18 January 2016

Ghost Gun

The signal cannot even be distorted, let alone stopped!

Check this out!

You don't even need electricity to make your lower.


  1. Oh Lord, an AR 15 lower for only $350.00. Guess I better buy three of them. Wait, didn't I do that before? How did that end anyway? Nevermind.

    1. FIVE AR lowers for just $350 or ten for $440. Plus lower parts and uppers...

  2. Yeah, it does seem to be a pretty steep price. I didn't do the math on how many you need to cast to make it worthwhile, but think of a gun club. Why couldn't a club make a batch? I guess when it comes out of the mold, it's a firearm, and they'd be manufacturing firearms. At least in the BATFE's eyes.

    As a door that's opening, I've got to say it's pretty freaking cool.

  3. I've pondered something like that. I was thinking on making a 3d printable AR-15 lower for lost plastic casting in aluminum, since a blast furnace to melt aluminum cans/etc is really easy to make at home, and your worst aluminum is still likely far superior to your best 3d printable when it comes to strength.

    Price seems about on par with getting a stamping die for making AKs, when last I looked into those. I also dig the colors available (the fact that there are colors, plural, with an s). I've found a lot of interest and enthusiasm in my generation for things not only available in black on black on black with black extras.

  4. There's a thread on Arfcom with people making molds from existing lowers, using some off the shelf products. Sounds like they are in it for under $100. Not as good of quality end product, I'm sure, but it's proving to be feasible and it also looks quite fun.


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