02 August 2013

Reality Check FTMFW

Sabrina is a semi-auto short barrel rifle clone of an XM177E2 submachine gun.

I originally became interested in the XM177E2 because of GURPS: SEAL's in Vietnam.

The weight listed for the XM177E2 in the GURPS book is 6 pounds loaded with a 20 rounder.

Sabrina weighs 6.8 lb.

This bothered me a great deal since I was very careful to be as authentic as legally possible; and if anything a semi-auto should be heavier than the real thing because the area for the auto-sear is not milled out.  But there's not a pound of aluminum to be milled away from the whole receiver.

Edit: the non NFA flash-hider should also be heavier than the real thing because it's missing the chambers from the sound-reducer baffles.


According to my copy of POMM 9-1005-294-14/1 (page 1-3); the official weight of a Submachine Gun 5.56-MM, XM177E2 is 6.8 pounds!

Happy Dance.

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