26 August 2013

The NAACP has put out the following as part of "Trayvon's Law"

Ending racial profiling; 
Repealing stand your ground type laws; 
Creating law enforcement accountability through effective police oversight; 
Improving training and best practices for community watch groups; and 
Mandating law enforcement data collection on homicide cases involving people of color.

OK, pick.  End racial profiling or mandate it.  They've called for both.

As with so many things, the NAACP doesn't understand history.

Stand Your Ground in Florida is the result of people who'd obviously defended themselves legally being arrested and charged anyway by overzealous prosecutors.  The law was changed to clarify the intent of the legislation that had been on the books for decades.

The ironic twist of this change in the laws has a measurable benefit for minorities!  Wanna bet the skin color of most of those prosecutions of clear self-defense?  At any rate, SYG has been used successfully more often by minorities than whites, and the increase in successful claims of self defense for minorities under SYG has been larger.

Repeal of this law will revert things to their prior state and will affect minorities more than whites.

I agree in principle with the other things, but not in the methods they're calling for.

The police are supposed to work for the community they serve.  I'd go so far as to require them to live in their jurisdiction without exception.  The members of the community should be able to control their police force, firing the whole lot at whim if so desired.  It's the inability to affect such change that's one of the core problems getting law enforcement back in it's proper peace officer role.

Laws serve man, man should not be a slave to law.  The police have become the overseers.

If you really want to end racial profiling you've got to make the difference between a black man and a white man not matter.  They're going to have to be interchangeable and equal.

I'm all for that.

The thing is...

When the demographics of a neighborhood begin to shift to a darker complexion, crime does increase.  It's a sticky little fact we're not supposed to notice, or if we do; not supposed to mention.  People would be less concerned that the guy across the street was black if that fact wasn't true.  And that's the most unfair way of saying it too.  A black guy, his wife and kids move into buys the house across the street, I can almost bet you that there's going to be no change in the neighborhood.  Why?  Because that guy is almost definitely like me!  He'll have a job that pays his mortgage and his bills.  He'll have a distinct interest in seeing that his house retains its value and will maintain it.

I fear that house selling to someone looking for an investment property who's absentee from the area.  Too many times they rent to someone who cannot afford to keep things up or even pay the rent regularly.  The most fearsome renter is the title 8.

I've yet to see a title 8 house that wasn't gutted by the time the person who "rented" it departed.  I've personally had to live across one that was a hive of criminal activity.  Guess what the "racist" cops did about it?

Nothing.  Apparently if a deputy doesn't see the item being stolen, then nothing is missing.

We moved.  It happened again!

Our windows were shot out by the tenants with a bb gun.  We caught them in the act!  They ran inside and by the time the police arrived, nothing they can do since they didn't actually SEE it happen.

This time we were lucky enough to know the number of the owner.  He didn't like that we'd call him every time his tenants did something offensive.  They were gone not long after he came by to chew us out and saw his house!  It was the sweetest apology I've ever gotten.

What was the race of the two "families" in the crime ridden section 8 houses?  Doesn't matter, does it?

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