31 January 2009


Among the many reasons I like the new Battlestar Galactica is they did their homework on the dialog.

This is from Season 3, episode 17.

"Galatica, Stabuck, Showtime, Bogie, my right 1, in the soup at 45, committing."

"Starbuck, Hot Dog, no joy, press!"

If you don't already understand the jargon, you don't get it explained for you. And it's good because the characters would not explain it either.

30 January 2009

There Goes Another One

The Lovely Harvey pointed out that with most of my friends I would have called and asked, "What the fuck?" when I discovered a comment was deleted.

Perhaps I should have. This time, though, I didn't care to. Michele Evermore and I have been growing apart faster and faster as her career as an apparatchik of the Democrat Party has advanced. What created the "not care" moment is her gushing about how The Mighty O is "Brilliant in every way!"

It may be an irrational response on my part, but I am so goddamned sick of hearing about how great and wonderful he is after listening to the same people rant about how stupid, evil and incompetent Bush (43) was that I don't want to hear it from my friends.

Her response was to remove me from her friends list. The only real effect of losing friend status on LJ is you cannot read the "friends only" posts. I have removed her from mine, so she cannot read this. The removal was more to take her off the friends page where I would have to see her posts. I really don't want to read them now.

I think that I let go so easily because it was time to let this relationship go. When I post about how much I despise the Federal Government and its meddling in my affairs, I am serious. She works for that government and is on the side of the aisle that works hardest at increasing that meddling. It was very difficult to remain civil when her boss, Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), would vote for something that would be intruding on what I consider my freedoms and rights. I am not sure she still works for Sen. Harkin or not. If she's working directly for President Obama, the conversation would be a great deal more tense. Not good for me, I will not speak for her.

My initial thought about being deleted was that this was the exact treatment she'd complained about receiving from Mike Begely and his "free speech" zone at Hell.org. If you weren't a Mike crony, and female, your comments were lost to the winds quite frequently. Perhaps it's merely been too long for her to remember that feeling. Honestly, though, that isn't the real reason I am just accepting that we're through. I've grown too conservative to think that I can say what I really think without offending her. Even an attempt at humor ticked her off enough to delete my comment.

I knew this day would come. I think paraphrasing a quote sums up the problem; "I think a con-man is better than a believer. The con-man will at least stop from time to time to count the take." I guess I will let my readers (both of you) decide if I am talking about her or me as the believer; perhaps both of us.

29 January 2009

One Thing I've Never Done

I've never deleted a comment from my LJ.

In case anyone is curious about what Michele Evermore deleted.

I mentioned that they way she'd phrased her meeting was saying that President Obama had signed the very first piece of legislation ever. I said that couldn't be because he's not thousands of years old. I said that it couldn't have been the very first piece of US legislation because his name is not George Washington, and that he's still too young. I then said that perhaps she'd intended to say that it was merely President Obama signing the first legislation of his term.

She deleted that. That's how I tore her work apart.

Update 01Mar16, when she deleted her LiveJournal she also memory-holed her comments.  Michele Evermore would like me to not mention her by name.  She would, "owe me a solid" if I would remove all mention of her from my blog.  A deal she reneged on, so her name will continue to appear here.

Comment thread worth saving below the cut.

26 January 2009

Rights And Responsibilities

I was reading at Roberta X's ( http://twowheeledmadwoman.blogspot.com/2009/01/explain-me-this.html ) site about her thoughts on the draft. A comment from Labrat got my thinker a thinking.

They're right, why are women exempted from the draft? There's just scads of jobs they are capable of and legally allowed to do. I don't even have to work too hard to prove it, they perform those jobs right now.

Labrat brought up the "No rights, no responsibilities" thing. I agree, and I also apply the corollary, "No responsibilities, no rights."

The comments also mention that modern feminism is a cage.

I've touched on this before, all reproductive rights are solely owned by one sex, women. No rights, no responsibilities, no need for a man to pay child support. If he gets rights, then he's got responsibilities. He can, at present, be forced to become a financier of a child he did not want.

