13 January 2016

The Beginning?

Is this the push back starting?

As Tam is won't to say, (paraphrased) Western civ has a zero to jackboot time shorter than any other society.

The Moslems savages refugees are fucking with the one member of western civilization that has a tested and measured zero to jackboot time.

This could fly off the rails... wait, that's not right.  If rails are involved, like last time; I doubt there will be scheduling delays, let alone derailments.

The National Socialist German Worker's Party holocaust stands out among genocides because it was one of the very few carried out where there wasn't an existential crisis for both sides, and the first by a member of western civ on people living within their own borders.

Looking back at the rivers of blood bled in history, genocide was the norm in warfare until quite recently.  The luckiest survived to become slaves of the victors and the very luckiest had descendants who were members of the conquering society.  But the defeated culture was eradicated and severely depopulated if any remained at all.

I think we're at an existential crossroads.  Three cultures stand opposed.  Islam, Western Civilization, and Liberal/Socialist Governments.  Only one is going to remain standing when the dust settles.

I'm actually betting on Western Civ.

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  1. And that nation went from zero to jackboots on an industrial scale.


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