21 January 2016

Barrel Length

I just made a lot of work for myself I didn't need to do.

The only canon and unmodified gun in GURPS 4e in 7x57mm Mauser is the Mondragón M-1908.

6d+2 pi with 900/3,600.  Out of a 22.7" barrel.

The more common South American and Spanish Mausers have much longer barrels.  29.14" for the Brazilian M-1908 for example.

That bumps up the damage and range to 6d+3 pi (or 7d-1 pi if you prefer) and 1,100/4,600.

What got me wondering is the historical observation that the Boer outranged the Brits.  Given stats for the Lee-Metford being 5d+2 pi, 800/3,300 and the SMLE being 6d+2 pi, 800/3,300; it seemed that GURPS disagreed with the outranging.

Noticing the barrel length discrepancy let me fix this.

But it also means going back through my consolidated list document and changing the range and damage on every gun with a longer barrel...  Darn it.

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