18 August 2013


Tam's little tribulation with a non-MIM replacement extractor gave me cause to check to see if my 870 has MIM or steel.

Mine appears to be steel.  Yet another item that's not supposed to be that way on my Express.

There are many lists of things that change from Wingmaster or Police guns to the lowly Express and mine seems to have just gotten the matte finished receiver and it used to have the plainer wood.

I am starting to think that mine's an early Express and the finish was the only change in them.  Oddly, you can't readily date when an 870 was made unless you have the original barrel.  I traded the 26" vent rib barrel for a 20" cylinder bore when I had the Sage rifle sights installed.

Something else I noticed when I was playing around.  The locking lug for the bolt is a firing pin block if the action is unlocked.


  1. FWIW and AFAIK, Remington has ditched the MIM extractor for 870s across the board in favor of the machined steel one.

  2. I've had the gun since 94ish and it was used when I got it. From the serial number I think it might have been made in 1991, but I am not confident about that.

    It seems to lack almost all of the cost cutting features everyone is complaining about except it's matte finish and had plain wood.

  3. That's about all the cost-cutting features they had back then. ;)


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