27 December 2009

Quote Of The Random Interval

From Tam: "The Qutbists decry the West as soulless, impersonal, mechanized: they would do well to remember that, along with animal husbandry, shoe-making and porno movies, another field the West has turned soulless, impersonal, and mechanized is genocide."


Unintended Controversy

On my Facebook page I posted this picture:

I went off on my mini rant about the proper name for .45 Colt is not, and has never been, .45 Long Colt.

Ravenclaw Eric had never heard of an Anaconda in .45 Colt. Sadly, the Anaconda is no longer in production in either .45 Colt or .44 Magnum.

Here are some better pictures of some of the details:

Barrel Markings:

Loaded cylinder; note the headstamps.

25 December 2009

Well Isn't This Just Odd?

I've owned this book for several years.

I seem to be so influenced by the cover that I have made...


And this:

And this:

Reduce My Health Care By $2,500 A Year?

I don't have insurance and plan on dying if I get really sick. I don't go to the doctor. Period. The only way they can "reduce" my health care costs $2,500 a year is to MAIL ME A CHECK!

Wanna bet that their little plan will cost me money since they will require I have a plan at all now?

Gunnies, this should be a trip-wire issue.

I'll bet not a shot is fired. The threepers can kindly shut the fuck up any time now.

Quote Of The Moment

"First off, if Reid wasn't shoving this force-backed, tyrannical wealth-redistributing, power-grabbing, non-Constitutionally-delegated monstrosity down our throats, we wouldn't "need no stinking" exception clause. This, to me, is like a rapist assuring us he'll use lubrication."

From: http://www.examiner.com/x-1417-Gun-Rights-Examiner~y2009m12d20-Does-Reid-amendment-allay-gun-owner-fears-over-health-care-bill (Dead Link)

It's A Christmas Miracle

I dipped my toe into an old debate over the superiority of the cast vs forged receivers on the M1A and managed to add something new. I had not even been following the debate that closely.

I feel like I just won the internet!

24 December 2009

Ravenclaw Eric's Post About Scrooge Got Me To Thinking


It should not provide luxuries. Basic food, shelter and nothing else.

"But the poor have a right to be comfortable too!" I will not disagree. And they are free to get a job and garner those luxuries.

Someone on welfare should not be living better than someone paying taxes. Full stop.

Welfare should be something you want to get off of because working is better, not take a lifestyle hit because you got a job. A job should be a step up from welfare, not down.

Of course, the people we kick off welfare are sure going to vote against us next time, so we should make sure it's an amendment or something equally hard to repeal.

21 December 2009

It Bears Repeating

This is not a "military-style semi-automatic weapon". This is a MILITARY ISSUE semi-automatic weapon. The real thing. Not neutered or down graded.

18 December 2009


What would happen if we stop caring how our enemies feel about our enmity?

How would we conduct the war when we didn't worry if they were offended by our actions?

What would the world say when CAIR insists that we are offending moslems if we insist that we asked Scott Helvenston if he is offended; and insist upon waiting for his answer before addressing their claim.

What if we just said, "Tough shit. You offend us too."

What if we started following the Geneva and Hague conventions to the letter about the treatment of those found under arms and out of uniform?

What if?

16 December 2009

Read The Whole Thing


It's basically what I want to scream at Libtard Lenny. I am a firm believer that once someone has said it correctly, then I should stop trying to find new words to say it.

Ramming It Down

The Dems are prepared to sacrifice seats in congress to ram the health care bill down our throats.

It's actually a great long term strategy for them. Look at 1994 when their gun control agenda cost them congress for 12 years. The Republicans didn't repeal a single thing, so why not lose some seats for a while and take a slowing of the agenda?

If they ram this down and there's a '94esque bloodletting, I want it to be known to the dumbass stupid party; we expect an repeal as part of the first day's business. And we expect repeal to be a rider in every bill passed until it's gone. None of this pussy-assed kneeling on the ball shit and waiting around for it to expire like the AWB; which didn't really get us gunnies much because Brady is still law.

15 December 2009

If This Is A B+ What Does An F Look Like

Guys, look at the polls and the likelihood that you will lose your majority in 2010. That's an indication that you are not even pulling a C (Satisfactory).

14 December 2009

Anvil Arms

The lower receivers I've been using for my AR15s were made by a company out of Lakeland, Florida called Anvil Arms. They are no more. The product was excellent and the service friendly; but that was not enough to keep them in business

They appear to have been foreclosed on and there are several irate customers on www.ar15.com who are posting quite vocally about it. I don't think it was malice that caused Anvil to take their money and leave them hanging, I think it was optimism coupled with denial. I'll bet they honestly believed that they would turn the corner on their profit/loss "real soon now" and all would be better... Alas. The classic grew too fast, bit off more than they could chew business failure.

Some of these irate people are attempting to figure out where the owner of the company lives or works to make an attempt to get their money back. Jon Kruger, the person, legally, owes them nothing. Anvil Arms, the company, does. Anvil Arms was liquidated and auctioned off to pay creditors; very rarely is there anything left over for customers who've paid and not received product.

Yes, it sucks for those who lost money; but this is how incorporation and limited liability work. The very title, "limited liability" should tell them something.

10 December 2009

I Don't Care

John Lennon has been dead for 29 years and two days, I still don't care.

Elvis Presley has been dead even longer, and I still don't care.

Neither artist's death brought a "damn, no more new music from them, that sucks" response from me.