Have you ever noticed that the people who are also the most steadfast about abortion remaining legal often tend to also be the ones who are loudest about "deadbeat dads"?

Making a baby is not a one-person job. It's takes two to tango, as it were. I've long proposed that to carry a child to term requires the consent of BOTH genetic contributors. Dad says, "no," then either Mom gets and abortion, or she acknowledges that she's on her own. Mom says, "no," then she's free to have an abortion (if she has the kid anyway she can hand it off do the willing father and walk away free too). Both agree to have the child, what's the problem again? Both agree to not have a child, again, what's the debate here?

Once there's an agreement to have the child, then Dad is responsible for his decision! So's Mom. I feel a lot better about forcing Dad to pay for something he agreed to have happen.

That takes care of the primary actors in our problem.

Let's talk about third parties.

I don't get any rights about how you raise your kids, why the heck do I have to pay for them? It's not my problem that you cannot afford to feed your children, I am not the one who decided to have them. If you want me to be responsible for your kids, I get some say in how you raise them, clothe them, educate them. I get the right to not support THEIR kids when they turn out just like you. I am willing to bet that if I get some say in how the kids that welfare supports are raised then we will see a whole lot fewer people on welfare. What's that? That interferes with YOUR right to raise YOUR children YOUR way? Fine with me, stop taking MY money and I will stop telling YOU how to raise YOUR kids!

24 January 2009

Read. The. Whole. Thing.


Gun Geekery

When that Form 1 gets back, I will have an extremely faithful clone of an XM177E2.

Wiki says that it should weigh 5.35 lbs empty and be 32.5" with the stock extended and 29.8" with the stock retracted. By my calculations I think I will actually be 6.125 5.6 lbs empty; 33.097" extended and 29.847" retracted because the vintage stock has 3.25" of travel, not 2.7". We shall see!

My first AR, Kaylee, I was an attempt to make something similar from easily available Title 1 parts, I even called it an XM177E3. Kaylee weighs 6.9 lbs empty and is 35.375" with the stock extended, 32.125" retracted.

Even with the moderator on the end the difference between 16" and 11.5" barrels makes itself felt. The E2 will only be an inch longer extended than the E3 is retracted!

Pic of the parts in their relative positions.

The miracle of Photoshop! Thanks Marv!

I would also like to point out that the 3rd gen stock on a mil-spec tube changed the lengths on the E3. Previously it was 36.5" extended and 32.75" retracted. The older style stock is also about 2 ounces lighter.

Dottie is 36" extended, 32.75" retracted and 6.8 lbs unloaded without optics and 7.5 lbs with optics.

In case you are curious about the loaded weights, the XM177E2 and XM177E3 are in 5.56x45mm and 30 round mags are 1 lb, 20 round are 0.7 lbs. The 25 round 6.8 magazines are 1.3 lbs and the 30 rounders are 1.7 lbs.

23 January 2009

Happy Birthday

John Moses Browning, Peace Be Upon Him, was born this fine day.

Let us celebrate!

I Had A Thought

The bail out is 350 billion dollars?

There's 300 million people in the US?

How's about you send us the $1,166 each? Betcha I can find a use for that that will help the economy!

Can My Side Please Shut Up

Well, gee, a lot of my favorite guns-rights sites have gone insane.

I find the insults directed at President Obama is as poor taste as the insults directed at President Bush (43).

I was a little uncomfortable at calling President Clinton "Slick Willy" but he seemed to revel in it, so...

There's a sub-movement in the gun-rights culture that's become called the "three percenters". This has something to do with there being just 3% of gun owners will actually fight if push comes to shove.

That rhetoric might well be true, but these guys are treading dangerously close to inciting insurrection. Anyone who doesn't agree with them 100% is a "pragmatist" or "prag" and therefore beneath contempt.

I will likely attempt to fight should they try to force confiscation, I will die a horrible death too. There's a Churchill quote along those lines.

I hate to break it to the 3% folks, but unless the military and police mutiny en-mass then the piecemeal resistance provided by an ad hoc group of armed citizens will be crushed in short order. As much as I would like to see the military on my side, I have serious doubts about them disobeying the order to round us up.

