11 August 2013


One of the things that comes up in gaming is armor.

Modern armor can drive a gamer nuts.  There's been a lot of movement in US issue in the past few and it's a string of letters!

Let's make a list!


M1917.  Guess when it was adopted from the name?  2 lb. $40.  DR 3 for the Skull

M1 steel pot.  Adopted in 1941.  2.9 lb. $60.  DR 4 for the Skull.  The fiberglass liner is good for a DR 1 if worn by itself.


M1 pot with ballistic liner.  1965.  Same helmet as above but the helmet liner is made from ballistic nylon instead of fiberglass.  3.4 lb. $45.  DR 5 for the Skull, liner is DR 2 if worn alone.

PASGT.  Personal Armor System for Ground Troops.  Developed in the mid '70s, adopted in the early '80s and combat tested in 1983.  3.7 lb. $125.  DR 5 for the skull.  You may notice that it's heavier and more expensive than the M1 with liner it replaces for the same protection.  It's a lot more comfortable but GURPS doesn't account for that, nor does it give anything for the extra protection from the side that's most certainly there.  Low Tech has some rules for the ear protection.  From anecdotal accounts I've given this helmet a DR 8.  YMMV.


MICH.  Modular Integrated Communications Helmet.  2001 or so for Special Forces.  3.3 lb. $250.  DR 12 for the skull.

ACH.  Advanced Combat Helmet.  Sort of a cheaper MICH, kinda.  2003ish?  3.3 lb. $225.  DR 12, Skull.

The MICH and ACH get a bit confusing from a distance because either helmet could have replaced PASGT depending on the unit.

ECH.  Enhanced Combat Helmet.  A thicker ACH.  Just now coming out of development.  The goal was 35% better protection than the ACH, but it looks like it's much better than that; some reports stating double the protection.  Additionally it's lighter and cheaper than the ACH it replaces.  AFY!  3.1 lb. $200.  Anecdotally I'd give DR 20 to the skull since it's been living through being shot with an AK which does 6-31 points of damage with an average of 18.

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