04 January 2016

Then Why Does It Take Six To Nine Months

Apparently, no background check at all is run when you send in a Form 4 using a trust or corporation.

I learned this from The President today.

I guess the examiners just do hookers and blow all day and issue stamps during rare moments of clarity.

I also learned that anyone who ever sells a gun is a filthy criminal unlicensed gun dealer.


The list of things that's already illegal that He wants to make illegaler is astounding.  They really don't know the actual state of the law.

It's past damn time we fomented for the LAW to say PRECISELY what is and is not legal.  These constant and unending deaths of a million cuts via fiat regulation and executive tantrum has gone on far too long.

To the National Rifle Association (of which I am member in good standing), shall we change the rating system?  You don't get an A+ unless you introduce pro-gun legislation, A's are for voting for such legislation and against anti-gun bills every time no matter what they're attached to, B's are for voting for such legislation and against anti-gun bills only when they are stand alone, C's and D's are for being passive and taking no active roll, with your general posture deciding if you get the higher grade and F for any vote for any anti-gun legislation regardless of what it's attached to.

Why get extreme like that?

Because way too many people only look at that NRA rating and then vote accordingly.  This is a way to throw our weight around and buck business as usual.

All of this bullshit spewed today is about the law saying that forbidden people can't own a gun.

But the Gods Be Damned lawmakers couldn't just fucking say that, they had to include the verbiage that allows unaccountable and unelected apparatchiks to make law and call it regulation.  Take that verbiage out.

And a triple FUCK YOU to the NFATCA for fucking with the status quo on NFA in the first place in the half-assed way they did.  You fucking morons don't even comprehend the damage you've done here.  YOU made this an issue.  FUCK YOU.  People who are forbidden to buy an NFA item used a trust to obtain one?  NAME ONE  just ONE and not just "I saw someone".  Name their name.  Link us to the arrest.  Link us to the news story.  You can't, can you?  Because it didn't actually fucking happen, you lying piece of shit.  You just decided that it might, maybe, someday and asked the ATF pretty please to do something about it.  Sadly I suspect the real motive was the groundswell of unwashed "common" folk breaking into their country club with their silencers and doing so with great ease, and without having the requisite huge social standing to be real people like a TRUE NFATCA member.

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