16 January 2016

A Reminder

Without prior notice and consent, this household is closed to visitors before 10am local time.

We will make exceptions for emergencies.  By emergency I mean something that requires a 911 call.

So someone had better be dead, dying, injured, in jail or combinations thereof.

I'm generally easy to get along with, but your time constraints aren't my time constraints.  A pressing deadline does not constitute an emergency.

These rules have been formulated because I have a non-24 sleep disorder and there needs to be a time where I can be assured of being let alone.

Harvey has this same constraint on her weekends and is perfectly willing to create death, dismemberment and injury to bring the interruption to her sleep up to emergency standards.


  1. Replies
    1. Freakishly, I'm up for The Boy at 0600-0730 every day. Fire away with the firecrackers! But I absolutely depend on the 0730-1000 nap, and if I'm not getting it I get REALLY cranky.

      Like I was yesterday since The Boy had a doctor's appointment to check his ears.


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