Which leaves us in the depressing position of having only the ballot box to address the issue. The mass media seems to have become the unapologetic propaganda arm of the Democrat party. The Democrats seem to win a statistically unlikely number of close elections. Their leadership is solidly anti-gun.

Of course, it doesn't really matter. The Republicans in name only have taken over that party. And they surely seem to be just like Democrats, except ten years ago.

For this republic to function, we need opposition. There needs to be differences between the parties. I've never been a fan of bipartisanship. Too much of that and we get group think. Two widely disparate parties means that outside information can be introduced into the mix. Even if the ideas are rejected, at least we know that a contrary position was presented and debated.

22 January 2009

Simple Math

There are approximately 300 million firearms in private hands in the USA.

There are approximately 30 thousand firearms deaths in the USA per year.  Only 13 thousand are murders.

It's an ownership rate of 23,077 firearms per murder.  And there are 23,076 firearms per murder that are not involved.

Another perspective shot:  The Nazis murdered about 12 million people between 1939 and 1945 (not going to count combat here), 2 million per year.  153.8 times the US annual rate.  Hitler is an "also ran" when it comes to murdering people.  Mao and Stalin killed far more.  Pol Pot beat his rate, but not his total.

Tell me again why we should trust the government and disarm?

Oh, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol have something else in common.  All of their governments were based on some form of Socialism.  This commonality does not reassure me to trust my government when it's making a concerted move towards the left and more socialist policy.

To get me to worry less I would make only one change to current, federal, gun laws.  Repeal the Hughes amendment to the FOPA.  That let's people fill out Form 1s for making machineguns.  The second thing I would do is appoint a gun nut to head the ATF.  Wanna bet that people like me calm down a whole lot when those two things are compared with, say, socialized medicine?

I Think We Even Made GURPS Stats For This

Useless things that I didn't realize that I DESPERATELY need!

21 January 2009

Bullet Gnomes Are Real

Rule 1.  The firearm is always loaded.
Rule 2.  Don't touch the trigger unless you intend to fire.
Rule 3.  Don't point the firearm at anything you don't intend to shoot, or care if it gets shot.
Rule 4.  Be sure of what's behind your target.  In case you miss or the round isn't stopped by the target.

How many of these rules were broken here at this dead link?

I've had a negligent discharge about a year and a half ago, I broke rules 1 and 2.  I would probably have been fine except you have to break rule 2 to disassemble a Glock.  Luckily, I had the gun pointed in a safe direction and the only casualty was the drywall in the bedroom.

20 January 2009

Hate And Invective

I really want to be like the nut-rooters and go on the offensive about what a moron Obama is for stumbling over the oath of office.  They went after every little stutter uttered by Bush (43) like he was a, lemme get this right, a "chimp".

I find that I cannot summon that level of invective.  I will say the same thing about Obama's sputter as I would about Bush; they are people and sometimes they stutter and flub their lines.

I guess I am just a better person than those I have been reading for the last eight years.

19 January 2009

Three Times 9mm

Left to right:  .380 ACP (9x17mm Kurz), .357 SIG (9x21mm SIG), .357 Magnum (9x33mmR Magnum).

An Observation

Someone who's cocky, the answer is always, "Yes I can."

Confidence is being able to say, "No I can't," when you cannot.


Resigned is saying, "yes dear," regardless of circumstances. :)

18 January 2009

Tinkering Around

Kaylee has a different stock.

This is a plastic 3rd gen, mil-spec CAR stock.

It's a bit different from the 4th gen, commercial stock she started with.

There are two main differences between the mil-spec and commercial receiver extensions (the tube that the stock slides on).  Mil-spec is slightly smaller in diameter and is slightly shorter overall.  As I mentioned before, I was not using the extra length on my 4th gen commercial stocks.  Now all three of my carbine stocked guns use full extension.

The generation is unrelated to the mil-spec/commercial distinction too.  1st gen is the original R607 stock. Pic Here. 2nd gen is the aluminum stock that started issue on the XM177 in Vietnam and continued to the mid 80's.  Like this one I am using on my XM177E2 / GAU-5A/A clone.

