19 August 2013

Arms Race

Jeff wonders: "Sometimes I wonder if posting these stories only encourages the mutants to “upgrade” their choice of weapons."

Read his complete thought, I've snipped pretty good there.

Let's say that citizens arming themselves DOES cause the mutants to up-arm as well.

I think it's still a new win for the citizen.  Before the villain could use a knife or even bulk to subdue the victim.  With an armed victim, an armed assailant has parity, at best, and even odds are a win for the law-abiding overall.

Gun armed criminals doesn't make the situation worse than if potential victims were unarmed either.

Another thought along these lines.  Against an unarmed victim, there's no change in outcome.  An upgunned criminal can force that outcome some of the time, again no change.  Upgunned victims can force a dramatic change in the outcome and that eliminates the criminal forever.  That level of win alone makes the risk of the criminals seeking better armaments worth it.  Saves lots of tax dollars too.


  1. One other thought - my gut tells me that petty criminals don't spend a lot of time at the range. With comparable weapons, I have a lot more faith in my ability to put rounds on target than your typical thug.


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