24 August 2013


I mentioned in comments at Confessions of Street Pharmacist...

Someone said, "Custer had better odds than blacks would have in a race war."
Wrong analogy.
Blacks have the same odds as the Indians should the declaration of war be accepted by the white population.
I've said before that it's possible that some day in the future we will look back and think that, perhaps we'd been too harsh and that we should allow blacks a place at the table again.  Someone will remind everyone of the war and it will be agreed that the boot will not be lifted off that particular neck ever again.
I am sad because the decision to have that war is not in the hands of the people who will win it.  And once won you'll be hard pressed to convince anyone that actions that make apartheid seem like segregation aren't just sound policy.
I guess I am an optimist, I still think it can be avoided.

I've said pretty much the same thing before.

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