12 January 2016

Why Don't People Do Updates?

I read a facebook post where the guy is baffled that people don't do the updates to their computers and software.

It's kind of simple.

After the update, what works now that didn't before?

After the update, what doesn't work now that did before?

Which result is more common?

How many times of the latter result before you become risk averse and stop trusting the software vendor?

The same two questions are being asked by customers about the operating systems.

What does it do that it didn't before?

What does it no longer do that I want done?

To the point where they're staying put with what they have rather than upgrading.  Enough are staying put that efforts to force migration have begun through to update process.

For example, I am still running OSX 10.6.8 on my Mac Pro.  Why?  Because I don't want to sit all day downloading new versions of the programs I use everyday for the free ones and I don't want to have to buy new versions of the stuff that isn't; because they all still work!!!  Particularly important to me is Bootcamp and being able to run Win7 so that I can play Strike Fighters 2.

Upgrading to the latest OSX has broken Bootcamp for Win7 for many of my fellow players.

In the same light, the forced migration to Win10 has killed the game for most everyone.  The few who say the game still works have gone from having a high end machine to having a very low-end experience because the new OS doesn't like the ancient code.

I keep looking at this and wondering, who is asking for the changes?

I know I see lots and lots of complaints when the changes occur.

1 comment:

  1. Yes.

    When I worked for a hardware manufacturer, we once put out a firmware update to one of our tape drives that made the drive unable to read tapes that were written with an earlier firmware. How do you think our customers reacted when they found that out?

    And Windows 10 is amazingly bad if you want any kind of security or privacy.


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