25 August 2013

Don't Watch

I am officially giving up on cable original programming.

It just hit me how many of them were promising and canceled before living up to that promise.

Deadwood, Rome, Magic City...  all excellent, all gone.

Then you have tales of how Breaking Bad was nearly nuked, and a false conclusion was inserted at the end of season 4 because they weren't sure of there being a season 5.  That coming after how narrowly it dodged the ax at the end of season 3.

From now on I am buying boxed sets of concluded shows only.  This way I can be assured that there's a conclusion to the story (or not).

I feel so very sorry for all you Game of Thrones fans out there.  HBO has yet to complete a series that's lasted longer than two seasons.  Count yourselves lucky that we're getting a season 4 and expect that there won't be a season 5.  Why do I say this?  Because, despite the good ratings, HBO isn't committing to more than the season that's in production.  Without that commitment you can have all manner of bullshit disrupting the future.  Like an actor deciding that they just don't want to come back and who's free to leave because there's no contract holding them to the show.  Then there's securing shooting locations, keeping the CG staff who're familiar with the art guidelines, costumers... yeah.

I also notice that they're slowing down how long a season is.  First two seasons were basically a book each.  Third and fourth are half a book.  George RR Martin is kind of famous for his make a glacier look like a raging river pacing, slowing to match might not be the best TV plan...

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  1. Yeah, that "maybe we'll do another season" thing is why the 5th season of Babylon 5 just wasn't up to snuff with the rest of the series. It was meant from the start to be 5 seasons, and when it looked like the network wasn't going to renew for season five, JNS rushed all the major plotlines to conclusion so that at least the main story would be done. Then they did renew, and he had to scramble to fill the season. Fortunately, he had a few minor plotlines to finish up. Unfortunately, except for a few episodes, the season was pretty disappointing.


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