3rd gen is basically similar to the 2nd except that the material is now fiberlite or plastic instead of aluminum.  It was introduced just after the end of Vietnam in the mid 80's and continued all the way to the early M4A1 models.

4th gen is plastic with a larger butt plate and a sling swivel at the toe of the stock in the same location as it would be on a rifle stock.  This was introduced with the M4A1 in about 2006 2002.

From top to bottom.  Full fence lower, early pistol grip, 2nd gen mil-spec stock.  A2 lower, A2 pistol grip, 3rd gen mil-spec stock.  A2 lower, A2 pistol grip, 4th gen commercial stock.  A2 lower, Magpul MIAD pistol grip, Magpul CTR mil-spec stock.

17 January 2009

Insurmountable Obstacles

I was chatting with someone about the unpleasantness in Gaza and an eavesdropper put in their two cents.

"Why don't we just give the Jews someplace else for their homeland where they will be welcome?"

My immediate response, which got her to leave us alone, was, "OK, New York City! I already don't want it in my United States and it's already got a high proportion of their relatives, should work famously!"

It would not be accepted by the Israelis. The problem is both sides want THAT piece of land RIGHT THERE!

The Israelis do not want A homeland they want THIS homeland.  As long as the Israelis are in possession of that place, then the Palestinians will object, likely with violence.  I suspect that the Islamic world, in general, will find some other point to cause violence about should the Israelis agree to take over New York.  Rocket attacks from Long Island by Harleminian refugees?

14 January 2009


I'm an embarrassment to Barack!
I only scored 17 on the Obama Test

12 January 2009

Thinking About Space As A Gameworld Again

I always start in the wrong places for proper world design, but...


Fusion is the power source for the drives and they work by superheating water to plasma. Water is the reaction mass. I figure water since it doesn't need all kinds of special handling to keep it inside the tank.

The drives run most efficiently at full tilt. 50% thrust runs with 75% fuel consumption. 25% thrust can be done with 50% fuel consumption. These are the game effects, I don't have double talk for it yet. I was thinking that most vessels would have about 0.5g thrust loaded and that the jump drives would be used for most long distance movement in system as well as interstellar.

Drives tend to be clustered in a belt about 2/3 back from the bow. Life sections are usually forward of the drive section. Fuel is placed both forward of the life section and aft of the drive belt. The tankage is partially sacrificial in case of a collision.

Ultra-high discharge rate capacitors fuel the jump drive. They leak down in radio frequencies if not discharged, getting to about 50% charge in minutes. Ships charge just before jump and the capacitors leaking makes it obvious. Vector is retained! Most ships are thrusting to match speed with the jump target rather than to get somewhere.

That's it for now.

Lyrics Corner Putting Words Into Harvey's Mouth Edition

I can be an asshole of the grandest kind
I can withhold like it's going out of style
I can be the moodiest baby and you've never met anyone
who is as negative as I am sometimes

I am the wisest woman you've ever met.
I am the kindest soul with whom you've connected.
I have the bravest heart that you've ever seen
And you've never met anyone
Who's as positive as I am sometimes.

You see everything, you see every part
You see all my light and you love my dark
You dig everything of which I'm ashamed
There's not anything to which you can't relate
And you're still here

I blame everyone else, not my own partaking
My passive-aggressiveness can be devastating
I'm terrified and mistrusting
And you've never met anyone as,
As closed down as I am sometimes.

You see everything, you see every part
You see all my light and you love my dark
You dig everything of which I'm ashamed
There's not anything to which you can't relate
And you're still here

What I resist, persists, and speaks louder than I know
What I resist, you love, no matter how low or high I go

I'm the funniest woman you've ever known.
I am the dullest woman you've ever known.
I'm the most gorgeous woman you've ever known
And you've never met anyone as, as everything as I am sometimes.

You see everything, you see every part
You see all my light and you love my dark
You dig everything of which I'm ashamed
There's not anything to which you can't relate
And you're still here

And you're still here
And you're still here...

