30 August 2013

NFA Trusts

We still don't have the text of the actual change to the rule concerning NFA Trusts, so panic is not indicated at this time.

What we do have seems to indicate that they're going to add a Chief Law Enforcement Officer sign-off on a trust's Form 1 and 4.

That's the part that sucks, since a decent sized hunk of the NFA trusts out there are made specifically because that CLEO refused to sign off on their individual forms.

Some states have law requiring the local official to sign them.  If we get this rule, I'd like to see that.

Adding a background check to the trust's responsible person?  It's an added irritation, but it's not like I didn't go through it when I got my carry permit.

The real solution is to eliminate the NFA or at least rationalize the shit out of it.

There's no reason that NICS can't be the background check.

There's no reason that your friendly neighborhood FFL can't collect the $200 tax.

There's no reason that your friendly neighborhood FFL can't then issue the stamp and hand you your NFA item.

The extended process of mailing in all the forms and other materials is not, I say again, NOT required by law.  The process is promulgated by the ATF itself and is mere regulation.

The law merely defines the weapons being regulated and that $200 must be collected to make or transfer one.  The requirements about background checks and such are regulation and the laws that came later saying felons and such can't own firearms at all.

Over and over I heard when we were winning the CCW battle was that we just can't ever win on NFA because the public is all askeerd of machine guns.  The NRA conspicuously doesn't give a rats ass about NFA and the one organization that purports to support NFA sure seems to have "ensure that the value of machine guns never goes down" as its mandate and that works at cross purposes with someone who just wants a 14.5" barreled AR and a can.

Write your congress critter.  Law trumps regulation.  We can call it the "Fuck You And Your Rich Uncle's Money Firearm Owner Rights Restoration Act."  Kill off 922r while you're in there.

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