22 January 2016

Oh Wait, You're Serious


Let me laugh harder then!

OK, let's say that Angela decides that these are her best constituents and passes Der Prohibitionen.

Germans without beer?

Let's just say that the American response to prohibition was haphazard and whimsical compared to what the German response could be once it really sinks in that there will be no more beer.

It's tasteless and callous "joke" from back in the late '80's when I was stationed in Germany:

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen einem Türken und einem Juden?

Die Juden haben es hinter ihnen.

Think hard on that.  Germans were willing to tell that joke to Americans when there was only a little disruption from the Turkish population taking up jobs.

I've often said that Western Civ operates under punctuated equilibrium.  It sits and does nothing and tolerates the intolerable far longer than any other Civilization would.  When it stops tolerating it, and reacts; it also pushes much further past the balance point before it stops.

It's also a Civilization where once it decides that it's an existential struggle to embrace solutions that assure there's no need to ever struggle with the opposing civilization again.

The "leaders" and governments of Western Civilization are losing the consent of the governed as they continually ignore their native cultures in favor of offensive and invasive immigrants.

This is how you get jackboots.  This is how you get concentration camps.

This is how you get people to be proud of getting both.

"You're goddamned right we committed genocide, and I hope they rot in Hell!" might just be shouted at anyone who dares judge the response who was too young to have lived it.  But rest assured that there won't be any Moslems to complain once it's done.

Why?  Because rule one in book one in the book of civilizational conflict is, "Don't fuck with Western Civ, it will eat you."

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