04 January 2016

Why I'm Sticking With The Kool-Aid

...of M&P and not drinking the Flavor-Aid of Glock.

I shoot them both the same, so value neutral.  Though there's noticeable differences in how...  The Glock seems to want to pull left and the M&P often gives tiny twitch right I notice when I'm dry-firing but not at the range.

Same number of shots.

Same sights now too.

I've found that I really like having the thumb safety.  Preference thing.  A clinging vestige of carrying a 1911, I guess.

I really really really like that I don't have to pull the trigger in battery on the M&P to take it apart.  Starting the take-apart process with the slide locked to the rear is a valuable crutch for people like me.

Neither gun was made in America with Austria for Glock and Massachusetts SSR for the Smith.

The last reason to keep with the Smith is both Harvey and Marv shoot them too and have a much stronger preference than I do.

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  1. My criteria are:

    Does your hand reach the necessary controls without shifting your grip?
    Can you shoot it with an acceptable degree of accuracy?
    Does it function reliably?

    If it meets these requirements, and is still being manufactured or supported by a reputable company, then you should retain it as long as it meets any other requirements you may put upon it. Such as acceptable self defense caliber, significant other has & shoots one, etc.

    Changing because someone else is using something different or somehow denigrates your choice may be short sighted.

    I've been pretty happy with my CZ-75 P01 and Beretta PX-4, but I would not say "you need to use the one I'm using" because they may not be a good fit for your physiology or needs. I'm not planning on changing, because they still meet my criteria and other requirements.


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