16 January 2016


Way back in January last year I replaced the roll-pin that Israel used for the trigger pin with a real FN trigger pin.

And put it back in the safe and left it.

Today I remembered I owned it because Willard got his new one.

The trigger is much smoother on the milled pin instead of the roll-pin.

Just to stretch my legs a bit, I tried shooting at 20 yards instead of my more normal 7.

There was once a time when this 10 shot spread would have covered the entire target.  So I am happy I've improved.  But this left and low needs to get fixed and I need to group a bit tighter to be truly happy.  Well, I'm actually pretty happy anyways!

The FN has gone 50 rounds since the last time it was cleaned, and that's all it's going to get because I'm going to go clean it in a minute.  It's just too pretty to leave dirty even if there's no harm in it.

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