31 August 2013


Let's see if that works.

I love you AD, but your site is Teh Suxxor.

Clicking on me in my kilt with my claymore SHOULD now link to the correct donation page.

It's You

I've noticed a tone to coming's out.

In a nutshell it boils down to:


Yes, this situation was created entirely to cause you stress and to make your life more complicated.

Related.  If the person you are attempting to help shies away or reacts with fear from previous "assistance"; you are NOT helping.  You get a point for trying but you lose three for fucking it up.  It's like replying to "I'm drowning!" with "I got your car to start!"

30 August 2013

Irony We Meet Again

I scanned the envelopes I mailed off to the sheriff and BATFE.

The stamp to ATF is a "Liberty" forever stamp and the sheriff got a "Justice" forever.

Luck of the draw about which stamps I used too.

NFA Trusts

We still don't have the text of the actual change to the rule concerning NFA Trusts, so panic is not indicated at this time.

What we do have seems to indicate that they're going to add a Chief Law Enforcement Officer sign-off on a trust's Form 1 and 4.

That's the part that sucks, since a decent sized hunk of the NFA trusts out there are made specifically because that CLEO refused to sign off on their individual forms.

Some states have law requiring the local official to sign them.  If we get this rule, I'd like to see that.

Adding a background check to the trust's responsible person?  It's an added irritation, but it's not like I didn't go through it when I got my carry permit.

The real solution is to eliminate the NFA or at least rationalize the shit out of it.

There's no reason that NICS can't be the background check.

There's no reason that your friendly neighborhood FFL can't collect the $200 tax.

There's no reason that your friendly neighborhood FFL can't then issue the stamp and hand you your NFA item.

The extended process of mailing in all the forms and other materials is not, I say again, NOT required by law.  The process is promulgated by the ATF itself and is mere regulation.

The law merely defines the weapons being regulated and that $200 must be collected to make or transfer one.  The requirements about background checks and such are regulation and the laws that came later saying felons and such can't own firearms at all.

Over and over I heard when we were winning the CCW battle was that we just can't ever win on NFA because the public is all askeerd of machine guns.  The NRA conspicuously doesn't give a rats ass about NFA and the one organization that purports to support NFA sure seems to have "ensure that the value of machine guns never goes down" as its mandate and that works at cross purposes with someone who just wants a 14.5" barreled AR and a can.

Write your congress critter.  Law trumps regulation.  We can call it the "Fuck You And Your Rich Uncle's Money Firearm Owner Rights Restoration Act."  Kill off 922r while you're in there.


You may notice a new pic on the sidebar.  Update:  It was removed for two reasons.  First, the coming out was a total non-event.  The gun blogs are apparently quite accepting of transgender.  Second, the support I was showing was not in any way reciprocated publicly; with my issues I was told privately to "grow up" or "get help".

Erin Palette, the gunblogosphere's bratty little sister, has come forward and shown us that she is a "he" via a photo.

She's posted a very long explanation of what's going on and says it far better than I would here.

I'm on her side here, so if you've something negative to say about it, don't bother I'll just memory hole it for you.

29 August 2013

On My Faith

I simply don't find the divine in what surrounds me.

I've seen the world behave more in step with Shinto than any of the Big Three Monotheisms.

So I've decided to let the world prove itself to me.

God most certainly knows what it would take to get me to Believe if He has the powers attributed to Him.  Assuming He exists, He refuses to do what it would take to get me to believe and since that too is well within His grasp, we can only assume that my lack of Faith is part of His plan.

Who the hell are you to knock on my door and attempt to thwart the will of God?

The temerity of some people!


Sebastian reads the whole thing so we don't have to!

It raises an interesting situation.  Italy manufactured their own M1 Garands.

What this EO means is Italian Garands are importable but American ones are not.

I'll take a dime bag of what the president is having, please.

And since these genuine weapons of war are so completely deadly:


Find a single case and I will let you attempt to convince me that we need to do "something".  Without that, though, fuck off; adults talking, here's a ball.

28 August 2013


I've been watching The Big O lately.

It's anime.  It has giant robots.

I imagine the pitch meeting though...

Creator: Then Roger Smith summons his giant robot which bursts up through the street and...
Producer: That seems a disruption of the narrative and a distraction from the overall plot, why does the giant robot burst up through the street now?
Creator:  Because GIANT ROBOT!
Producer:  I'm with you.

And in many ways that's kind of how it is.  There's an episode plot, a series arc and some fights with giant robots that may, or may not, have anything to do with either.  And it's OK.

There's even a half satisfying ending that "explains" the existence of the robots.

All in all, good fun and far more consistent than Pacific Rim.

Yeah, I said it.  A Japanese pseudo Batman with a giant robot aimed entirely at selling toys of same is better than a giant budget hollywood CGI film.  Even if the explanation for giant robots in the anime is BECAUSE GIANT ROBOT!!!eleven!!

By the way...

Fucking Morons

I am an atheist.

I have several atheist friends who are some of the smartest people I know.

We're all being slandered by the actions of idiots like this.

You fucking morons!  The cross shaped hole in that beam is from someone making a memorial icon.  The part that is not present in that photo is the icon, not the remaining material.  Removing that cross from the beam did not make the beam a religious icon in any way and to say so means you have no fucking clue whatsoever what an icon is.

You've especially got no clue about symbology.  A cross as it relates to death in the USA doesn't mean Christian, it just means a memorial to the dead.

Once again I am watching fools defining something on their own and declaring their definition to be the meaning.  Because symbols are mutable they can mean something quite different to different people.  Intent comes into play.  Especially since the meaning the symbol has can be gained at a later time.  Hindu swastikas anyone?

In a memorial, who is being honored?  The dead?  God?  The wino who lost his favorite patch of park to the memorial's location?

Did you even think to ask?

I was going to ask if you had something better to do, but clearly you don't have anything resembling a productive life and exist only as a parasite on the labors of your betters.

You guys are just attention whores who are worried that nobody cares about how you don't worship God.  Guys, your worries are over!  Nobody cares that you don't worship God.  Now, go back to wherever you came from and look deep into your navels and realize that religion is a deeply personal and private decision and very few practices matter to anyone outside a particular sect.  What that means is your decision to not worship anything, regardless of how you came to it, is essentially irrelevant to everyone else.

Rule 1, don't be a dick.

26 August 2013

The Check Is In The Mail

$30 is winging its way to Atlanta, Georgia in the same envelope as ATF Form 7CR (5310.16) and 5330.20.

No good can come of it.

The NAACP has put out the following as part of "Trayvon's Law"

Ending racial profiling; 
Repealing stand your ground type laws; 
Creating law enforcement accountability through effective police oversight; 
Improving training and best practices for community watch groups; and 
Mandating law enforcement data collection on homicide cases involving people of color.

