14 January 2016

An Odd Moment

I was watching the movie Bottle Shock this morning and it struck me...

Everyone in this scene is dead.

Both Dennis Farina and Alan Rickman have shuffled off the mortal coil now.

I don't think either actor was properly appreciated while they were alive.  Neither was a "leading man" type, but both appeared in roles that made the film they appeared in, several times.


  1. I thought Dennis Farina was great in Crime Story. When they canceled it after the second season, I wanted to nuke hollyweird. Rickman was great in Quigley Down Under.

    1. I loved Crime Story! I came back for season 3 to see the cliffhanger resolved, only to find there was no season 3.

      But it cemented in my mind that I'd watch anything Mr Farina appeared in. I loved him in "Big Trouble".

      I cannot imagine any other actor in the roles Rickman played. He was simply one of those sublime actors that made those roles his own.


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