26 January 2016


I read this, and I wonder if this is why I cannot speak to several former, and younger, friends.

They were raised not knowing the transition from one form to the other.  The latter stage is all they've known and don't believe that it was ever any different.

Depending on how it's counted, I am either a late Boomer or an early X'er.

Because of the proximity to ISU, I can't help but think several of them are early Millenials rather than late X'er just because of how ahead of the trend the Iowa schools were.

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  1. I think it's also because you are hyper rational.

    I know so many super-intelligent people who still subscribe to some level of Magical Thinking that really seems to betray their intelligence.

    Essentially some people 100% think with their hearts and are always irrational.

    Some people are 100% rational who look at the world dispassionately through the lens of hyper rationalism.

    And just about everybody is some flavor of in-between. Group #1 and Group #2 are incapable of communicating with each other on any philosophical level. And the shades of grey behave similarly but less extreme in relation to their proximity.


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