04 January 2016

Failure To Launch

Whenever you try to write something honest and it reads like you're a fucking lunatic...

You might just BE a fucking lunatic.

You, being ME...

I'm having a lot of trouble expressing my general dislike and distrust of cops in a form that sounds rational; making me wonder how rational my distrust and dislike is.

While I've definitely experienced some injustice from a couple of departments, I am starting to think that I'm like that guy who had a few bad experiences with a black people and immediately joined the Klan.

It'd prolly help me a lot if opinion on police was less polarized and tribal.  On one hand we have Black Lives Matter (where all cops are evil and cannot do anything right), and on the other we have The Thin Blue Line (where all cops are good and cannot do anything wrong).  With the sides so far apart, all I have to go on is my limited (and bad) personal experiences.

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