29 August 2013

On My Faith

I simply don't find the divine in what surrounds me.

I've seen the world behave more in step with Shinto than any of the Big Three Monotheisms.

So I've decided to let the world prove itself to me.

God most certainly knows what it would take to get me to Believe if He has the powers attributed to Him.  Assuming He exists, He refuses to do what it would take to get me to believe and since that too is well within His grasp, we can only assume that my lack of Faith is part of His plan.

Who the hell are you to knock on my door and attempt to thwart the will of God?

The temerity of some people!


  1. Thanks, I'm going to keep this one in mind. Technically I'm Christian but I'm as agnostic as a Christian can possibly be, and that's no picnic to explain to anyone. Your answer is much easier!

    But y'know, you're kinda missing the point of their concerns "for your soul." They want to make sure that if and when God reveals himself to you, you will see *their version* of Him.


    1. They always refuse my offer to facilitate a trip to see Him and ask why He has not revealed Himself properly to poor Mr McThag. You'd think someone as pious as all that wouldn't be afraid to die... ;)


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