04 January 2016

Cartridge ID

Marv has a short belt of 8mm Mauser ammo.

He's sure it came from a relative, probably his grandfather.

Head Stamp (starting at 12)  P181 - S* - 38 - 37.

I've managed to trace that down to...

Being made by Hugo Schneider AG - Brass case - Lot 38 - made in 1937.

The bullets strongly attract a magnet.

I think it's bog standard 7.9mm Patr. S.m.E. aka 7.9mm Patrone Spitzgeschoss mit Eisenkern aka 7.9mm cartridge pointy bullet with an iron core.

In other words, normal 7.92x57mm ball.


Further examination leads me to think that it's really 7.9mm Patr. S.m.K. aka 7.9mm Patrone Spitzgeschoss mit Kern aka 7.9mm cartridge pointy bullet with an armor piercing core.  I come to think this because of the red sealed primer.

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