OK, pick.  End racial profiling or mandate it.  They've called for both.

As with so many things, the NAACP doesn't understand history.

Stand Your Ground in Florida is the result of people who'd obviously defended themselves legally being arrested and charged anyway by overzealous prosecutors.  The law was changed to clarify the intent of the legislation that had been on the books for decades.

The ironic twist of this change in the laws has a measurable benefit for minorities!  Wanna bet the skin color of most of those prosecutions of clear self-defense?  At any rate, SYG has been used successfully more often by minorities than whites, and the increase in successful claims of self defense for minorities under SYG has been larger.

Repeal of this law will revert things to their prior state and will affect minorities more than whites.

I agree in principle with the other things, but not in the methods they're calling for.

The police are supposed to work for the community they serve.  I'd go so far as to require them to live in their jurisdiction without exception.  The members of the community should be able to control their police force, firing the whole lot at whim if so desired.  It's the inability to affect such change that's one of the core problems getting law enforcement back in it's proper peace officer role.

Laws serve man, man should not be a slave to law.  The police have become the overseers.

If you really want to end racial profiling you've got to make the difference between a black man and a white man not matter.  They're going to have to be interchangeable and equal.

I'm all for that.

The thing is...

When the demographics of a neighborhood begin to shift to a darker complexion, crime does increase.  It's a sticky little fact we're not supposed to notice, or if we do; not supposed to mention.  People would be less concerned that the guy across the street was black if that fact wasn't true.  And that's the most unfair way of saying it too.  A black guy, his wife and kids move into buys the house across the street, I can almost bet you that there's going to be no change in the neighborhood.  Why?  Because that guy is almost definitely like me!  He'll have a job that pays his mortgage and his bills.  He'll have a distinct interest in seeing that his house retains its value and will maintain it.

I fear that house selling to someone looking for an investment property who's absentee from the area.  Too many times they rent to someone who cannot afford to keep things up or even pay the rent regularly.  The most fearsome renter is the title 8.

I've yet to see a title 8 house that wasn't gutted by the time the person who "rented" it departed.  I've personally had to live across one that was a hive of criminal activity.  Guess what the "racist" cops did about it?

Nothing.  Apparently if a deputy doesn't see the item being stolen, then nothing is missing.

We moved.  It happened again!

Our windows were shot out by the tenants with a bb gun.  We caught them in the act!  They ran inside and by the time the police arrived, nothing they can do since they didn't actually SEE it happen.

This time we were lucky enough to know the number of the owner.  He didn't like that we'd call him every time his tenants did something offensive.  They were gone not long after he came by to chew us out and saw his house!  It was the sweetest apology I've ever gotten.

What was the race of the two "families" in the crime ridden section 8 houses?  Doesn't matter, does it?


Sold my Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless.

Well, sold pending funds.

A friend of mine has been wanting a hammerless for a long time now and since it's the only .32 ACP gun in the whole house...

Sold, American!

25 August 2013

Don't Watch

I am officially giving up on cable original programming.

It just hit me how many of them were promising and canceled before living up to that promise.

Deadwood, Rome, Magic City...  all excellent, all gone.

Then you have tales of how Breaking Bad was nearly nuked, and a false conclusion was inserted at the end of season 4 because they weren't sure of there being a season 5.  That coming after how narrowly it dodged the ax at the end of season 3.

From now on I am buying boxed sets of concluded shows only.  This way I can be assured that there's a conclusion to the story (or not).

I feel so very sorry for all you Game of Thrones fans out there.  HBO has yet to complete a series that's lasted longer than two seasons.  Count yourselves lucky that we're getting a season 4 and expect that there won't be a season 5.  Why do I say this?  Because, despite the good ratings, HBO isn't committing to more than the season that's in production.  Without that commitment you can have all manner of bullshit disrupting the future.  Like an actor deciding that they just don't want to come back and who's free to leave because there's no contract holding them to the show.  Then there's securing shooting locations, keeping the CG staff who're familiar with the art guidelines, costumers... yeah.

I also notice that they're slowing down how long a season is.  First two seasons were basically a book each.  Third and fourth are half a book.  George RR Martin is kind of famous for his make a glacier look like a raging river pacing, slowing to match might not be the best TV plan...

24 August 2013

Chop Chop Nom Nom

We've lost all semblance of sanity here and made potato soup in the height of summer.

Tater soup is a winter comfort food!

For all the comfort and joy it brings, it's insanely simple.  I guess that comfort foods should be.

Not for the first time I noticed that I really enjoy the preparation.  It's as relaxing as a good day at the range for me to make a meal from scratch.


I bought a couple of coffees from Starbucks today.

I am far from a regular customer, so I hope that I offset some of the lost revenue from the anti's protest boycott.

I asked, casually, if business was off today.  The barrista indicated that it was pretty much normal for a Saturday, maybe a bit busier because this is the first day in weeks where we didn't have massive thunderstorms all afternoon.


Here at Haus Der McThag we believe in continuous animal abuse.

Evidence of said abuse.

Poor little Shi Shu.

Actually he was completely unable to sleep until I put the pillow on top of him.  Then there was a deep sigh and he finally fell out.  Proper placement of pillows are essential for the comfort of the Noble Shiba Inu.

It Takes A Special Kind Of Incompetence

Unions kill all businesses they touch, even a guaranteed money maker like shaking your money maker!

Of course it could be that there's no market in SF for looking at nekkid wimmins...


I mentioned in comments at Confessions of Street Pharmacist...

Someone said, "Custer had better odds than blacks would have in a race war."
Wrong analogy.
Blacks have the same odds as the Indians should the declaration of war be accepted by the white population.
I've said before that it's possible that some day in the future we will look back and think that, perhaps we'd been too harsh and that we should allow blacks a place at the table again.  Someone will remind everyone of the war and it will be agreed that the boot will not be lifted off that particular neck ever again.
I am sad because the decision to have that war is not in the hands of the people who will win it.  And once won you'll be hard pressed to convince anyone that actions that make apartheid seem like segregation aren't just sound policy.
I guess I am an optimist, I still think it can be avoided.

I've said pretty much the same thing before.

23 August 2013

Pacific Rim

Not a review.

It reminded me of something far better.

"You're a louse, Roger Smith." R. Dorothy.

If you're going to make a live action anime, just do the anime scene by scene.  American writers don't get the playing field so it will be deeply flawed by comparison.

These Were Popular With A Couple Of My Players

The SPAS-12 was a staple of modern gaming in the 80's and 90's.  Games rarely reflect the reality of things...

Simple Test

All you have to do to tell if something is racist when a black guy does it is to change it to a white guy doing it.

