19 August 2013

Gun Games

For a little while I was doing trap and field shooting with the little local league at the Ames Ikes.  I actually got pretty good with it and took a lot of good natured ribbing for using this gun:

One thing trap and field has going for it is you essentially stand in place each stage and there's no clock running when you move from station to station.

I checked out three gun the other day.

I'll never be competitive if I try it.

With my fucked up leg my best speed is a slow amble.  "Let's all go to the bathroom and get a snack while Thag runs his stage."  All that running and sprinting is off my menu.

It sure looks like fun though.  Bet that fun would evaporate paying for the ammo.  Yes, I will keep telling myself that.  While I sit in the classroom watching the squirrels frolic...

Do they have gimpy leagues?


  1. Dude, I've got a steel rod in my right shin. My sprint is most people's jog. I still have a blast. :)

  2. If I go for the jog I am prone. Stupid ankle never did go back together right.

    As long as they don't mind me moving just a little faster than a zombie shamble I'll give it a shot.

    My leg was a problem for those carbine classes too. Instructor, "Run!" Me, "I am..."


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