22 January 2016

Do You Want Quotas Because This Is How We Get Quotas

It's interesting to watch the Dancing Monkeys eat each other over the lack of racial diversity in the Academy Awards.

I don't know if Spike Lee and the Smiths realize what they are saying.

They are saying that regardless of the quality of the performance, there'd better be a black person nominated.

To be fair, that means that 13.2% of nominations have to be black people.  Once that goalpost is met, soon 13.2% of winners will have to be black.

Bet me.

Then we're going to have to have 17.1% be some kind of Latino.

Then Asians.

Then Native Americans.

Then... who?

Well, let's talk about how sexist The Oscars are!

Best Actor?  Best Actress?

Haven't we been hammering how women can do anything a man can do?

Why no special awards for homosexuals?

Why no Best Gentile Actor?

Why no Best Fat, Bald, Gun-Owning, Stay-At-Home-Dad, Blogger From Florida?

I mean if we're going to be FAIR, don't _I_ deserve an Oscar?

What did I appear in?

What, you didn't see it?

1 comment:

  1. And to be fair, we're implementing the same rule on basketball and football awards!


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