If it's racist when the white guy does it, IT IS RACIST.

If changing the skin tone doesn't matter, then it's not racist.


Same test works for sexism.

Likewise, if the same behavior is OK when your guy does it and not when the other guy does it, then it's OK for anyone.

It's called consistency.

Better make up your minds on "CENSORED", folks.  It's either OK to use it (because you do) or it isn't (because I can't).


I am OK with either course of action, but you need to decide.

The same applies to everything that President Obama is doing that was condemned when President Bush (43) was doing it.  If it's wrong for 43, it's wrong for 44.  If it's OK for 44 but not for 43, then you're a hypocrite.


Let's say I have a gun I wanna sell to a friend who lives in another state.

If I am there on a visit can I take the gun to an FFL that's local to him and then do the transfers or do I have to ship it from my place to the FFL?

I wanna be all legal about this, it'd just be handier to do the interstate transfer from hand-carrying it to the FFL than the bother of shipping it.

22 August 2013

Herk Update

Sisinlaw reports:

Getting stronger, speaking more, speaking clearer and remembering more each day! Cleared to eat regular foods! During tomorrow's rounds they should be determining when his feeding tube can come out and looking closer at the bone fragment and hip in his left leg to address his pain. Hopefully they don't have to surgically remove/correct anything right now with all the progress he has made. Today they estimate 3 more weeks with next week possibly setting a target date for discharge.

Legal Oddities

The interaction between state and federal law is interesting at times.

In Florida; it is illegal to own certain NFA items.

790.221Possession of short-barreled rifle, short-barreled shotgun, or machine gun; penalty.(1) It is unlawful for any person to own or to have in his or her care, custody, possession, or control any short-barreled rifle, short-barreled shotgun, or machine gun which is, or may readily be made, operable; but this section shall not apply to antique firearms.(2) A person who violates this section commits a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s.775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.(3) Firearms in violation hereof which are lawfully owned and possessed under provisions of federal law are excepted.

You'll notice that there's an exception.

What if the Feds legalize those things?  There's been talk of ending NFA for silencers and short barrel rifles.  If you can't properly register them, are they illegal in Florida now?  The law as written sure seems to say that.

Interestingly, it appears that silencers are not prohibited by Chapter 790 which is where all the gun laws live.  Additionally I am not finding any Florida law about silencers at all.

21 August 2013

Kilted To Kick Cancer 2013

Click on the tubby bastard over there to your right and you'll be taken to my donation page.

My goal this year is a very reasonable $500.

The best way to get there to NOT donate through the big boys pages.

Don't you think they've gotten enough free loot and swag?

Time for us little guys to get some attention too, I says.

20 August 2013

Must Be Nice

It must be great to be so well adjusted and mentally healthy that you can declare anyone who isn't a loser.

To be physically healthy and secure that you'll remain that way forever.  Knowing that you'll never have to deal with an illness or injury that drops life from worth living to why bother.

To know that absolutely every problem is surmountable with the resources you have at hand and that will forever be true.

Yeah.  Right.

You know what, asshole, you've obviously never been there.  Or if you have belittling people is your way of coping with what you've convinced yourself is something shameful.

Here's one, prick, did you know that someone can have a chemical imbalance that makes them so depressed that suicide seems like a solution to all the problems?  It doesn't make them a loser, it makes them unwell.  It's idiots like you that drive them to taking their own lives because if they know you think they're a loser for contemplating it.  You are validating the decision by belittling them, not helping them avoid it.

It was assholes like you that nearly got me to pull the trigger.  People with nothing wrong with them who lacked the perspective to see things from any view but their own.  A complete lack of empathy which only cements the idea that one is not worthy of further existence.

Fuck you!

And don't even try to say you had close friends or family who've killed themselves.  Your attitude says multitudes about how much you cared.  You didn't and you don't.

You clearly have no idea what it is like to be that far down the hole.  I do because I've sat in the bottom of that pit.  It was more chance than design that I found a path out of it.

You should stick to talking about things you understand.

Just Sayin

Mexico, it's all I'm sayin'.

19 August 2013

Arms Race

Jeff wonders: "Sometimes I wonder if posting these stories only encourages the mutants to “upgrade” their choice of weapons."

Read his complete thought, I've snipped pretty good there.

Let's say that citizens arming themselves DOES cause the mutants to up-arm as well.

I think it's still a new win for the citizen.  Before the villain could use a knife or even bulk to subdue the victim.  With an armed victim, an armed assailant has parity, at best, and even odds are a win for the law-abiding overall.

Gun armed criminals doesn't make the situation worse than if potential victims were unarmed either.

Another thought along these lines.  Against an unarmed victim, there's no change in outcome.  An upgunned criminal can force that outcome some of the time, again no change.  Upgunned victims can force a dramatic change in the outcome and that eliminates the criminal forever.  That level of win alone makes the risk of the criminals seeking better armaments worth it.  Saves lots of tax dollars too.

Gun Games

For a little while I was doing trap and field shooting with the little local league at the Ames Ikes.  I actually got pretty good with it and took a lot of good natured ribbing for using this gun:

One thing trap and field has going for it is you essentially stand in place each stage and there's no clock running when you move from station to station.

I checked out three gun the other day.

I'll never be competitive if I try it.

With my fucked up leg my best speed is a slow amble.  "Let's all go to the bathroom and get a snack while Thag runs his stage."  All that running and sprinting is off my menu.

It sure looks like fun though.  Bet that fun would evaporate paying for the ammo.  Yes, I will keep telling myself that.  While I sit in the classroom watching the squirrels frolic...

Do they have gimpy leagues?

18 August 2013

Just For Marv

12 gauge 1 3/4" ammo.

Rifled Slug                             3d+2 pi++      100/1,200                           +1 Acc, Rcl 4
4 and 1 Buck                         1d-1(0.5) pi-      30/600          shots x11

#7 1/2 Birdshot 5/8 oz.          1d-5(0.5) pi-      10/300          shots x219


Tam's little tribulation with a non-MIM replacement extractor gave me cause to check to see if my 870 has MIM or steel.

Mine appears to be steel.  Yet another item that's not supposed to be that way on my Express.

There are many lists of things that change from Wingmaster or Police guns to the lowly Express and mine seems to have just gotten the matte finished receiver and it used to have the plainer wood.

I am starting to think that mine's an early Express and the finish was the only change in them.  Oddly, you can't readily date when an 870 was made unless you have the original barrel.  I traded the 26" vent rib barrel for a 20" cylinder bore when I had the Sage rifle sights installed.

Something else I noticed when I was playing around.  The locking lug for the bolt is a firing pin block if the action is unlocked.


Is the government doing X?

Are they able to do it?  If 'yes' then they are doing it.

