13 August 2013

Rehab Report

Herk is making steady progress, he has a lot of work and a long road mentally but learning a lot of physical independence again. He is expected to be in rehab up to 6 weeks. Learning to take care of himself, brush his teeth, feed himself, and of course eventually walking. He is not there yet but was riding the stationary bike today and learning to use his right hand more. He can talk and when you have his attention can carry a conversation, he is easily confused and distracted, forgetting names and places but knowing his answers are wrong at the same time just can't find the right answer. Sometimes in the middle of a sentence he can change topics and you will have no idea what he is talking about, but when focused is engaged. The trach may be coming out tomorrow, he is on the second phase of food, phase three is next then a regular diet. He feeds himself and picks what he wants
to eat. He is getting impatient and keeps repeating that he needs to do this to get home, so he is working hard towards his goal of getting back to us!!!

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