13 January 2016

Principled Stand

I wish I could say I took a principled stand and didn't watch President Obama's state of the union speech because of it.

Honestly, I have not watched a president give one since I gained access to television with more than four channels.  Even then, I was likely to be reading instead of watching a politician droning on.

Political preemption of regularly scheduled programming hits the same aggravation button as sports preemption.  It's 99.99% guaranteed that I don't want to watch whatever the special programming is.

What I wanted to watch is the regularly scheduled program.

Even that is getting irritating.

The scheduling is getting rather irregular.  It takes 33 weeks to present 24 new episodes with several two-week gaps.

I think I can see the paradigm shifting to an on-demand model for even "broadcast" television.

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