It's really that simple.

It's not even huge overarching conspiracy, it's simple human nature.

This is why I support conditions where it's impossible for the government to do things, not merely forbidden.

17 August 2013

Ear Wormin'

Thrash Punk Metaldesu?

Shotgun On The Brain

Many shot sizes are not commercially available.  The previous post also made some assumptions about the load.

Here's what I found was readily available in a catalog I had laying around.

12ga 2 3/4"

000 Buck   1d+2 pi         50/900    shots x8
00 Buck     1d+1 pi         40/800    shots x9
0 Buck       1d+1 pi          40/800   shots x12
1 Buck       1d(0.5) pi-     40/800   shots x16
4 Buck       1d-1(0.5) pi-  30/600   shots x27

#2 Birdshot 1.25 oz.           1d-4(0.5) pi-  20/400  shots x109

#4 Birdshot 1.125 oz.         1d-4(0.5) pi-  20/300  shots x152
                     1.25 oz.            1d-4(0.5) pi-  20/300  shots x169

#5 Birdshot 1.25 oz.           1d-5(0.5) pi-  20/300  shots x213

#6 Birdshot 1 oz.                 1d-5(0.5) pi-  10/300  shots x225
                      1.125 oz.         1d-5(0.5) pi-  10/300  shots x253
                      1.25 oz.           1d-5(0.5) pi-  10/300  shots x281

#7 1/2 Birdshot 1 oz.           1d-5(0.5) pi-  10/300  shots x350
                            1.125 oz.   1d-5(0.5) pi-  10/300  shots x394
                            1.25 oz.     1d-5(0.5) pi-  10/300  shots x438

#8 Birdshot 1 oz.                 1d-5(0.5) pi-  10/200  shots x411
                      1.125 oz.         1d-5(0.5) pi-  10/200  shots x462
                      1.25 oz.           1d-5(0.5) pi-  10/200  shots x514

#9 Birdshot 1.25 oz.            1d-5(0.5) pi-  10/200  shots x731

Shotgun Gaming

In calculating the stats for the #4 birdshot I hit the point in GURPS that so turns off most players.  Complicated math that needs to be massaged to match published values.

It's like reading stereo instructions written by a liability attorney.

The good news, you can generate the game effect of any size shot.  The bad news is it's irritating.  It's not immediately clear that the damage from the smaller shot is different from the 00 in the weapon stats.  You first need to calculate the damage for a slug, then apply the shot-shell modifiers to that damage to get the final per pellet effect.  And I found a "fudge" when converting from 12ga.  A 12ga slug is 5d, but the math doesn't match for the default 00 Buck until you make it 4.25d.

What they really should have done is made a table with the common shot sizes listed.

Like this?

12ga 2 3/4"

000 Buck, 1d+2 pi; 50/900; Shots x8
00 Buck, 1d+1 pi; 40/800; Shots x9
0 Buck, 1d+1 pi; 40/800; Shots x12

#1 Buck, 1d(0.5) pi-; 40/800; Shots x16
#2 Buck, 1d-1(0.5) pi-; 30/700; Shots x20
#3 Buck, 1d-1(0.5) pi-; 30/600; Shots x24

#4 Buck, 1d-1(0.5) pi-; 30/600; Shots x27 [SEALs in Vietnam says 1d(0.5) pi- but it predates the rules in High Tech.

F Bird, 1d-2(0.5) pi-; 30/600; Shots x42
T Bird, 1d-2(0.5) pi-; 30/500; Shots x54

BBB Bird, 1d-3(0.5) pi-; 20/500; Shots x65
BB Bird, 1d-3(0.5) pi-; 20/500; Shots x75
B Bird, 1d-3(0.5) pi-; 20/400; Shots x89

#1 Bird, 1d-4(0.5) pi-; 20/400; Shots x108
#2 Bird, 1d-4(0.5) pi-; 20/400; Shots x131
#3 Bird, 1d-4(0.5) pi-; 20/400; Shots x164

#4 Bird, 1d-5(0.5) pi-; 20/300; Shots x203
#5 Bird, 1d-5(0.5) pi-; 20/300; Shots x255
#6 Bird, 1d-5(0.5) pi-; 10/300; Shots x338

# 7 1/2 Bird, 1d-5(0.5) pi-; 10/300; Shots x525
#8 Bird, 1d-5(0.5) pi-; 10/200; Shots x617
#9 Bird, 1d-5(0.5) pi-; 10/200; Shots x878

Oh, wait, I see why it's not tableized now...

Rehab Report

Sisinlaw says:
Herk is doing well, getting stronger everyday. Had his trach removed yesterday morning and it looks great already! Working with therapists next week to come up with some plans of action when he leaves so my parents and I can figure out how to keep the wheels turning through all of this! Herk is expected to be there another 3-5 weeks (they think 5 max) then will be following his outpatient plans.

She's posted some pics to Facebook.  Herk looks like he's had a MASSIVE stroke.  The entire right side of his face is completely slack.  But there seems to be spark in that left eye!

It's just starting to set in to me just how bad this accident was.

She's also selling off some of the bikes and quads to help offset the costs.

16 August 2013

Zombie Gun

As per norm, this will be in GURPS terms, since that's where the zombies are!

Why don't you want to use a shotgun?  The answer is the ammo is heavy and bulky.  The bulky part doesn't really come up in game.

On the surface a 12ga pump seems ideal.

00 Buck does a mere 1d+1 pi, but you get nine per shot and you can take two shots per round.  That makes the RoF an effective 18 and you get a +4 to hit with a Rcl of just 1!

The downside to buck is your range is kinda pathetic.  1/2 damage range is 40 yards and max is 800.

Birdshot seems a great deal, you get 2x203 for a rate of fire.  +9 to hit!  Range is 20/300.  Damage is woefully pathetic, 1d-5(0.5) pi-.  What that means is any armor encountered is doubled and any damage that penetrates the armor is halved, with 0 DR counted as 1.  So the average 0 points rolled (min 1) becomes 0 pentrated and that becomes 0 actually done.

Shotguns have a lot of special rules.  Inside 10% of the 1/2d range the RoF changes from 2x9 to just 2.  You get to multiply the basic damage by 4 though.  The enemy gets to, likewise, multiply their DR by 4.  Against unarmored zombies, DR isn't really a problem.

Slugs are pretty devastating.  They get that x4 damage at all ranges and no increase to the target's DR.  They also increase the 1/2d range 2.5x and max 1.5x (100/1,200).  So instead of nine 1d+1 pi per shot they do a single 5d pi++ per shot (shotguns are large bore!).  Of course Rcl is now FIVE!!

