24 January 2016

I Love America

Looking up prices for the venerable .45 Colt.

They make self-defense ammo in .45 Colt!

Because your Peacemaker is a viable carry gun, even today, I guess.


  1. Mass Ayoob said in an interview that he has trained people to defensively carry SA revolvers. He mentioned that these people were cowboy action shooters and so that platform was the gun they were comfortable with.

    I recall a few years ago a guy robbing a convenience store got his ticket punched by a guy carrying a hog leg of some sort.

    No different than why we both carry 1911s, we're used to them, and like them, so why not carry them over something else?

  2. Well, there's enough of them out there to justify commercially loading self defense ammo for it.

    Works in my Anaconda too.


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