09 January 2016


For all the talk...

It still all boils down to a willingness to kill the other motherfucker dead.

Lots and lots of people can't.  They just cannot.

Training can be used to overcome this, and it's not very difficult to get there.

But... did your training do that?

Did your training teach you to do it constructively?  Or did it teach you to do a mag dump reflexively from the draw then robotically pivot your head 90 right then 180 left then 180 right then 90 left back to center?

Did it teach you to move, or just stand there?

Did it teach you to get to cover if you can, or just stand there?

Was the round-count to get your skills up through repetition or was it a back-handed test of your gun's reliability to fire more ammo than you're ever going to carry all at once?

Did the school forbid you to clean your gun during down time and breaks on the grounds that your gun shouldn't need cleaned if it was any good?

For Gods' sake, ask around before paying someone to teach you something you'll have to unlearn later paying someone else to unteach you.  Be wary of the people dropping names and class titles without explaining what you're going to learn.  If they're acting like you should already know what the difference between basic and advanced carbine classes when they know you've never taken any classes, you might want to discount their recommendation.

Call the school/instructor!  Shockingly, they want you to learn and will be more than happy to explain what you're going to be doing and for how long.  If they're cagey or unwilling to explain, you don't have to spend your money there, do you?

There's a reason for the truism, "train as you fight," because you're going do what you learned when the stress starts.  Learn to do the right thing, preferably learning it right the first time.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mac,
    Your opening two sentences..
    "For all the talk...
    It still all boils down to a willingness to kill the other motherfucker dead."
    ...Maybe when I was younger,,,,,,,but, I'm "OLD" now passing 70. My bones don't bend like they usedta'! My 'Arthur Ridas pays me visits regularly!! But I figger' I got 'bout 30 more years to make it to 100!! So If some S.O.B. thinks, because I'm "OLD" I'm an easy Target for some quick cash for meth.....heheheheheheh!! He forgets, "Don't Fuck with an old Man, He's too Old to take an Ass Beating so he will just Kill YOU!!!!!"
    Got Gunz.....OUTLAW!!!!!!,


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