Averaged...  A 00 Buck pellet should do 4 points each and a skill 14 character at 20 yards will land three of them on a person.  At 4 yards you may as well just take one shot because on average you just get the one, but it will do 16 points.  Slugs at 20 yards do 34 points on average but the average to hit roll is a miss (best do some aiming!).

#4 Bird will land 8 pellets (out of 406!) at 20 yards with that average roll and then will do no damage.

Hey, the rules even reinforce the "you don't need to aim" myth.  Except what we real world shooters think of as aiming, GURPS considers pointing.  The aim maneuver is a bit more involved.

Next a tactical pump shotgun holds 7+1 rounds.  A hunting gun, 4+1.  Seven rounds weighs 0.9 lb.  Reloads take two seconds per shot.  Four rounds of shooting, sixteen rounds of loading.

It's not a lack of puissance that makes a shotgun a poor zombie apocalypse gun.

By comparison.  Your bog-standard 16" AR-15 carbine...

Damage is 4d+2 pi (average 16), RoF is 3 and ranges are 750/2,900.  A magazine holds 30 rounds and takes 3 seconds to replace.  Ten rounds of shooting, three rounds of loading.  An AR gets 60 shots in the time it takes a shotty to get reloaded from 8!  It has the same aiming issue as slugs, but you can take shots farther out.  Oh, those 30 rounds only weigh a pound.

Even more fun if your scenario allows you to grab a military or police gun (or if you're "good with tools") the RoF for an AR is around 15!  That's a +3 to hit and makes two hits at 20 yards!

But those are averages.  What about best cases?

Our skill of 14 at 20 yards is a mere 8 (-6 for range).  The best we can roll is a 3.

12ga 00 Buck.  +4 for RoF, so a 3 makes it by 9 so 10 of 18 pellets hit!  If there's no DR on that target that's 20-70 points of damage.

12ga slug.  No bonus to hit, so a 3 makes it by 5, so both rounds hit.  20-120 points of damage.

12ga #4.  +9 for RoF so a 3 makes it by 14 so 15 pellets hit.  Those do 15 raw damage, -15 for the DR of an unarmored target for 0 penetrating and then 0 actual damage done once the pi- adjustment is made.  But 1 whole point of blunt trauma, for a total of 1.

5.56x45mm semi-auto.  No bonus to hit, so a 3 makes it by 5, so all three rounds hit!  18-78 points.

5.56x45mm full-auto.  +3 to hit, so a 3 makes it by 8.  Five rounds hit.  30-130 points of damage.

As you can see, the damage is very similar, but the reloads and weight are the clincher.


Been reading an exchange between the FAL Files resident Raging Asshole #1 Gunplumber and some others.

While he's a Class A Fucking Prick, GP does know his stuff.

At point is an FAL that someone is trying to sell.

It's engraved with FN's name and their model number.  It's actually an Imbel receiver.

GP is trying to explain that it's still an Imbel no matter what else is engraved on it.

What he's missing is that the Gendarme Locale (or should that be policia local since this is California?) will see the markings of a rifle that's banned by name and ignore that it's really an off-list receiver.  While you might beat the rap, you aren't beating the ride; and that assumes you have the wherewithal to fight it, which many don't.

Still, it's legally an Imbel.

What is interesting is two of my guns are no longer legally their original markings.

They are now legally the new engraving, McThag Trust and no longer the old NoDak or Anvil Arms.  That's because they've been through the NFA process and my trust is the legal manufacturer now.

This process was not required of the person who marked up the Imbel to make a recreation of a FN rifle.  Just like my NoDak lowers are engraved with Colt's stuff on the magwell.

I just wish that GP would stop going out of his way to be an asshole to anyone and everyone.  People aren't going to remember he was correct about it and walk away educated, they are going to walk away thinking "what a total douche" and the lesson will not stick.


It must have been something I ate.

I am afraid to look in the mirror for fear that I am inside out from the efforts.

15 August 2013

99 Years

Holy snot!

99 years ago today, the Panama Canal opened for business.

14 August 2013

Hey Oprah

This case is far more similar to the Emmett Till.

The victim in both cases was outnumbered and the attackers were racially motivated.

I know it doesn't fit the narrative...

Actually, this horror might be even more similar to Mr Till's death.  h/t Divemedic

13 August 2013

Traveller Tuesday

There's a debate.

A long tedious debate.

Is piracy viable in the Traveller universe?

I think that it is.

First.  The Imperium is a cash business.  This is despite the currency being named the "credit".

Because communications happen at the speed of jump, pretty much any form of modern banking we can imagine doesn't work at interstellar distances.

So currency transfers are literal transportation of piles of cash.

Second.  Hijacking is mentioned specifically as a danger of carrying passengers.  In this section it's mentioned that there's a ready market for the hijackers to unload their stolen ship.

So now we have two decent temptations for a pirate.

Vast distances and spotty coverage from law enforcement means that pirates will have opportunity to attack and capture their quarry.

In many ways commerce in the Traveller universe can be compared to Elizabethan times, which was also a time of high piracy.  In the Spinward Marches there's also a border nearby with lots of nations who are at best cool in their relations with the Imperium (and the Zhodani Consulate).  Those places provide safe haven for pirates.

Something else that matters is the Imperium uses privateers in its wars, it's got to be a damned patriotic captain and crew to go home and watch the grass grow when they've got a ship that's not really good for anything but piracy.

Traveller Tuesday officially belongs to Erin, I'm just dangling from her coat tails on the idea.

Rehab Report

Herk is making steady progress, he has a lot of work and a long road mentally but learning a lot of physical independence again. He is expected to be in rehab up to 6 weeks. Learning to take care of himself, brush his teeth, feed himself, and of course eventually walking. He is not there yet but was riding the stationary bike today and learning to use his right hand more. He can talk and when you have his attention can carry a conversation, he is easily confused and distracted, forgetting names and places but knowing his answers are wrong at the same time just can't find the right answer. Sometimes in the middle of a sentence he can change topics and you will have no idea what he is talking about, but when focused is engaged. The trach may be coming out tomorrow, he is on the second phase of food, phase three is next then a regular diet. He feeds himself and picks what he wants
to eat. He is getting impatient and keeps repeating that he needs to do this to get home, so he is working hard towards his goal of getting back to us!!!

12 August 2013

I'm So Drunk!

If I were a hot blonde girl in a bar, I would be getting laid in about ten minutes.

Sadly I am a fat bald man in a bedroom.

Still, Jameson is outstandingly good!


