28 August 2013


I've been watching The Big O lately.

It's anime.  It has giant robots.

I imagine the pitch meeting though...

Creator: Then Roger Smith summons his giant robot which bursts up through the street and...
Producer: That seems a disruption of the narrative and a distraction from the overall plot, why does the giant robot burst up through the street now?
Creator:  Because GIANT ROBOT!
Producer:  I'm with you.

And in many ways that's kind of how it is.  There's an episode plot, a series arc and some fights with giant robots that may, or may not, have anything to do with either.  And it's OK.

There's even a half satisfying ending that "explains" the existence of the robots.

All in all, good fun and far more consistent than Pacific Rim.

Yeah, I said it.  A Japanese pseudo Batman with a giant robot aimed entirely at selling toys of same is better than a giant budget hollywood CGI film.  Even if the explanation for giant robots in the anime is BECAUSE GIANT ROBOT!!!eleven!!

By the way...

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