30 January 2016

What Willard Did Today

It's a Husqvarna m/07 rebarrelled from the rare-as-hens-teeth 9mm Browning Long to the far more available .380 ACP (as many were).

If Fabrique National made it, it would be called a Browning model 1903.  Not to be confused with a Colt model 1903... Either Colt 1903 hammer or hammerless.  But it does look a lot like the Pocket Hammerless.

Although this is a Colt 1908...

Very similar in many respects.

It has a barrel bushing like the 1st model Colt pocket hammerless.  There are two slide stops.  One is actuated by an empty magazine, the other by the safety.  The safety actuated one puts the slide in the take-down position so you can rotate the barrel for field stripping.

We go shooting Monday... range report to follow.


  1. News Flash----It feeds hollow points! Further proof, as if any were needed, that JMB was, if not divine, then at least divinely inspired.

    1. Hand feeds? Or did you go shooting without me?

  2. Hand feed. No walls were injured during the filming of this movie.

  3. Mad jelly. One of those is on my Must Have list.


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