I Am A: Chaotic Good Human Sorcerer (6th Level)

Ability Scores:Strength-12

Alignment:Chaotic Good A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he's kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society. Chaotic good is the best alignment you can be because it combines a good heart with a free spirit. However, chaotic good can be a dangerous alignment when it disrupts the order of society and punishes those who do well for themselves.
Race:Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.
Class:Sorcerers are arcane spellcasters who manipulate magic energy with imagination and talent rather than studious discipline. They have no books, no mentors, no theories just raw power that they direct at will. Sorcerers know fewer spells than wizards do and acquire them more slowly, but they can cast individual spells more often and have no need to prepare their incantations ahead of time. Also unlike wizards, sorcerers cannot specialize in a school of magic. Since sorcerers gain their powers without undergoing the years of rigorous study that wizards go through, they have more time to learn fighting skills and are proficient with simple weapons. Charisma is very important for sorcerers; the higher their value in this ability, the higher the spell level they can cast.

Find out What Kind of Dungeons and Dragons Character Would You Be?, courtesy of Easydamus (e-mail)

I first found it at Zombie Rush, but many others have linked too.

Yes, I AM That Guy

Uncle Jay knows what I am talking about!


The worst part about being a gaming nerd is the irresistible urge to pontificate about things you know a lot about even if you don't give two shits about the topic at hand.

And I have.

I don't care if the character of Beorn from Hobbit II is all wrong, but I sure can say that it's true that the grainy picture doesn't match the description from the book; and I am compelled to say so.

I am also compelled to mention that I hated the depiction of Radagast the Brown.

I am repelled by King Scrotum Beard.

I don't think we needed the additional character who's chasing Thorin from place to place.

I am not near so captivated by Mr Jackson's efforts as many others, but then again I read those books when my family didn't have a television and we lived in a very remote locale.  They got a very thorough reading and I still own those copies.

I greatly enjoyed them and taking liberties with the story bothers me when it's not a change required by the change of media.  The omission of Tom Bombadil did not bug me at all.  But changing when Narsil is reforged into Anduril pissed me off.  It's an important aspect of the character's acceptance that it's time to claim his birthright.

I am definitely more vocal about Lord of the Rings than many other books made film because Jackson came so close to pulling it off.  And he collapsed in a wreck just short of the finish line.

I was excited to see Starship Troopers being made into a movie.  My reaction to seeing the movie is to hope that Paul Verhooven dies of a painful wasting disease that somehow also adds decades to his life.

300 and Sin City are good examples of not fucking up the source material.

Harry Potter emerged from movification recognizable and intact.

Trainspotting ended up being better than the book as has A Song of Fire and Ice (which I am no longer reading [Mr Martin you made the point ten pages ago, you made it bluntly, and we got it; you can stop driving the lesson home now]).  Last of the Mohicans by Michael Mann is a shit-ton better than the book!  It's not really recognizable any more, but it's definitely a good movie!

11 August 2013


One of the things that comes up in gaming is armor.

Modern armor can drive a gamer nuts.  There's been a lot of movement in US issue in the past few and it's a string of letters!

Let's make a list!


M1917.  Guess when it was adopted from the name?  2 lb. $40.  DR 3 for the Skull

M1 steel pot.  Adopted in 1941.  2.9 lb. $60.  DR 4 for the Skull.  The fiberglass liner is good for a DR 1 if worn by itself.


M1 pot with ballistic liner.  1965.  Same helmet as above but the helmet liner is made from ballistic nylon instead of fiberglass.  3.4 lb. $45.  DR 5 for the Skull, liner is DR 2 if worn alone.

PASGT.  Personal Armor System for Ground Troops.  Developed in the mid '70s, adopted in the early '80s and combat tested in 1983.  3.7 lb. $125.  DR 5 for the skull.  You may notice that it's heavier and more expensive than the M1 with liner it replaces for the same protection.  It's a lot more comfortable but GURPS doesn't account for that, nor does it give anything for the extra protection from the side that's most certainly there.  Low Tech has some rules for the ear protection.  From anecdotal accounts I've given this helmet a DR 8.  YMMV.

Update (09SEP22): The PASGT helmet is, officially, a NIJ level IIIA which translates to a GURPS 4e DR of 12.  The MICH and ACH are also NIJ IIIA designs, so the DR 12 sticks.


MICH.  Modular Integrated Communications Helmet.  2001 or so for Special Forces.  3.3 lb. $250.  DR 12 for the skull.

ACH.  Advanced Combat Helmet.  Sort of a cheaper MICH, kinda.  2003ish?  3.3 lb. $225.  DR 12, Skull.

The MICH and ACH get a bit confusing from a distance because either helmet could have replaced PASGT depending on the unit.

ECH.  Enhanced Combat Helmet.  A thicker ACH.  Just now coming out of development.  The goal was 35% better protection than the ACH, but it looks like it's much better than that; some reports stating double the protection.  Additionally it's lighter and cheaper than the ACH it replaces.  AFY!  3.1 lb. $200.  Anecdotally I'd give DR 19 to the skull since it's been living through being shot with an AK which does 6-31 points of damage with an average of 18.5.


Went out this morning and saw the perseid shower.  Not at peak, but still quite good.  No clouds, no moon and our viewing location in on a remote road in the middle of a salt marsh was super dark.

Eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Remembered the binoculars for a change and got an excellent look at Andromeda.  You could see the center glob very well and some of the structure out to the sides.


It is interesting that I am less worried about whom the Democrats will choose to run in 2016 than I am about who the Republicans pick.

There's a whole lotta RINO out there that wants a shot at the brass ring and feels it's their turn.

They run Chris Christie and I am voting Hillary.

That's a promise.

I am fed up of a choice between greater and lesser evils.  If I most pick evil, then I will pick the honest one who doesn't pretend to even like me when they work their ill.

If the Republicans cannot give me someone to vote for then I shan't.  I'm done with the fighting retreat of voting against the Democrat and as long as RINO is the flavor of the POTUS pick, there's no reason to vote.

A candidate who's genuinely pro-gun would win.  The Republicans have not managed to plant a pro-gun candidate in the seat since... since...  um...  Not since I've been alive at least.

09 August 2013


It has been sixty eight years since an atomic weapon has been used in war.

When I was growing up if you'd told me that I'd have guessed that 68 years since the last nuke would be 2066 or so.


I am reading Lone Survivor.

I am reading about BUD/S, again.

Because of the GURPS: SEALs in Vietnam playtest I've read a lot of SEAL memoirs now.  I've read quite a few historical accounts too.

And every single one of them has a detailed account of BUD/S.

Every.  Single.  One.

Today I figured it out!

The instructor sits there on the beach, with the trainees doing flutter-kicks in the surf...

"Who here wants a steak dinner?"

Everyone thinks it's a trick.

It's asked again.

One hapless trainee sticks his neck out, "I want a steak dinner."

"Are you willing to do anything I say to get that dinner?"

I bet quite a few decide to drop back down to the water, but a few say, "sure!"

