuked prospective applicants.  Then those who passed that bar would get nailed for not doing enough business, because lots of hobbyists got an FFL just to avoid a trip to the gunshop and paying the transfer fee, anyone who didn't sell enough guns was deemed to be exploiting this loophole and their FFL revoked.

So we have many fewer FFL's now than we did back in Ye Ancient Days of Yore when Reagans and Tipo'neils walked the earth.

NOW the problem is there isn't enough Federal Firearms Licensees!

With the aforementioned restrictions on who can get the license, it's a catch 22 if they decide that any unlicensed sale is verboten.

We need to remind our congress critters that it is NOT illegal to sell a gun if you don't have a license and it is NOT illegal to buy a gun from someone without a license.  Remind them that the law does not define being in the business of buying and selling firearms.

Yet we can still go to jail for not breaking the law, because we're violating a regulation.

I'm writing some ineffective letters, you should too!

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