23 August 2013

Simple Test

All you have to do to tell if something is racist when a black guy does it is to change it to a white guy doing it.

If it's racist when the white guy does it, IT IS RACIST.

If changing the skin tone doesn't matter, then it's not racist.


Same test works for sexism.

Likewise, if the same behavior is OK when your guy does it and not when the other guy does it, then it's OK for anyone.

It's called consistency.

Better make up your minds on "CENSORED", folks.  It's either OK to use it (because you do) or it isn't (because I can't).


I am OK with either course of action, but you need to decide.

The same applies to everything that President Obama is doing that was condemned when President Bush (43) was doing it.  If it's wrong for 43, it's wrong for 44.  If it's OK for 44 but not for 43, then you're a hypocrite.

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