The dinner is shown to the trainee at a folding table under an awning.

"All you gotta do to get that steak dinner...  If you ever write a memoir, you have to devote at least the first half of it to BUD/S!"

"That's it?"

"That's it, except you can't mention this little deal about the steak."

"I promise!"

"Chow down!  Now the rest of you pukes ain't ever going to write anything ever!"

Because SEALs are brought up to be honorable, every one who has made this pact has kept it.

08 August 2013


My reading list is much smaller than it used to be.

In some ways, that's a shame because there's some good stuff out there.

In other ways it's a blessing because none of us put out Pulitzer Prize material every single post.

The best part of the gunblogosphere is it's rare that I miss the best work, because everyone links to the really good ones.

Even if it's to a blog written by someone whom I generally won't get along with.

And it's good to be pointed to the places where the clock matches the time.

07 August 2013

He Speaks

He finished his short session of therapy today and he is pooped! He will be in therapy daily and will be pushed the way he needs! He is off oxygen and can be understood when speaking in short sentences. Got to try some water and pudding today, they will be doing an x-ray tomorrow because his swallowing is not perfect but shouldn't be too far from food. He brushed his teeth, got to [wear] some of his own clothes and talked about himself and the kids a bit. All in all the therapists are impressed with what they actually have to work with compared to what they read in his chart, so we just have to keep working!
Yes, I did just HAVE to change where she had where instead of wear for his clothes.

Cull The Herd

I think it might be time to get rid of a few guns.

Problem is I suck at selling things and always get ripped off.

Plus they're all my babies and I love them all!  I don't really want to part with any of them, but I think I want the money more than the guns at this point.

06 August 2013

Incentives Are Important

I learned that in rehab.  Capt. R. Rico.

Sisinlaw reports:
Well, we made it to rehab! Nothing much new to report, will be meeting with the Drs and therapists tomorrow for a plan of action.

More Real World Comparison

I mentioned how a Fat Merchant compared to the C-5M and 747 cargo variants.

What about the Shuttle?

The cargo capacity of the Space Shuttle is around 50,000 lbs or 25 sTon.  The actual amount of cargo varies a great deal depending on the mission and orbit, but we're going to use 50k lbs.  The volume of the cargo bay is near 10,426.15 cu ft or 20.85 dTons.  0.83 sTon per dTon.  Much lower density than the assumed break-bulk cargo capacity of any Traveller ship.

It's earth to orbit time is going to stomp most Traveller cargo ships since the solids and mains give between 1.5 to 2.5g during their run and the mains alone build from 1 to just over 3g after dumping the solids.  Of course, it's tossing away a huge hunk of the ship in the process of making orbit.

Even the lowliest of small craft in Traveller stomp the living guts out of anything actually flown when you attempt to get past low earth orbit.  There's no coasting on a trip to the moon in a 20 ton launch (LBB-2). It runs full acceleration all the way to turn over then full acceleration to make lunar orbit.  A whole three and a half hours instead of the Apollo 75.8.

That same launch gets to Pluto in 17.91 days and stops there.  It can get there for a flyby in 8.96 days.  Our best time to Pluto is nine freaking years and that's sending a robot to take pictures as it flings past (no chance of stopping).  We're not going and we don't have the means of going.

All Traveller does to get this amazing performance is to break physics.  I'm jealous, I'll tell you what.

Traveller Tuesday officially belongs to Erin, I'm just dangling from her coat tails on the idea.


Herk is doing well still feisty, not wanting to stay in bed or in the chair. In good spirits though, had some visitors, he was excited to see his friend Lou, even gave him a proper "good-bye" (slapping him in the nuts!) lol And got to see Kayley a couple times which he enjoyed, he fell asleep cuddling with her as we left today. Hopefully this week we move to rehab and make some changes towards getting the trach out.

Tramping On Traveller Tuesday

I've taken the position that Traveller ships aren't really analogous to sea-going ships.

The main reason is the lack of hauling capacity.

After World War Two a good number of cargo ships were dumped on the surplus market and used until they gave out.

They were often employed as tramp freighters, which is the basis of the Free Trader from Traveller.

The Victory ship is not regarded as a particularly large cargo ship.  It can still haul a half million cubic feet of cargo, which is 1,000 dTon in Traveller terms.  But it can only carry 4,488 sTons of cargo (most of the deadweight tonnage is fuel and ballast) weight, which would be less than the 5 sTon per dTon that's standard for Traveller.  In theory one can use cargo as ballast, which raises the cargo weight to 7,617 sTons.

The 200 ton Free Trader is the moral equivalent to a Victory and it's just 60.5 dTons of cargo space.  With 10,000 sTons of contragrav it can carry more weight (9,634 sTon), but it'd have to be very dense.

One thing that's nice to see, the 5 sTon per dTon is completely reasonable by WW2 shipping standards!

Good numbers on WW1 and earlier cargo ships is thin on the ground.  It's been put forward that the Free Trader is actually an Elizabethan cargo ship because the travel times are similar.  I don't have anything on what one of those could carry.

Traveller Tuesday officially belongs to Erin, I'm just dangling from her coat tails on the idea.

05 August 2013

As You Can See

Living with a special needs child and having the gender roles reversed is not an easy row to hoe.

04 August 2013

Fuck My Life

I am responsible for a good many things I have no control over.

I am the person in the relationship that must point to the gorilla in the room and say, "look a gorilla."

I am sick of denial.  I am sick of putting band-aids on the problem.

I am sick of being yelled at for pointing out that the present state of affairs has failed.

Yesterday was being yelled at for attempting to get her car fixed.  She obviously hit a pot hole or similar obstruction and ruined a tire.  Gods forbid that she alter her schedule to accommodate the repair, so I got to get no sleep and take the car to the shop.  Me being grumpy about it made me take no shit about it.  She actually accused my tightening the accessory belts as causing the pull to the right and the vibration.  No, that is impossible.

I stand vindicated from looking at the inside of the damaged tire.  Not that she will admit that it was her failure to avoid road hazards caused the problem.  She won't even cop to being unable to avoid the hit, and sometimes you cannot.

Except I've seen how she drives.  I've been in the car when she's nailed things in the road that she didn't even seem to notice.

Her car is now fixed, and that was yesterday.

Today the elephant in the room is The Boy and his bed wetting.

He literally doesn't bother to get up and go to the toilet.  He just lets go wherever he's at.

She's been talking about buying a vinyl coated ACLF style bed for the boy for about two months.  Talk talk talk.  My only reservation about this is the cost and will he simply destroy it.

We've tried all the incontinence products you can imagine.  He removes the pads, covers and sheets so that he can sleep, and piss, on the bare mattress.  His removing often tears the waterproof cover to shreds.  I could put the mattress baggy back on the bed, but that's sealing the thing in his juices to ferment.