Everything by Alanis Morissette

11 January 2009

File Under Can't Leave Well Enough Alone

I liked the feel of the new macramé so much I decided to install it on the gun.

Quite a change visually from the other wrap.

Five Pounds Lighter At Least

This is what came off Shi Shu when The Lovely Harvey gave him his bath last night.

He was a stereotypical dirty dog.

09 January 2009

Quote: "I’m confident I could find two hundred accredited scientists to join me in an exhaustive study to find out why belly button lint is demagnetizing the moon leading to global flooding…if only Bill Gates will step up with some coin. FTS!"

Gun Macramé

The YHM Smoothie forearm is the right diameter, but it gets a bit toasty when doing a mag dump.

I consulted the ARFCOM site and this was recommended.

More detail:

That's OD Green 550 parachute cord. A million and ten uses, and counting. If you have a spool of this, a roll of duct tape and a Swiss army knife, you can fix just about anything.

And if this doesn't help the heat issue, I can go back to the original YHM Lightweight 4-Rail with para-cord wrapped around the rail lugs to form a more comfortable hand-grip:

On The Lovely Harvey's advice, I figured out a way to add a third pass of cord where the hand would grab the wrap.

05 January 2009

If You Don't Mean It That Way You Say It You Should Say It Differently

I was reading this:


And found this quote: "Should I be worried about being a slave, about being returned to slavery because certain things happened in the Constitution that you had to change?" -- Whoopi Goldberg to John McCain

Funny, Whoopi, your bio doesn't mention your previous stint as a slave.


To be RETURNED to slavery, you must have once actually, you know, BEEN a slave.

Israeli Aggression

I was just watching Riyad Mansour, Palestinian Observer to the UN, demanding the UN Security Council demand that Israel stop their aggression against Gaza.

It seems that the IDF woke up the other morning with nothing better to do and for no reason whatsoever began attacking Gaza.

Not a single mention of the rockets that are lobbed against, "Who cares as long as they are Jews!"

I think that if I had a neighbor that I didn't get along with as bad as Israel and Hamas do that it would be settled by now. One of us would be gone. For good.

If someone was taking random pot-shots at you for years, you have a right to shoot back. They don't have a right to cry if you happen to be a much better shot and have bigger guns.

Hamas has lost how many armed conflicts against Israel over the years? After defeat, they surrender, agree to terms, and before too long they start shooting again. I understand contracts made under duress and all, but... All peace treaties are made under the sword of the victor.

Because the Palestinians cannot keep their word, Israel really should consider the "kill them all" option. Doing so will not make them less popular with the Arabs. It might make them less popular here in the USA. It will get the rockets to stop.

"If you kill enough of them, they stop fighting." Curtis LeMay.

PS: Discussing the root causes of this conflict is about as useful as citing Wounded Knee when talking about the injustice of the odds in Black-Jack at a Lakota casino.

PPS: I am not a Hamas, or Palestinian fan. When they cheered on 9/11, they earned destruction. Fuck them.

04 January 2009

R604 Range Report

Shoots good!

Geff zeroed his AR. He needs a lot of practice.

Marv re-zeroed his 6.8.

We tried Barrett brand 6.8 ammo, it seems to be the same stuff as SSA combat loads for 50% more money. Marv's gun showed some pressure signs, but not too bad.

01 January 2009

Well Now...

A Thought, Are We Allies Or Not

Aide: Sir, Hamas has attacked Israel with rockets and the Israelis are responding with airstrikes.

President Thag: Israel is our ally, right?

Aide:Yessir, but...

President Thag: Hamas is not our ally, right?

Aide: Correct sir, but...

President Thag: Ask the Israeli prime minister if he needs any help. Military help.

Aide: But sir!

President Thag: This administration supports this nation's allies, mister. That reminds me, might as well get some diplomacy going in this too. Send for the Israeli ambassador and we'll be having a chat about their espionage programs here. Since we're friends and allies, there shouldn't be anything to talk about or retaliate over, right?