The house smells like an outhouse.

It's been getting worse for several weeks.

Today the stench woke me from a deep sleep, the first sleep I've managed to get in over 48 hours.  So I say that I am tossing the bed and getting him a cot.  We need to get him something that we can wash.  You can't wash a mattress that's soaked through the box springs and is dripping to the floor.

Ka FUCKING boom.

Somehow it's MY fault that HE cannot get up and go to the bathroom.  It is my fault that he rips up the protective covers.

I've been accused of only doing something because NOW it affects me and that it's been bothering her for months.  Well, then why didn't YOU do something about it?

I've been forbidden to buy a cot because He and She "don't deserve comfortable beds."

Well, Dear, we don't sleep together because I can't sleep through your snoring.  We had a bed I could sleep in in the living room that was ruined because you're too fat for it.

It was your decision to have my computer in the bedroom and to essentially exile me from the living room by not giving me even an inch out there I can call mine.  I got no choice in television because you'd say, "go watch your show in the bedroom."  The recliner was supposed to be my chair.  You ruined yours and then took over the recliner.  Now it's not comfortable for me to sit in because your weight killed it.  You can't fathom why I'm increasingly territorial about the spaces that I still have?

I am sick of solutions that don't solve anything.  Your methods don't work and I am sick of being yelled at for not emulating them.

It is not as if he will not stay dry if he wants to.  When your mom was down and the entire time he was visiting grandma, he stayed dry.  The month since you've returned has been worse for wetting than the previous year.  Yet I am supposed to do what?  The same things that had been not working for the past year?  He's on his third bed in a year!  We can't afford to keep buying things to be ruined.

Pointing it out doesn't make it my fault.

Why Yes I Am Drinking

How Will I Laugh Tomorrow...

When I can't even smile today.

Look it up.

M Muir at his peak.

03 August 2013

How Well Do You Know McThag

What is the next line?

See your mother put to death.
See your mother die.


Got nostalgic and dusted off "Master of Puppets".

I was listening to "Death Magnetic" not too long ago.

All I can think is:

Some of [the new] stuff's not bad. 
No, it's not bad, but it's not great either. And in your heart you kind of know that although it sounds all right, it's actually just shite.

Let us all contemplate the wisdom of Sick Boy.


That reminds me of another story...

We were all piled into The Hated Canniff's car and the midnight metal show was running on the radio.  FuzzyGeff and I both asserted that we'd like the channel to remain there.  Marv abstained thus The Hated Canniff was outvoted.

Master of Puppets came on and THC complained that it was just noise, how could anyone understand the lyrics.  FuzzyGeff, deadpan, recited the entire song in a monotone.



Some things need to be reposted periodically.

“If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”  W. Churchill

How far along are we on this progression?

The fall is all that matters.

Public Apology

I formally and publicly apologize to Roberta X for spewing nonsense on the comments to her blog.

What I did said say is not what I intended to say, but I hit send anyways.

It was stupid of me to do so and I am deeply sorry for having done it.

The only thing about this I am even close to proud of is realizing I was being an idiot before I replied to her response.  I caught myself entrenching an untenable position for no good reason.

Since I cannot trust myself to be polite or intelligent at her site, I will no longer be visiting.  I hope this comes as a relief to all concerned.  Likely it's more like, "what?" but they don't see how bad it was from my perspective.

02 August 2013

Reality Check FTMFW

Sabrina is a semi-auto short barrel rifle clone of an XM177E2 submachine gun.

I originally became interested in the XM177E2 because of GURPS: SEAL's in Vietnam.

The weight listed for the XM177E2 in the GURPS book is 6 pounds loaded with a 20 rounder.

Sabrina weighs 6.8 lb.

This bothered me a great deal since I was very careful to be as authentic as legally possible; and if anything a semi-auto should be heavier than the real thing because the area for the auto-sear is not milled out.  But there's not a pound of aluminum to be milled away from the whole receiver.

Edit: the non NFA flash-hider should also be heavier than the real thing because it's missing the chambers from the sound-reducer baffles.


According to my copy of POMM 9-1005-294-14/1 (page 1-3); the official weight of a Submachine Gun 5.56-MM, XM177E2 is 6.8 pounds!

Happy Dance.

Escape From ICU

Yesterday Herk was "medically" cleared for rehab. Today he was evaluated by rehab and will be recommended to go over sometime next week! Moved his legs, stuck out his tongue, said "hi", he laid on the [chair] and got in! Lol Will be waiting to make sure insurance clears him, so we are on the way! Saying he will be there a minimum 4-6 weeks for inpatient rehab. Then after going home will require more outpatient rehab.

Happy dance!

Now if the stubborn fucker would stop gold bricking and start talking for reals we'd be golden.

One Thousand Nine Hundred Eleven

This is the 1911th post since I moved over from LiveJournal.

Pretty spiffy, no?

Proud To Be Scottish

It's SHITE being Scottish! We're the lowest of the low. The scum of the fucking Earth! The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilization. Some hate the English. I don't. They're just wankers. We, on the other hand, are COLONIZED by wankers. Can't even find a decent culture to be colonized BY. We're ruled by effete assholes. It's a SHITE state of affairs to be in, Tommy, and ALL the fresh air in the world won't make any fucking difference!

01 August 2013

I Should Quit

I'm not doing a good job of expressing my thoughts and practice is not making perfect.

If you disagree you aren't seeing what I want to say in my head.  It is far better than what I am saying.

It's like how you think you're a genius when you're stoned but what you wrote down is shit.

Yeah About That

I just realized my stated aversion to Brokeback Mountain might be taken as homophobic.

Not the reason at all.

I've not seen anything from Ang Lee that I've liked so far.  So I'm not going out of my way to see any more of his work.

I've read about the plot.  What I've read fails to make a case that redeems the main character's decisions with regards to how they treat their families.

At the core it's two people who are cheating on their spouses with each other.  Yes, they're old flames; but if that relationship was paramount then they should not have taken vows.  I don't think I'd want to see this film with a hetro couple.

The basic plot sounds familiar enough that I'm reasonably certain it's been done from a hetro perspective.

Improved Brother

Sisinlaw Says

Herk did good today wore his voice box attachment to his trach for a while and is breathing well with it on. Still wants to get up and go, he mouthed "I want to go home",
awww! He is learning to talk through his trach, he said "hi" and stood up (with help). Watching TV, movies and reading magazines (sort of). Plan is just to keep him progressing, working with him to get enough stamina for rehab, he gets tired after 15-20 min so needs to work up to 3 hours throughout the day.

That's outstanding news.  Still a long row to how.